Sunday, April 3, 2011

Honey Badger was a Busy Badger! Umstead 100 lap report

This week was a great running week. It was my highest mileage week ever: 65 miles. A few too many miles for my liking but I had things to do! You read about my badass 16 miler on thursday. Normally I'd take Friday off but my friend Charles West was running his first 100 Mile Endurance Race that Saturday. I was pacing him for 12.5 of the race. I had made signs to put along the course. So I went out and did a 10 mile very hilly run on the course Friday night with the signs and a spade. It was actually a lot of fun!
Chaz yelled this once when I was running. Now, it's almost a greeting.

This says "Last one Fast one!" Chaz posing after 65 miles!

This race kept him up for a few nights prior.Probably not tonight!

Then Saturday morning rolled around and I HAD to do my own run because it's Saturday morning and there is no other way to start the weekend! I did 8 miles at 7:38 pace. It didn't feel easy but I felt better after. Then I went home. Washed my clothes and tried to take a nap in preparation for pacing Charles at 4pm later on. But the quad shot latte at Panera post 8 miler left me twitching on the couch. Nap: FAIL.

So I got to the Umstead 100  start. I was pacing Charles starting at his mile 51. I figured he would be delirious and loopy. Instead he was delightful and very coherent. So we took off for our loop. After about a half mile he felt a hot spot on his foot that needed medical attention. So I ran back to the headquarters and alerted the doctor that he was on his was back. So they got stuff ready and fixed him up. We took off again. I think our lap went very well. He ate mostly GU, water, mountain dew and a piece of pizza.
half way through our lap

before our lap. changing clothes.

The most photographed runner but heck who does 100 milers??!

Pizza break.
So we plugged away at the mileage. I would always run ahead to aid stations to fill the drink bottles. Then around my mile 10 Chaz used the restroom and I waited at the self service aid station. A really sick female runner stopped. She was crying that she felt dizzy. I helped her sit down. I offered her an S-cap. She had some and took one. Then she got really sick. I had no idea how to help. I'm in the middle of the forest! I tried my best and asked if I should call for help. She had run almost 70 miles by then. She sucked it up and said she would be okay. I wish I got her bib number.

By then Chaz was done and was 1/4 mile down the bridal path. I chased him down and we were set to finish our lap. I ran ahead to the headquarters and let his team know his condition and what he needed. It was like a NASCAR pit stop. Medical people, crew, pacers and friends swarmed him:

Someone had said our lap took 2:40 plus pit stop time. That is amazing. I turned Charles over to the next pacer, Laura M. They were off with head lamps a blazin!! I was DEAD. I have never run for that long ever. It was a 21 mile day for me. Also my highest mileage day ever. I stumbled to my car and called Outback on speed dial for Chicken, a loaded baker and a salad. I could have stayed and had some really good food but I was dripping in gu, sweat and mountain dew and needed a shower and my bed.

That was an awesome experience. I highly recommend it. The race volunteers and staff were amazing. Rebecca rocked it out taking care of everyone like they were the only one. I got to see a lot of my long time running friends too.
At the pasta dinner the night before

Next time I'm running a half I probably won't be so quick to bitch at mile 10!I just got a text at 9:30am that Charles just completed the race under 28 hours! Amazing!!! Woohooo is an understatement!

I'm taking today OFF!! I hope he is too ; )

Later taters!


  1. great job pacing Bella and a pretty amazing week of running for you. I would tell you to take it easy this week but I know you won;t so hope you have a great week ahead. And next year you can cheer me on when I crush that course.

  2. I've never done anything so silly as to run a 100Miler, and I don't think I will, But suporting at a big race a always fun. I have also enjoyed running legs of an 80km trail race with friends. I hope he'll be on the road suporting you in your next race...

  3. Great job! And great writeup!

    I'm the old goat that the biker tried to hit just behind you and Charles on Turkey Creek!

  4. I LOVED your signs!! I did a lap Friday night, just to get a sneak peak of the course and see what was out there. I was telling Monique about how much I loved the chicken dinner one. That is such a great shout out. I did not know it was from you to Charles!! AWESOME!!! And I am glad you are the one who got the chicken dinner too!