Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laura's ab-alicious 2 week update

Sorry folks there is nothing to report. boooo. I have done ab ripper about 5 days this week. I FEEL much stronger. But there isn't much going on visually. While it's great to feel good on the inside c'mon ab gods give me something to look at! 5 workouts is about 1600 crunches, leg lifts, and other torturous ways of "getting my butt in the air" as Tony says.

Also, I refuse to "diet." I am 5'4" and 100lbs. I wear a size double zero. It ain't happenin'.
Before ab picture

But because I am pretty type A about these things I will continue to post updates.
week 1

week 2
week 2. signs of life on the right. lol
I hope to have a better update next week. Either that or learn photo shop. Ha...

Later dudes!


  1. Well, One- You looked rocking to begin with!
    Two- Def progress!!
    Three- I totally went "I'm not alone in being crazy" when I found your blog :D
    Hopefully being crazy will make me as fast and fit as you!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going HARD till Memorial day!

  2. Thanks!! I love yours too!! Awesome. Nothing wrong with wanting a half way descent race photo! Must...bust...an...ab....and not have a death grunt on my face for this next Half! Holla!

  3. Girl, you need to eat! One hundred pounds is *very* underweight for your height. Are you trying to encourage eating disorders?

  4. Dearest "Runner",

    Everyone is built different. I have never been over 105 lbs in my entire life. Except during my twin pregnancy a few years ago. When I was a kid I was made fun of for being skinny. Now, people take jabs here and there. I can't win! I have to eat probably double what most people eat to maintain my weight. If I didn't run and work out I would be even thinner. It's just the way my body rolls. I can't fight it. Nor would I really want too : ) Seriously! I know I am extremely lucky. I can't imagine having to "watch what I eat" or "diet." I know that I am lucky that way. I was trying to say I would NEVER DIET to get abs simply because I am thin and don't want to get any thinner. Ya know?

    All I know is I feel great, I'm kicking ass and enjoying it. Please don't hate on me for that.

  5. You are perfect just the way you are.I have my blog setup to moderate comments. That way I don't have to worry about dumb asses and hateful people cluttering up my blog

  6. If everyone with good core strength had an eating disorder... well... there would be a lot of people with eating disorders. Reading your blog has reminded me that I need to work on core strength, so thank you!

  7. Laura, bravo for the manner in which you addressed Runner's comment. I know how hard you work to stay in shape and also how many calories you consume on a daily basis (consisting mostly of carbs - in addition to cobra, larva, ew, what is that? a mouse?) - which, as you say functions to MAINTAIN your weight - it's not like you're trying to be skinny, you just ARE.
    That's bound to be the cause of some animosity from the vast majority of the US population, which in a recent census study revealed that roughly 78% are overweight and approx 60% (of the whole) are obese.
    I also know how much that comment upset you, so again, kudos for exercising both decorum and restraint in your reply. You are truly a class act and we love you - except perhaps for the proclivity towards the abundant use of the work 'FUCK'- it may tarnish the polish in the eyes of some, but it's all the more reason why I love you!!
    And to Runner - didn't your mother ever teach you the old axiom: 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' ? Seriously, your presence is not welcome on this blog. Please find another outlet for whatever it is that compels you to direct annonymous, negative comments towards someone whom you don't even know. Both Laura and I possess degrees in psychology, would you like us to offer a public critical analysis of the possible reasons for your need to be so disparaging? I wouldn't think so.

  8. Girl, you have amazing abs....holy cow. I am so jealous. You are beautiful and it is fun to see your progress!! You are a rockstar!!

  9. Runner made me mad. You were saying you don't want to loose weight. If exercising and wanting to GAIN muscle is an eating disorder then we are all in a lot of trouble. Don't pay attention to that person, you look healthy, fit and beyond gorgeous!

  10. I totally wish I had the energy to workout like you I also want abs like that, I really think I should eat less chocolate. I also see that 6 pack coming keep at it.

    Love your licence plate...

  11. You are "thin" because you are "a rockstar from Mars with tiger's blood coursing through your veins!! If anyone tried to work out like you their faces would melt off and their heads would explode!"

    Keep it up girl, let that hater's hate!

    Charlie Sheen


  12. I will offer a different perspective on this and you can certainly delete it if you feel a need. Let me say first that I have always struggled with body image, been borderline eating-disordered and seen friends and teammates with severe eating disorders.

    I dont think Runners comments were meant to be hostile just that as a "psychology person" you may know that 5'4" and 100 lbs would be an anorexic BMI; it's under 17.5 (if other criteria of the disorder were present as well of course). And you do seem to obsess about food and body image a lot for someone who is not anorexic.

    So, yeah, for people struggling with an eating disorder reading this kind of post would be tough. Maybe runner is one of them and is "jealous." To Runner I say: do not read this blog if it makes you feel bad. To you I say: Maybe don't post on your weight if it is a sensitive subject for you.

    Of course you have the option to monitor comments on your blog and delete if you find them innappropriate, but by having a public blog you do open yourself up to other opinions that may differ from yours.

    But, really, consider that maybe Runner's post is not meant to be some horrible thing. In our superficial and very sick society being "too thin" is a compliment, and being a double zero is a huge accomplishment even if you have to kill yourself to get there. Sad really. having nice abs is pretty cool but there are other important things in life too.

  13. Stallion, I am sorry you have struggled with your body image. But in the big picture I am just some runner trying to get stronger and putting my abs on MY BLOG. Why are you reading my blog if it bothers you? To me, that's like an alcoholic going into a bar and throwing a fit.

    This is my blog. I can write what I want. Honestly, I don't see it the way you do. And I don't know if you've looked at how fast I run but clearly I'm not the sickly, emaciated person you think I am or that I'm promoting.