Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another ski/run brick..but easier

I'm really sorry to kill you guys with the large font. However, my contacts are usually dirty and I normally can't see jack anyways so this helps me. lol.

So, today I did my last run in Vail. 5 miles at some ungodly snail's pace.  8:30 I think (including stopping) There was a lot of ice so I had to shuffle in areas. I noticed this run was easier than my first one the day after I arrived. I think I have adjusted to the altitude a little bit.  It was actually nice out. I didn't have to wear a jacket. wooohooo!
I'm not sure what this was about..

 But the slush off the trail was nasty! Actually I like dirty calves. They make me feel like I ran hard. When the mud is flicking up I get excited to see it when I'm done. That's the first thing I do when I stop. lol. And if it flicks up my back, fah-get it, I might shed a tear:


I skied maybe 2.5 hrs this morning and immediately changed into running stuff for my 5 miler. I fucking love coffee!

Well, Tuesday will undoubtedly be a long really fast run. Gotta make sure I still "have it." I have The Goldsboro Half Marathon next Saturday. 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yak Tracks and training at altitude

So what does a wanna be bad ass runner do for fun? Clearly, a run/ski brick. HA. 

I love Vail, CO and every year I think I'm in better shape to handle the elevation and packed powder conditions.  Well, once again I was humbled. I thought I had an advantage because I had Yak Tracks this year.
I have to say these things rock!! I ran my heart out in powder, packed powder, bumpy ice and slush and never slipped once. And I never felt them like I thought I would. Except on bare pavement. I tried to stay on the snow but on the few times I ran on the pavement there was a go-go gadget feeling. Kinda springy and fun. I can't wait to take these out in Umstead. 

So the run itself was 6 miles at 8:06 pace. Granted I stopped a lot for pictures but pictures or not there was no way I could crank out a 7:30 at 8100 feet. See the elevation chart:

Sunrise was at 7:15. Per my garmin I started at 7:16. lol. It was sickening. I could not breathe. It felt like a food lion bag on my head tied tight. My breathing was very close to V02 max. Huffy puffy. The snow was difficult and the hills were rolling. It was just gorgeous though:

I never saw any other runners. I get why now. It was about 10 degrees. I thought for sure I had windburn and that my face was bleeding. But I was so distracted by the scenery I really didn't care. If I was in Raleigh I would have been pissed!

So I finished shortly after 8am local time. The ski lifts open at 9. I didn't even change my stank ass clothes. I put on my ski gear over them and was immediately on the gondola. I spent 2.5 hours going up and down the mountain.

Then I realized I didn't eat or drink all day. Ugh. Lunchtime!:

 Best day ever! Tonight I will be working on my brownie sundae/hot tub brick. haaaa


Sunday, January 23, 2011

My 1st ever 17 miler.

I love crying newbie, ha!

I've done a few 16 milers but today was my first 17 miler. It was about 16 degrees when we started at 7:30 am. Clearly, I like pain and punishment for some messed up reason. But when I say I'm going to do something running related I WILL do it. I talk way too much smack to not back it up. Especially when I talk two of my running friends into the same jog-o-torture. John and Brian. Equally as hard core and strict as myself.

This run was supposed to be 15 miles at go like this:

Miles 1-6: 8:00 to 8:30 pace
Next 5-7 miles at 6:45 pace
Remaining 2-4 at whatever pace comes out

I kinda followed the plan:

miles 1-6 at 7:58 pace
miles 7-11 6:45 pace
miles 12-17 mid 7's pace
Total: 17 miles at 7:20 pace

This was the day after a really hard 10 miler in Umstead. (7:03 pace) I felt fine for a while but then the pace miles hit. After 2 miles @ 6:45 pace I wanted to quit. My fingers hurt so badly from the cold. I couldn't feel my face, blah blah blah....But I kept thinking, "no way in hell can I report back to my running friends that I quit because it was cold out." Sorry, that ain't happenin'! And moreover, I would have had the worst guilt ever. So that pain was the easier option. 

I did the 3rd fast mile and hated it. Then the 4th and told myself I could do the minimum of 5 fast and call it a day. But then I had about 400 meters of sunshine out behind the mall. I said, F it I'll do one more and that's it. So I did 6 miles at exactly the pace I wanted. I've worked hard to nail that pace. So it felt good. I usually feel light on my feet at that pace. This was almost stomping but hell, I got it done.

The remaining miles kinda ranged from low 7 to mid 7 pace. 15 miles turned to 17 when we went around Shelly the opposite way. At the time it sounded like a good idea. Not quite sure the rationale with that one.

So I got home and went straight to the fire place. I sat there in my nasty clothes and shoes for about 30 minutes. No glamour shot here. That was exhaustion, pain and a forced half ass smile.

At that point I was either going to fall asleep or shower. So, in effort for cleanliness I took a shower. Then laid on the couch and whimpered for the rest of the morning. I was tired, sore, thirty and starving.

Well, I'm done. Good run in all. Thanks Brian and John. That wraps up 47 miles this week and 2 swim workouts. 17 of those miles were 6:20 to 6:45 pace. I'm just sayin'! haaaa.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

My office in the dirt is finally back!

Between my last Half Marathon, taper and then the ice storm I haven't been able to run in Umstead for a few weeks. I love that place and missed it dearly.

For my non Raleighite friends:

I did my usual 10 miler. I had planned on doing a max of 7:20 pace to save my legs for tomorrow's 15 miler but guess what? I went faster than planned. HA. 7:03 pace. It sounds like no biggie but please see the elevation chart on my garmin if you're not familiar. It's sort of a bad ass pace.

One of my next runs out there will pimp out an avg pace of sub 7. Promise that! 

Normally, I take Sunday off or some other day during the week. However, this week has been kinda busy. I've had 2 swim days and 45 miles in my Nike Free's. Which creates a problem when your running clothes are hang dry only:

  This is my uniform for 18-25 degree weather. It never fails and is perfect for these conditions. And yo, New England peeps. No raggin' on my gas logs! They're wicked cool down here. hehe...

Well, I feel great and am stoked for tomorrow. Bring it baby and show me what ya got!


Friday, January 21, 2011

The only thing that can make Shelly Lake tolerable for 8 miles is a new shirt!!

I am probably the snobbiest runner in terms of surface and location. I like it dirty, hilly and out and back. None of this round and round bullshit like I keep getting sucked into at Shelly Lake. It's fine if you're jogging. However, ya'll know homey don't play dat. I like to run not jog. So the end effect is a spun out feeling like a washing machine on spin cycle.

Well, my 8 miles on spin cycle are done. 


mile 1: 7:36
mile 2: 7:08
mile 3: 7:16
mile 4: 6:59
mile 5: 7:11
mile 6: 7:00 (cruel split)
mile 7: 7:06
mile 8: 6:43 

So a mile warm up and some pretty even pacing. Avg pace: 7:07

Ah, which reminds me. New shirt by Nike Pro Combat. I got this yellow color at Raleigh Running Outfitters. Thanks Jim. This shirt rocks. I was able to ditch the jacket and run in this one layer in 36 degrees. Here's a full picture. I like my color better than below:

I have 25 miles on deck for sat/sun so I'm sure I'll have some good stories....later dudes.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No really means haul ass

I prefer to run in the morning. I actually hate night runs. Mainly, because I am starving from 3pm until I go to bed yet can't run with food in my stomach. So the 2 don't work well.  

I missed my morning 6 mile run so I said I'd do it "later." Later came and I had a F this attitude. I put on my shoes and running clothes to get some guilt going. It always works for me.  I think it's impossible to take off clean running clothes. That would haunt me all night. So I did the motions. Garmin on, pony tail secure. Now the hard part is done.

It was going to be getting dark so I had to run in my teeny tiny hood. Please see garmin to demonstrate cul de sac hell.  In some weird way it was my punishment for skipping my scheduled morning run.

The first mile was sub 7. So, in my mind that means game on. I wanted to keep them all under 7. I did. woohoo! I hadn't planned on it but sometimes speed happens and you gotta go with it:

mile 1: 6:57
mile 2: 6:35
mile 3: 6:33
mile 4: 6:26
mile 5: 6:27
mile 6: 6:21

Overall pace: 6:33!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gotta feed the beast...and the twirpy little runner

I am a very active person. By 8am every morning I am either running or swimming my ass off. I normally don't eat until about 1 or 2pm. I can't eat before I workout and right after I'm not hungry but then instantly I go into a psycho starving mode. I need carbs on carbs with carbs cooking on the stove.  It's not pig out fun, it's more of a chore. I just want it over so I can go get my nails done. HA.

As much as it sucks to have to keep my calories up I am very grateful I don't have to diet. I did that once to lose 3 lbs strictly so I could get my track times faster. It was horrible. All the counting and measuring. Fuck that.

I am also religious about supplements. At any given moment you could cut me in half and see most of GNC in there.

Something is working because I'm not injured yet. I had 2 stress fracture 1.5 ago and was taking nothing at the time. So, I guess I'll just keep on keeping while it's working.

Ok, clearly I've had enough caffeine. I'm heading into a tangent 

Cheers, party on....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moral of the day: I really don't think it's possible to ask fasties to run slow

Prior to this morning I've done 27 miles in 3 days at about a 7:15 overall pace. So, I was looking forward to a leisurely trot around Shelly Lake and the greenway.

But it's never so easy. Especially when you get the local elite involved and those like me, who would chase down a leaf if it was rolling sub 7. See example below from the start of a 5k. I like to chase:

So naturally I guess the result isn't a huge surprise: 9 miles with half of them sub 7. Hey, it happens. It was actually a fun run. 

Thank you TAF! You guys are tough. I can't imagine your track workout, uh tomorrow.

Here's the garmin:

My Promise To The Taffies

I am running with TAF in the morning for a little extra mileage, to celebrate an ice free greenway and to have a nice run with Dan, Brian and the gang. Woohoo!

But sometimes things pop in my head and make me laugh. This is one of them. If you were ever a girl scout you may remember the GS promise. Here's my version:

On my honor, I will try:
    To run with the TAF'ies on their "easy" run,
     And not pretend it's my own Olympics,
     Not try to relive the first 400m of mag mile with Meghan,
     Or wreck my legs trying to outrun Brian Douglas.
I promise:
     I will not toe the line and gun a 6:30 pace,
     I will not attempt to prove my 91minute Half was bullshit,
     I will be nice and friendly and not try to "represent"

I will:
    Stay in the back,
     Jog accordingly,
     And be a gracious for the nice invite.



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bad Ass or Dumb Ass? Not sure...

Today I had 12 miles on deck. I met Dan and we attempted to head into Umstead. We got about 2 miles in by running on the shoulder and then airport greeted us like this:

But whatever, we kept going until the fountain. That little bump down was sheer ice but the shoulders were ice too. Bummer! So I gently squatted down and slid on my mittens, then shuffled off to the side. A dude wearing an Umstead 100 ear warmer said it was bad further on so we heeded his advice and turned around. Had he been carrying a large ipod in his hand I probably would have smiled and kept going.

So we ran out to Weston. I've never been that way. Pretty big hills but I was grateful for the traction so we carried on...although those were not my thoughts at the time!

Ended on the greenway for bit. Dropped Dan off at mile 10ish and got by blackberry and went back into umstead for 3 more. 

By then I knew where the major ice areas where and which shoulder was better to run on so I was able to crank out a 6:53 and 6:29 for miles 12 and 13. and ended here on the greenway:

So 13 miles in 1:36 and as my friend said, "what are ya trying to say? Your ice run is my  half PR?!" LOLOL..That cracked me up. But I did stop to slide on my bum and take a photo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

On race day it doesn't matter that it was chilly two weeks ago..

True dat. My track coach drilled this into me a few years ago. It's true. But forget the race, do it so the other 23 hours in the day are tolerable and guilt free. Do it so you can eat brownies in bed at 10pm and wake up and put on your size 25 jeans. And those are you fat jeans. Seriously, that makes me happy. I'm healthy, kinda strong and I'll never have a muffin top. Cheers man!

Here's my 8 hilly miles at 7:11 pace.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have to share this!!!

I hate to start off this blog with an I love me attitude but it just so happens that I received this race medal hanger in the mail today. I've always kept my race medals on a hanger in my closet. But I saw a few people post pics of how they display their medals and trophies. So I looked around and found a website that does custom steel laser cutting. Cool, eh?: 

I called and spoke with Mike and he had this on my door in about 10 days. I think it was $59 including UPS shipping. It is gorgeous! 

25 years and not much has changed...

I love this picture. I was about 10 years old. I'm wearing a bathing suit and showing off my first place ribbons. I believe from field day. So for all those people that gasp when I post bikini photos maybe now you can understand. This is how I've always rolled. HA!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yay, I have a blog!

Now you can read all about my running and see for yourself how a $100,000 college education could not break my severe comma splice habit. Cheers!