Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Month Post Boston

Hey Guys!

Sorry I have been MIA. It's never so easy to move on after a crappy race. Especially, a marathon. It's not like a 5k that can be repeated the following weekend. So, I went through the usual range of emotions:

1. I'm always proud after I marathon. I was proud of this Boston.

2. Then, disappointed. I worked so hard. The grieving for that probably took 2 weeks.

3. Then, I really wanted to race another marathon. Badly!

4. Then, I didn't want to run 20 miles ever again.

5. Then, I let it go. Live and learn. I moved on.

I mean c'mon. It was a 3:02. The self whining was ridiculous. Yes, I failed to reach my goal. But hell, at least I wasn't injured.  I left the finish line with a bruised ego but also with a shit ton of fitness that I would build off of. Then, shop around to other shorter races.

I bought new running shoes. I bought 2 pairs of booty shorts and said ONWARD!

Now, I'm back to 5k/10k/15k training. I'm not stalking any fall marathons YET, but when I feel fit I'm going for it. Last summer most of my long runs could have been pushed into marathons with great PR's. But I waited too long and eventually injured. Lesson learned.

My mileage is around 80/week now. I'm in the gym about 5 days a week doing core, stretching, arms. It's almost like a vacation. But the humidity is surely starting to destroy that fantasy!

I'm in a good spot now. I am happy with my training. I'm up at 4:30am 7 days a week and usually have shoes on ground by 5:30ish. I get to watch the sunrise and do what I love to do. But don't take that fluff for defeat or complacency. I am hungry! I want a better summer than last year. I want a 5k, 10k and 15k PR. Then I want to march my ass 26.2 miles to my fastest marathon yet. I won't concede. I won't give up.

That is why I love this sport. Sure, you can have fails, but as long as you learn from them then you'll just be that much stronger. If someone said, Laura: HERE is the recipe for a 2:50 marathon. Do this, eat that and you'll get there guaranteed. I would say, get that needle out of my arm! Haha. Joke. I would say no, training is an adventure. It's life, it's living. I don't want the easy way out. I love the daily grind, becoming stronger. Give it here!

Again, thank you for all your support and kind words!  I'm really just a physical token of all the cheers, love, support and encouragement I get from you guys. Without that I may as well just treadmill in the dark. LOL.

Cheers to happy summer running guys! I promise to update more!!