Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Live and Let Live!

Good Morning Guys!!

I am probably preaching to the choir here because I always receive such support and encouragement from my everyone who follows my blog. But, it's my blog and I feel a rant coming. Please understand. Feel free to X out. But I hope some of you feel me on this. Sometimes I scratch my head at the things people say.

I don't put a lot about my personal life on my blog. It's not a diary. It's supposed to be about running, racing, and conning every muscle fiber I have to play along. And encouraging someone else that all of this is wicked fun!

But I've received a few comments lately that have pissed the living shit out of me. Such as:

*do you have a job?
*Is everyday like the weekend for you?
*So you have lots of downtime while the kids are in school..right?

 Please keep in mind I have 3 children in elementary school. Before that I worked 2 jobs for most of my life to pay off my 100k college education. I worked as a dishwasher when I was 12. I worked after school in high school. I worked 3, yes 3 jobs during college and maintained a perfect gpa. When my twins were born I hated to leave them. I would wait until 10pm when they were in bed and I'd go to the gym. I'd run. Then wake up at some ungodly hour to 2 screaming babies and do it all again. I still hate to leave them, so I run when they are sleeping most of the time. Blah, blah, blah...

But you know what? This is all irrelevant. It shouldn't matter. I don't pick on my friends that have jobs or any lifestyle that is different from mine. I don't whine that someone else may get to punch out while my job never ends. I don't care if you run in an Alter G and get daily massages.  To each his own! Put on your shoes and let's go for a run!

Who cares!! We all have our own lives. We all make it happen. I love hearing how people cope with life and still manage to train and succeed. There are so many phenomenal people out there that have a balls out training ethic. I admire you.

I would never say or even think anything negative. Some have it worse and some have it better. But that's life. Why can't we all be happy for one another?  Kumbaya?

These questions seem to pop up when my running is going well. Almost insinuating that my athletic achievements are a result of me sitting on my ass all day.  Whether or not I sit on my ass all day or not is no ones business. However, if you would like me to drop my 3 kids off on your doorstep at 7am I can arrange that.

3 kids, 10 kids, 1 job or 5. This is my personality and I will always get the job done. I'm a tough cookie.

Everyone has their own story. We all bond through our love for the sport of running. Live and let live!

Thanks for listening! That ends my rant : )