Friday, March 25, 2011

Changing things up

So, I've had time to think about my Half Marathon last Sunday (1:29:19) and tried to analyze how I could improve. This is what I came up with:
1. add a long run during the week. I have too many 6-8 milers that may not be doing me any good.
2. Try not to worry so much about the race. I think the stress factor affected my performance.
3. Don't taper so long.

So today I went out to get my new weekday long run. I decided on 15 miles. I planned on about a 7:15 pace so I didn't jack myself up for my other long run, uh tomorrow. Long story short I ran "easy" just clicking off the miles. I actually thought of some of my new Ultra friends and how they lay this stuff out easily so clearly, I can too. Uh, yeah  LOL! I look down at mile 13.1 and see 1:31 on my Garmin. I was FUMING. I mean great for today's run but WTF?? How can my easy run and my race pace be so close? So now I'm rethinking everything.

Just as I was going to wind up my run on the last 2 miles there is some commotion on the trail. Apparently a loose baby pitbull attacking some women walkers. They had sticks and said they had to fend it off and most importantly they said, DON'T GO THAT WAY! Um, I'm thinking, that my way back to the car. Sooo, I had to reroute and ended up with 17 miles. Getting lost once around mile 16. But all and all I good run. But I feel like I have no idea how to train...or maybe this was just a fluke. But to do 6:30 pace at the end...why couldn't I do that Sunday!?!

So now I have 30 miles for this week so far (tues-fri) All are sub 7 pace...train wreck??? I have no idea!!

Today's run:
17 miles
6:57 avg pace Last 2 miles 6:30 pace
667 feet elevation
Felt great!
Garmin link is here

Thanks for listening to my rant.
Later taters!


  1. Amazing. I have no explanation why but a lot of it does have to do with being relaxed and nt expecting to run fast. But still, it's just hard to understand why some days it seems so easy. I would recommend re-considering doing another long run tomorrow. Unless of course you have a 50 miler coming up soon.

  2. You are running too fast if your 5k time right now is a 19:28 your easy runs should be around 8:23 very easy around 8:55, a moderate run is anywhere around 7:55 and basically you are running tempo anything below 7:07.... Heck your running faster than me! :P

  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Always appreciated. I'm going to do an easy recovery run tomorrow for 6-8 miles then take Sunday off. Benny, I haven't done a 5k since probably last fall. I'm kinda curious to see what I could run now!

  4. the strange thing is that based on your half race times, the 5k should be about 19:30. whats a mystery and amazing is that you can run at what would be your tempo pace for 4 -5 mile workouts, you are running everyday for 6 -10 and now a 17 miler?!?! When I was in 18:30 shape my regular runs were 7:30-7:45 an long runs were about 8. If I'd tried to run 7mp everyday I would have broken down in 2 weeks or less. You would benefit from learning to appreciate slowing down a few days a week

  5. Thanks Joey. Tomorrow I am running with Dan who promised he'd keep me in my shoes. It sounds stupid but when I run alone I get so excited that I can keep going at tempo pace so I keep going. I know it's not a great training strategy to get excited and bolt though! It truly is hard to correct but I need to slow down so I don't burn out...thanks for looking out as always ; )

  6. I can also say that my 18:40 girl runs her long runs in 8:20-to 7:20 her ez ez runs she is running around 8:30-9 and her tempo's she is running anywhere 6:20-6:30 her 1000's around 3:45-3:50.... A 1:29 half does equate to a like joey said you might wanna slow down a bit so your body can recover... :P good luck!

  7. I disagree, keep banging it out.

    The main trap that road runners fall into is plodding along at the same pace.

    You won't burn out if you still have the desire.

  8. I can't say b/c I don't run nearly as fast as you! I hope you figure it out. My only bit of advice is to not over do and get hurt. PS - Your 1/2 was a great time! No doubt you'll PR at the next one.