Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm in love with my new compression leg sleeves!

Hello my BFF's and even you nasty haters too!

I'm so excited to share my opinion on my new leg sleeves that I couldn't even wait to digest my carb on carb, bread with bread dinner before taking pictures. Deepest apologies, but who cares my legs feel great!

I guess I have been a compression lover for a while but mostly via old tube socks that are really tight. I'll wear them after I run. But after drooling over all my friends' sleeves and their cool colors (em hum MEGHAN!) I decided to look like a legitimate runner and get some. I haven't taken them off since UPS dropped them off this morning. Finding XS in a fun color locally wasn't working out so I ordered them directly from ZENSAH.

Tomorrow I'm wearing them on my 12 miler. I'm super excited to see if they really make a difference. I'll keep you posted!

Look Ma,  I'm a spider! Not sure what was goin' on here!
I'm hiding my gut behind a coconut candle. (remember carbs on carbs for dinner)
Ahhhhhh..think massage

Well hopefully I'll rip through the forest tomorrow!
Later dudes!


  1. Love them!! The orange is awesome, I definitely need to get me some of those :D

  2. Katie, check out the website. They have 12 colors! Woohoo!

  3. OK it is Katie's fault that I'm here... I don't have compression leg sleeves, but I have run wearing a calf gaurds (had calf problems last year)and loved how they felt. Bet you will rock those 12 miles through the forest!

  4. Are you stalking me Dion ;) Don't leave me for Laura even though she has better abs.

    I totally checked out the site and I want them ALL!!

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  6. Awesome job! I like to read this type of post and have wondered with your ability. I appreciate sports bra and triathlon shorts for fitness.

  7. y have the same: garmin 310xt ....:-)