Friday, March 18, 2011

The need for speed on taper. Answer: speed bag!!

Ok, I am going crazy after 2 days of not running. I am on taper for a Half this Sunday. I swam my heart out yesterday but it's just not the same. But fortunately, the "coma" method works for me. I usually chill for a good 3-4 days before a half. It mentally puts me in fight mode too. At the start of the race I'm usually so excited just to run again and it takes my nerves down a notch.

So I was thinking of things to do and decided on a speed bag. It is pretty challenging, quick and addicting. Lesson number 1:
Wrap your hands WELL. 
Sometimes I would get a good rhythm down and my hand wrap would start to unravel. Clearly, I'm not going to stop. That's like stopping to tie your shoe during a 6:30 split on a long run. HELL NO! So wrap tight or you will bleed.

Everything else is practice. I put the bag in the basement by a window thinking that if I get bored I can look outside and gaze at the birds. HA. Hell to the no on that one! This takes total concentration. It is my first day though.
can't stare at the birds just yet

This is when it gets good. 

This is my first day on the speed bag. I'm sure my form is off or I'm standing too close or something. Please don't rip me apart though. Or I may beat the shit out of you : )

Cheers Loves!

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