Monday, November 17, 2014

I don't care if you're old! Work it!

Happy Monday Guys!!

I have made so much progress lately! I am so fortunate to be back on the roads. I'm almost back to normal. It's been so much work but so much fun too. However, I have a side note, borderline tangent to throw out there really quickly.

I have my running and workouts on FB and some running apps. Most people get pumped and enjoy my enthusiasm. But, there is a small cohort of people that seem to think they are exempt from health and fitness. I hate to pinpoint any certain group, but I'm gonna do it. My Peeps in the 50-65+ age group that are not active. Most of my friends in that age group are breaking records in whatever discipline. You rock!  But I'm talking about those who aren't active. You know who you are! You're kicked up by the fire reading this.

I sometimes hear people say:

"Laura, I love that you run so much and are in good shape, but I'm 65 and a grandma. I can't do what you do."

"Laura, my knees are bad. I've had so many surgeries."

"Laura, I'm too old to change."

AU CONTRAIRE MON FRERE! Hell, I'm old too. I don't subscribe to that theory, at all.

Last time I checked, you had a butt and 2 working legs. You have to sit on that butt everyday. You have to walk with those legs. So why not make them the BEST they can be? I'm not saying go sub 3 in the marathon.

I especially hear the more tenured peeps dissing my glute work. The women tell me to put on more clothes and the men tend to recite how great they once were. You know who you are! I always say: Are you kidding me?! If your butt is strong you'll sit up straighter, improve your posture, your hips will be happier. You'll feel better. That's going to reflect on everything in your life. You might think twice about that 2nd serving of casserole too. Just saying.

There's probably no reason why you can't put forth a little effort. Even if it's a walk. Who cares! Get your blood moving. Don't curl up like you're on death's doorstep. I promise you'll feel so much better!

If you need help with your diet or exercise you can always ask me or I can lead you in the right direction.
Sam here is 70 years old.

Ernestine is 73. She didn't start working out until she was 53. She runs marathons now.


Thanks for listening. I hope you get out there! 

XO Laura


  1. I love the bad knees line. I hear that all the time.

    1. Right? I'm like ya, I've broken my legs 4x. They healed. Onward!

  2. Well, damn, yer calling me out!?! sigh. :)

    Oh, that "bad knees 'line'", as your friend puts it, isn't a "line". If you have to suck in your breath every time you taken a step, it ain't a "line". That's just offensive.

  3. Tom, you are an outlier of epic proportions. Don't get me started! You rock! I hear you on the knees being a real issue. But I guess my point is, then find another way. Get on the arm bike. Get in the pool and shove a pull buoy between your legs. I know you get this...: )

  4. Laura, thanks - I totally agree with finding another way (you know that I do). It's just the dismissal of knee pain as being "a line" that I have a real problem with. It's real, it's miserable, it's frustrating and it's something that can be overwhelming enough to cause someone to give up. Not me, but some people.

  5. I this this Bolg:

    writen by an 80+ year old...

  6. I just wrote a post about how I think all my PRs are behind me and I am only 43! Guess I need the cheerleader/butt kicking

    1. J. Ford, hell to the no! 43 is prime fitness real estate. You have crap tons of muscle memory, knowledge and savvy. Take that to the bank and cash in on some sick Master's stuff. It's all relative. While that may sound like you can "go slower" and still age group, it's the opposite. I think at 40 men and women throw the hammer down and it gets pretty dicey out there. So stay strong and hammer on! I'm 40 so I'm not completely talking out my a$$ : )

    2. I would have never guessed you were 40! Nice work there! LOL