Monday, April 30, 2012

Eugene Report coming soon...

Hey my dears!!

Thank you for all your emails, texts and support. I swear that's the good stuff that keeps my legs moving past mile 20...which I learned is some serious shit! lol I will do my report tomorrow after I get some sleep. I traveled all night and morning from OR to NC. The multiple Cliff shots with caffeine helped keep me wide awake and cracked out on the plane. UGH!

Here's a video of my finish: 3:02:41!!! Stoked but as the hours go by the 2 minutes is starting to irk me. errr. ; )

click here for video


Friday, April 27, 2012

Eugene meet LaBella

Some random pictures from Eugene.

Pre's Trail

Skinner's Butte

Tomorrow I'm doing 20 minutes easy with 2x20 second surges and then laying still and no moving a muscle till Sunday morning. Woohaa!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Race strategy time!

 I'm trying to plan my race strategy and can't focus. This is how it goes:

Laura's race strategy

steady and comfortable the first half.
what is comfortable?
This is a "race" though.
I wonder how adrenaline is going to effect me?
If Dan's garmin is right. I'm so much faster than I think.
I want to wear racing panties!
Ugh, nooo!
Singlet or no singlet?
okay, negative after mile 15. Then drop it.
My leg is aching..wait, no it's not.
Should I tan before I go?
hair..barrett or no?
Do I look like a runner?
Mile 14 gets the hammer. I can't wait so long.

Seriously! But as Tony would say, sorry Bri.."I hate it but I love it!!"

I think I'm going to split it into 2 half's. 1 minute more on the first half and 1 minute less on the second. Hoping like hell I really kill the later miles. I know that sounds very newbie but it's also how I run. I get faster every mile. At least during the 1300 miles of preparation I've done for this race.

We will see. I'm so excited to have a long run again! My goal is to BQ. I think I will be ok with that. I think I could run a 3:10 comfortably and enjoy myself. Above that it's how well I pace and how much guts and determination I have that day. I've done this training spot on...

I've iced in the river after my runs,  just in case.

I've planked to death

Put up with a scabby torso

Painted my toes with fire

Uh, sorry girls....not quite there yet!

It's almost time!!!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Objectively, I may have lost my mind.

90 mins in the rain today. My last longish run.

Happy Sunday Speedy ones!

Another week wrapped up. This time next week I will have hopefully crossed the finish line of my first marathon. Wohaaa goes without saying!

This week I ran 53 miles. A huge bite in my mileage. As a result I wanted to run 6:30 pace every friggen day. I tried soooo hard to not do that, happened here and there.

So I know you're all thinking. "I wonder what LaBella will do with all her extra time and pent up energy?" Well, I tell you right now folks. Here's what I do:

Haaaaaa! Have a great day! Go run one for me!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Not so patiently waiting T-8

Happy Friday!

My general happiness starts to fade when my run does. Then it's 23 hours of self doubt. Pace calculations. Race strategy changes. Nutritional reassessment and the like. Oh this is fun! Nice. Beautiful!

Some of it's exciting, no doubt. But I wish I could fast forward a week. Until then I've added some quirky things to my routine just in case they help.

I run along a river. The river is freezing cold. I've started soaking my legs for 10 mins post run. I'm not sore or hurt but it feels good and it's nice to sit down after a run..and THINK!
This is so peaceful. You'd never guess I have 400mg of caffeine in me. lol

I can do it!
It's possible...maybe, ahhhh!

Ahhhhhhh!! I hope this is relatively normal. I'm a creature of habit. Sitting on the river is NOT my habit. Imma trying!! T-8 days...I can't wait. Woooha!!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's time to pick my race outfit

What else can a bored runner do during taper? I know! Try on outfits! I REALLY want to wear what I train in. I wear this all the time. In fact I just did tempo before taking this. Let's keep this a zoom-free post please. Thanks.

It works. BUT this is a race and I'm an exhale aways from looking 5 months pregnant at any given moment. LOL!
LaBella coming through!

Seriously, it's my first marathon. I want that glorious race photo!  I want to smile across the finish line. But I may be better off in a baggy singlet. Which is probably what I'll end up wearing but it will be a race day decision.

I know for sure I'm wearing my 2XU compression racing socks and my Brooks Pureflow. Other than that  I'll probably hang out at Raleigh Running Outfitters searching for the color of speed during the next week.

I can always HDR myself to add some tone. LOL

Hi-ho. Tomorrow I'll wear my new Nike yellow sports bra. I like it but please note shoe color. Aye. 

Thanks for sticking with me during this difficult time. ; )


Sunday, April 15, 2012

I **may** be fast...but not confirmed!

I'm not outright saying I am, but I could possibly be one of them. You know, a fast(ish) girl. It could be a fluke. Who knows. But the possibility makes me go, ahhhh.

This week was a gift. If I tank my marathon or never run another mile I will remember this week as the best week ever! I floated at 7 pace everywhere. Tempo was good. My legs haven't been sore or tired in a long time. The real fight is not running too fast.

Today I had my last long run of 15 miles. The middle 12 were at 6:38 pace. Here are my thoughts during this part of the run:

*How is this happening?
*Why does it feel easy?
*Putting the brakes on only get me to 6:40 pace.
*I'm bouncing too much. This feels too Valley Girl...
*I'm still going...hmm
*OMG, I could pr my half time including a cool down mile.
*I have talent!
*No, I don't.
*I'm gonna bonk at mile 24 of my race
*But shit, I'd still do well.
*where the hell is the damn wall?
*I am definitely wearing my Brooks Pure Flow for my race.
*can I pull off booty shorts with race photography?

I had planned on running 7 pace for the 12 and possibly descending to 6:50 because I thought that is what I had. So this throws a wrench in things. Do I shoot for more than a 3:15? Err. I want to enjoy the race yet do my best. Are they mutually exclusive? Aye.

I like data and evidence. So I'm trying to figure out why I am getting *better* for lack of a better term. lol.

*I ran 62 miles this week. That is about a 10 mile reduction in my week. Taper effect? I still did the hard workouts.
*I lost 3 pounds. I like to weigh 105. I weigh 102. Maybe my running economy was helped that way.

I don't know!!!!! But I pray it lasts 13.5 more days!!

I have 2 weeks of taper ahead. I hope I arrive at the start line with my mind intact and some Valley Girl bounce. Woooha!

Happy Running Peeps! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Body: thank you!

Hi-ho my loves!

It is the end of the best week ever! I am 21 days out from my first marathon. I've done every run exactly as written. I've gone from being laid up with a stress fracture to running my 2nd 22 miler ever today. I feel good, strong and happy with my training. I was strolling through memory lane today and got a little sappy but kinda proud of the past 6 months:
August-October 2011 Sfx right before my marathon.

followed immediately by daily 90 minute swim rituals

                                                                                    and bike-a-palooza....

                                                       My first 10mm paced 1-milers on the soccer fields.

                                                              my endless sources of cross training....

                                                                         there were rough times...

                                                                and happy times!! Post 22 miles today...

In the end I am very happy I am:

*not injured
*enjoying my training
*kinda doing well pace wise
*not injured!

I am not going into my race thinking it's my personal olympics. I am actually very chill and just want to have fun and do my best.  The 70+ miles a week are my meat and potatoes. This race is really just one run, one day. (I kinda hope I have a TAD more fire on race day but eh...)

For formalities sake:

Monday 7 miles @ 7:28 pace
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:23 pace
Wednesday: 14.22 mile tempo. Very happy with this one.
Thursday: 6 miles at 7:12 pace
Friday: 8 @7:15 pace. negative
Saturday: 7 @ 7:30 pace
Sunday: 22 @ 7:22 pace WITH relative monster elevation
TOTAL: 72 miles

My 22 did not have any goal pace. I ran easy and put in almost 1000ft of elevation to keep my wheels from coming off. I tried hard to keep the later miles slow so you can see some herky jerky splits. In the end endorphins won. It was a great training run. Unfortunately, my last long long run before my marathon.

PS. I'm back on speed bag and a VIDEO will follow soon. haha!

Happy Running Peeps and thanks for reading.


Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm not like you

Topic: Marathon Taper

My FB newsfeed is full of taper complaints lately. Runners do not like taper. I get it. They say it's a necessary evil and taper will spring load your legs and body so on race day you feel superhuman. Knocking off mile markers like 400's. Thumping out a pace well below anything you've ever done before. That taper will fix everything and your body will come together and do what it was trained to do.

Well, I tell you right now. I think I'm different. I don't see how this will work. I thrive off high mileage. The more mileage, the faster I get with less effort. I see my body as a machine. A machine that works well and does great with repetition, or if left alone in a rotting tobacco field it will forget everything.

I don't want to be a rusty old tractor.

I want to keep my body doing what it likes best. Practice makes perfect, right? Use it or lose it! I'm not watching freaking Rachel Ray sitting on the couch playing with the dog. Wtf? NO!

This is more like it!

So I will keep reading the literature and try to force an understanding on this phenomenon called taper over the next few weeks. I will do it. Only because I am an all or nothing type of person and would not dream of deviating from my schedule this late in the game. And so if I roll up with a 6 hour marathon I can say, HA, it was taper damn it! 

Mind you taper hasn't started yet. I'm 3 weeks out. I have 22 on Sunday. I shouldn't be whining just yet but the finality of my "last long run" puts a little regurgitated protein bar vomit in my mouth. Breathe...

Quite frankly, I thought I'd break my leg by now so I haven't mentally prepared for mileage reduction..da, da daaaaa.

Okay, topic change...I'm starting to fidget. lol.

AB Update!! I'm still doing abs 5x a week after I run. I'm fine with this for now. I don't have jelly belly. It could be worse. Eh..

I added a 10lb medicine ball. 

Well, I'll recap after my 22 on sunday. I've had a great week. Awesome mileage.

Happy running friends!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

No wonder I need a nap

I used to hang my hat on my weekly mileage. Now I don't even add it up until Sunday. This week was 73 miles. No wonder I crashed into a 2 hour nap today!

Monday: 8 miles @ 7:27 pace
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:09 pace
Wednesday: 12 miles. 1 hour easy then 5x5 tempo at 6:35ish pace, 60 second recovery
Thursday: 7 miles @ 7:41 pace
Friday: 8 miles @ 7:36 pace
Saturday: 9 mile @7:30 pace
Sunday: 20 miles @ 7:35 pace.

Wednesday kicked my ass. Sunday's run started at 4:58am. I had no other choice. I needed to get it done. I kinda forgot how hard it is to run in the dark for that long. I had planned on adding some tempo in there after mile 10 but it was still dark and even with my headlamp it seemed too hazardous to run that fast in the dark. So I just did the miles at a nice pace so I didn't wreck my legs for this coming week.

But just when I think I have high mileage I went out to see my friends run the Umstead 100 mile endurance run. That is some intense running right there!

Well, I can finally say I am running a marathon this month! I guess I won't break my leg this go round. I haven't purchased air yet and probably won't until taper. Been there, done that and lost $500. lol.

T-28 days.

Have a great week guys!