Monday, March 7, 2011

Ohhh, there's that crazy LaBella again...she's lost it now!

I know that's what you're thinkin'! But let me explain. I did a nice leisurely recovery run today after my day-o-bad ass yesterday.  I have made it into a habit of doing my ab workout the second I get home post run. If not, it won't happen. I didn't have it in me to go down to the cellar of cat stink because it was too cold. So I had to think quickly. WHERE? I need a soft place, NOW! Gotta get my (sniff) ab work out in immediately (sniff) lol. 

So I went upstairs to Julian's room. Grabbed his pillow for my butt, sorry kid...and busted out my workout. I was getting towards the end and started to fret because I didn't have my kettlebell for the mason twists. Crap. So I scanned his room in a panic and this piano was right next to me. It's about 15lbs. So I grabbed it and did my 50 twists. F#$% it. It did the job!! 

Serious face. lol
I laughed pretty hard because the keys kept playing with every twist. I had to get my camera. This will pay off! Or I'll end up completely unemployable with this shit on the internet. haa

Also, I happen to have my blackberry near by the other day and took this...just sayin, not braggin'....just a little sumthin' to hold you over until AB TUESDAY for my big 3 week reveal! Or as my friend calls it: fitness porn!! LMAO!

Well, that's all...cheers


  1. I hope you put a fresh, clean pillow case on that pillow when you were done! ;-)

  2. ahahaha love it!! And your abs are sick! :D