Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo blog of my run

Today was my easy 9 miler. (7:25 pace) In an effort to not go psycho I brought my camera and went over my tempo run from yesterday. This is also where I run some of my daily stuff. But the tempo loop is new.
Dude, that's funny.

mile 1 of tempo or mile 4 or regular run. nice downhill

pretty golf course

North Falls of Nuese

mile 2 of tempo. I was pissed when I saw this! That's 420 meters uphill

leashed dogs yay!!

doesn't look too bad unless you're running 6:30 pace! errr

ahhhh the rewards of the uphill


By mile 5 this feels like a monster!

lots of this rolling stuff

bored runner!
Have a great run people!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Power of the Green Sports Bra!

I firmly believe that new running clothes will make you faster. Total fact. Please try it out if you don't believe me. Yesterday I was over at my sponsor's store RALEIGH RUNNING OUTFITTERS and Jim hooked me up with this kick ass green Nike sports bra. Love it!!! Thank you Jim!

Tempo Friday was a success!

omg, is that my leg??!

1 mile warm up. 6 miles descending:
6:41, 6:41, 6:39, 6:35, 6:31, 6:23
2 mile cool down

93% humidity and about 78 degrees. I wanted to vomit more than once. This was a new route for me. A few hills that were worthy of a few choice words but also down hills to relax on. A few intersections that stopped me and a very close encounter with a weed whacker but I made it through. YAY!!! Here's the garmin if any Raleighites want a good 6 mile tempo.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New TYR swimsuit and squirrely quad

Happy Thursday! Any day I get new fitness swag it's a happy day. I've been cranking out miles in the pool in my beach bikini. I do it for a few reasons:

1. it's cheaper than a Speedo or Tyr.
2. works fine for me
3. To give the real swimmers something to laugh at. Really, I see the haha's from across the pool. But let me get in the water bitches! Time to prove that the chick in the bikini can kick ass in the pool! My favorite part!

So for my swim friends this Tyr rocks. It's very conservative borderline grannyish. I wasn't sure at first:

Then I swam in it. It's super thick and sturdy. I'm pleased. It's also reversible to all red or all black. I feel very uh, professional.

okay, next item of discussion: My squirrely left quad. It got me doing a double Does anyone have this? I don't know how I got it. It can stay under the condition that it hauls my ass over the 10k finish line sub 40 in 3 weeks ha!
and yes the plant has since died. Love the watering can on the floor. ha!
ok, enough self absorption for the morning...over and out!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday Track

I'm hoping to see some IMPROOOOOVEMENT that's why I'm logging my track workouts. And of course because I love reading everyone else's track. But honestly, ya'll keep your 400's on the down lo. Like some dirty little secret. What's the big deal? Spill it!! I could read splits all day. LOVE it!

Well, this marked my last 8am track workout. Too hot. Dangerous hot. Dizzy, Dehydration. I'll either move it to 6:00 am or maybe night. Not sure.

I did :
2 mile warm up

400: 1:18
200 jog recovery
600: 2:04
400 jog recovery
400: 1:21
200 jog recovery
600: 2:05

600 recovery

400 jog recovery
600: 2:08 (oops)
400 jog recovery
800: 2:54
400 jog recovery

1 mile cool down

My goal race is in 3 weeks. I want a sub 40 10k----> read 39:59! I'm not so sure it's possible from the looks of things. I do 1 10k a year. Last year at the same race I did 40:28. We shall see!

So I wanted to get a post track pic. So I put the camera on the bleachers. I set auto timer and stood back and got this:
someone was coming! I had to walk and pretend to adjust my shorts. lol

Then they went by and I this:
I'm quite happy because this was my 6th day of running  (run 6 out of 7 days) and concluded 60 miles for me. The day before I was staggering on a recovery run. So any thing 5ish pace made me happy.

Till next time party on peeps!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I fought nature and I WON!

Last week during my tempo run I fell on a wet bridge. This week I chose another bridge (lol) because it was long and FLAT as hell:
site of deer encounter

So I did my usual 2 mile warm up. Right at mile 2 I was going over this bridge and see a brown, large animal running directly at me. Um, shit! My contacts have their usual layer of filth on them so all I can see is this large brown animal.
ok, no

 I stopped. Said verbatim, "fuck no" and hauled ass the other way. I figured no sense in looking back. If I was going to be Bambi's breakfast I just wanted it to be over quickly.

So I continue another half a mile to the park rangers office. I wish I had not just hit stop on my garmin because I ran psychotically fast. So I get there and I tried to compose myself. I knocked on the window inside and a nice lady park ranger answered:

Me: Uh hi, good morning. I am kinda freaked out. A large brown animal just chased me off the dam.

Ranger: That was probably a deer. We've had deer, water moccasins and snapping turtles ON the bridge every day this week.

Me: No way! I came here to get away from nature. Are you sure it couldn't be a bobcat? It chased me!

Ranger: No bobcat sightings recently. This may be the "friendly" deer a few people have reported. It likes to come up close to people. 

Me: oh great. I have to start my tempo run now. I just warmed up. I am going to run that bridge 10x very fast. Will it eat me?

Ranger: It shouldn't eat you but it's best not to provoke them. I'll be right out with you to do a patrol.

So I head out feeling better that Bambi would leave me alone. I turn the corner back onto the bridge and there the bastard is again. Standing there. I'm thinking, "NO, this is my tempo run. I've got enough adrenaline to kick it's fucking ass. I'm going for it. I haul ass and it's not moving or afraid at all. Suddenly every Discovery show on deer attacking humans is vivid in my mind.  Don't look, don't look, don't look.....I get by Bambi assault free. 6:21 pace for that first mile. Should have been 6:40. I was trying to not kill the first mile while simultaneously saving my life. I would rather go out with a proper split.

So now I get to the dead end and have to go back. I see the ranger and gave her a thumbs up.  But there  it was again but this time on the grass. I did a little back and forth jog to try and scare it...thankfully it went into the forest. but screwed up my split 6:50. Now I'm super pissed.  I can take a lot. I can run on a fractured leg, handle a root canal without pain meds, see my child bust open her chin on a stone walkway, BUT don't mess with my splits!! I can't deal. 

I haul ass for the next mile..I'm hauling and hauling so proud for not giving up and I look down in anticipation of my glorious split and my GARMIN is OFF. Mother #$%^&*! I can't handle this! So I took defeat for a second. I turned it back on and kept going.  The remaining miles were: 6:40, 6:48 and 6:26.

I so badly wanted 6 6:40's. Oh well, I survived. Still a good tempo. The 5 documented miles avg'd 6:37. I did a 2 mile cool down and called it a morning....yesterday I ran 10 miles easy at 7:17 pace so I was happy to still have some legs this morning. 

Another easy run tomorrow. And 15 Sunday. My final message to nature:

Cheers loves!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

followers on the down low...I see you!

I love looking at my "stats" page for this blog. It shows all types of data from geographical to URL. I can pretty much tell who's reading my blog. But not exactly. If people google something that ends them up here I can see what they put in their google box. For instance, here is today's google data:

on your left please
on your left blog
on your left please blog
badass or dumbass
booty shorts look better on girls with big butts
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ab update
bad ass compression socks
blog laura frey on your left

It's kinda funny. It's mostly the same everyday...I wish I knew who the peepers were!! But I have a feeling!! hahaaaaa! wink wink..

Later taters!