Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review of Zensah leg sleeves and some gloating

This may be a little ranty. I am thoroughly exhausted from a 16 miler I did a few hours ago. It wasn't the distance that got me nor was it the pace (7:07) it was:

1.  The fact it turned into a 16 miler because I misjudged the distance. It was supposed to be 12 miles.

2.  The fact it included Turkey Creek and most of Umstead for a total elevation gain of 1356 feet.

3. It rained almost the entire time.

4. It was 40 something degrees

5. I didn't have any drink or supplements with me because I thought it was just 12.

6. I had granola for breakfast. That's all.  The run was at 1:30pm.

Here is the garmin link

Can I say 1356 feet of elevation gain just one more time? Thanks.

So I got to the parking lot first. Changed clothes and had this Gatorade Prime stuff. I HATE gu like stuff but it was in the car and I knew I could use something other than the granola 5 hrs ago. I didn't love it but glad I had it.

Scared of what I thought was a 12 miler and hating that stuff

I ran this with Brian and Brad. Both planned for 12 miles. Around mile 10 I said, uhhhh we're kinda VERY far from the cars. I got a few "no shit Sherlock" looks. They had to work right after the run. I felt horrible. I know that park better than to think that was a 12 miler. I'm sorry guys.

So the run itself was just a rainy, wet, hilly, nasty snotty mess. However, there were highlights!:

* The pacing was pretty stellar. Most of the run was focused on slowing down.
*Someone smelled like Old Spice.
*I won the Red Thigh contest!
*aside from huge hills I didn't feel as bad as I probably should have.

So for the ZENSAH compression leg sleeves. I am hooked!! I swear I would not have been able to feel so good and hang for that run without them. The calf burning I usually get on hill runs was muffled. I didn't really notice my screaming calves. Also they provided great ankle support. I have like 2" ankle that look and feel like they could snap over a pebble. This felt great and supported all of my lower legs. It was like running with fresh legs the entire distance. However I either fell and was unaware of it or did some fancy footwork to get mud on the FRONT of my legs..???
This does not do justice to the amount of mud I had!
So Brian and I get back to the cars. Thank god I remembered to bring G2 and B had a bag of bagels. It took me 10 minutes to chew one bite because I had no energy but that bagel tasted like a MW done Filet Mignon with a loaded baker on the side. It was the best meal ever for that moment!!

So, I need more compression stuff! But for now I am parked here and will be for some time:

All and all great run!! I'm not proofreading this either...not that it would make a difference!
Later taters!


  1. great run. poor planning ! I almost made that mistake Tuesday but before I committed to the route I figured out it was going to be 3 miles farther than I planned

  2. The sad part was I kept telling the guys, "no, this is 12!" Brian was like uh, no...We hit mile 10 in the guts of TC. It was then I agreed we may be a bit father. I guessed 14 then 15 and then we hit the gate by 40 and I said this will prob'ly be 16...