Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Candy Asses here!

Good Morning Bitches, Lovers and Friends! I say that with the utmost love and respect for all my blog followers. xoxo. I'll lay out some descent stuff soon. Promise. For now I wanted to update my daily running.

Mon: 3 miles 7:46 pace then 1 hour of bad-ass freestyle swimming
Tues: 3 miles 8:39 pace then 25 miles on the road bike @ 16.5 mph
Wed: 3 miles 7:53 pace and probably bike after PT

As long as I stay betw 8-9 pace I think I can call it a success. My legs are still sore and have what feels like no strength. But it is getting easier. I am running as much as possible in the dirt/mud on the sides of greenway trails. It's very hard because my ankles are shot. My stabilizer muscles aren't back yet. So an acorn is a huge stressor. Sharp turns don't happen and barrel turns take 5 seconds.'ll get better.

I'm running out of ideas here.Sure, ride the sign..sounds good!.

I can't tell you how hard this was to balance on...
So hey, it's mileage..I'm getting there.

Peace my loves xoxo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 + 2 + 40...comeback is creepin..

I am not loving this 2 mile stuff. But I really think my legs need it. Right now I feel like superman in one leg and Erkel in the other. I can only go as far/fast as the Erkel leg feels like going. It is getting better. Aside from being pretty sore my strength is creeping back in.

Next week I will continue the daily runs and increase to 3 miles when I feel like it.

I did 2 miles on saturday and then watched the Miami Kansas game:
I made that necklace out of orange and green glass beads.That's dedication!

 When I'm not running, swimming or biking I am preparing for my next game outfit. Saturday the venue was: my living room watching ESPNU. So the obvious choice was a jean skirt with a Miami jersey top and a beaded necklace. Hair totally flat ironed. HA! Muy importante!

 Sunday I ran another 2 miler. Still right around 8 pace. I *want* to go faster but I'm trying to view these as strength workouts and stay away from sub 8. For now my loves, for now.

After that I got on the bike for 40 miles in the rain. I started in a group ride but broke off because I'm chicken shit of going fast, in rain, in a pack of experienced cyclists. No thank you!!

So that wraps up 10 miles of running for the week. 65 miles on the bike and 3+ hours in the pool. I am stepping back on the other sports to give my legs a chance to adapt to the running again.

Have a great week friends!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A fallen log in the forest. What would you do? Clearly, the only option is to dance on it!

Day 3 of my return to running program:

I walked 2 miles of a mulchy trail around Lake Johnson. My calves are still horribly aching. The good thing is the pain is bilateral. Bilateral pain is welcomed by most runners. I still feel like I just ran a hard 20 miler. I figure it's because I haven't run in 7 weeks and didn't use one of my legs for half of that. Fair game. I could have pushed thorough it but I felt the walking really stretched out my calves. I think that was more beneficial for me today.

My mom walked with me. It was a drizzly but warm speed walk around the lake. 
This log was screaming for the PeeWee Herman dance
Talent right there! ha

Lake Johnson

More power to the people who can run on this stuff. Not me!

Off to ice these poor legs. Peace.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nail gun to the calves

I'm so grateful I am able to laugh at this "situation" called rehab because otherwise I'd cry. Today I ran 2 miles at Fletcher Park (Thank you Meghan!) at a pace that put my garmin into auto pause. The reason being my legs are so sore from yesterday's run and p/t workout. It really felt like someone ripped the skin off my calves and shot the muscle with a nail gun and then poured alcohol. Or similar to after running a fast 20 miler.

My PT said I have to push through it. That in order to build strength in my bad (boot leg) calf I need to work it out. My Ortho said the same. He said I have to do it daily. So I ran in circles in a soaking wet field until it was done.

Then I went to the pool...

I wore my Miami colors today! Orange and Green! There is a reason I'm on the ground. That's all I had left. I coulda slept there! It will get better, no doubt!
post run. still ok..standing

moving onto knee poses

DONE! One tired []_[] fan!

until tomorrow!
Later Peeps! Go MIAMI!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have been humbled by the shortest, slowest run ever!

Well, I did it! I ran 2 miles with stop breaks on a soccer field. 8:20 pace

GOOD news:
zero fracture pain. no tendon pulls. Nothing scary.

BAD news:
*I have no right calf strength. It feels like running with half a calf. It got easier as I ran some.
*GRAVITY sucks ass!
*I feel like a load of bricks
*I SWEAT at 8:20 pace. I don't sweat at 7 pace normally. UGH!

I thought I would feel a little lighter being that I'm 100 f"ing pounds but apparently not!

So I have my work cut out for me. I need more calf and more ass. It will happen with my daily running but I'll keep at the strength training too. Here's a photo recap of how to have fun on wet turf:
Stretching that shit.
Back and forth

Shirt had to go. Can't dress worth shit. 
Cold and wet

That felt good
If there is a pole I will find it!

My mom and partner in crime!

Overall I'm stoked. I get to run daily and get stronger. I'm so happy I can run again!! I don't care how fast. I'm glad I have running shoes on. I'll get better. It's all good loves!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Come Back EVE!

It has been nearly SEVEN long weeks since the stress fx to my tibia took me out. Tomorrow I am allowed to run again. Albeit, very little with walking breaks, but hey it's a start. I'll take it!

I've had a lot of fun during these 7 weeks. Biking, swimming and chillin' in the beer section of a hole in the wall convenience store. Hey why not?

Ha-ha! So, wish me luck! I'll keep you posted!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I heal as fast as I run!

I have the boot to thank for a 6 week recovery on a grade 4 tibia stress fracture. I had my follow up appt with my Ortho today:

Door opens:

Me: I swear, I wore the boot. Check my blog. How are my x-rays???
Ortho: You are laying out some serious bone. 
Me: (uhhh that sounds odd) ok, that's good right?
Ortho: YES, this is way better than expected. There is new bone growth all over the fracture. Your bone scan results are normal as well.
Me: YES!! I schlepped that boot everywhere. I am stoked. I am the most compliant patient ever. What's next? Can I run?

I can run next week!! Yeehawww! He wants another week of walking and then gave me an "advanced" return to running schedule. Basically, don't run too hard, too fast and build up slowly. I expected that. 

I'm still weaker in my right leg from wearing the boot for 3 weeks so I don't mind waiting a few more days. Every step makes my leg stronger.

I can only run in the dirt or grass as well. No pavement. Yes, yes...

He said we are definitely winning this one. It could be so much worse. I will take that to Umstead next week!

Party on peeps! Thanks for caring!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

X-ray Eve

Hola mi Amorcitos!

Two great things:

1. I have 6 week follow up x-rays on my tibia stress fx tomorrow &

2. It's Miami Hurricane Football season! For my close English speaking friends you know I become bilingual post kick-off on the first game. It's tradition. For my bilingual friends: don't knock the spelling. And for my Spanish only friends, hola. And to those of you at the BP gas station on Buffaloe Road: I know what you're saying to me! Watch it!

So, I am hoping to get approval to start running tomorrow. I'm skipping my morning-o-fitness in hopes of hitting the road soon. We'll see. I'm so jacked from the bike and the pool I need to chill to get my legs back. I'm still doing an hour swim and a 2 hour bike daily, on avg.

I don't have any fitness porn today so you'll have to deal with a bike picture (ha-ha) Someone coined that term. I think it's hysterical:

Hopefully good news tomorrow! Peace out loves..xoxo

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Happy Sunday Peeps,

Another beautiful week of cross training with a stress fracture. I feel I have kept my endurance for the last 6+ weeks off from running. Who knows what I'll actually run when the time comes but I don't think it'll be that awful.

This week's cross training was:

3 hours of aqua jogging class
3 hours of freestyle swim
202 miles on my road bike. broken down into 5 rides. shortest 17 miles and longest 60. avg 17-18mph.
2 hours of PT doing strength training, walking on the dreadmill and stretching.

So I thought this Nike shirt was fitting:

So this week I I have more PT and the day I have waited for since my tibia broke: the FOLLOW UP X-RAYS! Validation that I'm healing. (HEY DON'T STOP READING DAMN IT!) I don't have pain per se but my broken leg is very weak from being in the boot. My calf is slightly smaller and my gait isn't quite normal. That could be boot related or from these shoes:

This is my annual ode to my favorite ACC football team: THE MIAMI HURRICANES!
                                                  I'm not sure why I'm hitch hiking. LOL! But I love the CANES!  Here are some more:
no crew here. I carried my own pom poms!
I swear my leg is broken! Clearly, I'm favoring!
Well, I'm usually and hopefully on your left but for now I'll straddle the center line. HA.

Happy running friends! See you out there soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

walk-a-palooza over?

ahhh happened too soon. Since my last blog post an hour ago I got my fire back. I practiced walking around the house. I sashayed like Rupaul in '92 and strutted my shit around the kitchen island like I was Kate Moss modeling for Dolce. Aside from feeling like a shark bit my right calf off I feel okay.

Walk-a-palooza is gonna be tough...just sayin' I won't run yet I'm not a complete moron ready to blow 6 weeks of healing but I may have to hide the good ol Nike's and booty shorts. UGH!

I'm gunnin' for something. Greenway joggers be forewarned and I am on your #$$%^& LEFT VERY SOON ; )

Thin, White & Female

The BOOT is history! 3 weeks of lugging that piece of crap around and it's finally over. I wore it every moment I wasn't biking or swimming. Crutches at night. Good, but now I need to learn how to FREAKIN' WALK again. Seriously, I am so jacked up from the boot that I can't walk right. It's horrible. I was shaving my legs and noticed that my calf on the boot leg is non existent compared to my other leg. All my muscles have been trapped in the boot and now have to move. It's weird.

So now operation WALK is in effect until next week. Then I'll get x-rays and review my bone scan and HOPEFULLY get a jogging schedule. But honestly I am in no rush. I am so grateful to feel the floor with both feet. Even wiggling my toes is badass. I'll relish in this walking thing for a bit.

Also, now is the time I should start getting phantom pain. You know, pain near the fracture that *could* be the fracture but isn't. The whole mind game part of recovery sucks. That's why I like x-rays. Clear and objective proof that I am healing.

I've repeatedly asked my doctors, therapists etc WHY did I get this Sfx.? There are many possible reasons but I keep hearing, "look, you're a thin white female. It happens."  It would be easier to blame my shoes. Oh well.

So this week when I wasn't in the boot I was doing about a half ironman everyday. (ha-ha, sort of) 60-90 mins of pool (swimming and aqua jogger) and then 35-50 miles on the bike. No days off.

I almost feel like I should jump on a Half Ironman. My training is their race distance...almost. But I'm not in race mode. Just a thought. However, I need to win something. I want a friggen race T-shirt! Ugh....

Here are some pictures of my last week or so:


New TYR suit. Happiness bought!
Post pool..
So happy training this week friends. If your legs work go run something! If you are still "sore" you can borrow my boot ; )