Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No Candy Asses Here!

I think I've used this title before..hmm Well, I pretty diligent about keeping my workouts regardless of conditions or scheduling conflicts. But I do not exist in a vacuum. I am the company I keep. By 5am every morning my social media and phone are full of my running friends getting after it no matter what. Conditions, time, kids, work, screw it. We are a breed or cult some might think. But it's a beautiful thing! Hey, they say running is 90% mental.

Whatever gene it takes to sit my ass on the couch I do not possess. And I am equally grateful that this is the way I roll!

This last week had everything from 20 degree long runs, rain and hail that hurt and a few nice days. In pics:

Misery run! It was so cold and rainy that I couldn't push my car clicker to open the door. I was numb! I had to step on it!
10 minutes after the above picture. The show must go on! Again, this ham stretch rocks!

Go hard or go home! Clearly, I'm green.

The BEST cold weather jacket from my dear friends at Pearl Izumi. Thank YOU! It's called the track jacket.

This past week was a cut back week. I HATE cut back. But I get the rationale. So no doubles. Just 7 days of mileage:

Monday: 8 miles recovery 7:30 pace
Tuesday: 8 mile @ 7:15 pace
Wednesday: 10 miles of fartleks. keeping the fast miles around 6:30-6:40
Thursday: 8 recovery @ 7:30
Friday: 9 miles at 7:10 pace
Saturday: 10 miles at 7:05
Sunday: 12 miles with middle 6: 6:41, 6:34, 6:33, 6:31, 6:30, 6:26.  Loved this run! 
Total: 65

Overall, my training is going great. Aside from this week my weeks are right at 80. I think I may be onto something. I feel invincible. Very strong and excited to see how this training plays out.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! If you are fortunate enough to have a functioning, injury free body then take advantage and be grateful!! Get out there!!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting my stretch on!

Most runners aren't that flexible. I'm no exception. However, when Meb gets down, LaBella must try...historically...

Meb does

Laura does

Meb does

Laura does

I mean, "we" are running Boston "together" (lol)  so I kinda appreciate his insight as he's "better" than me. LOL...

So, as I'm now on my flexibility/high mileage/strength training/no sugar/clean diet kick....I figured, hey, why not improve on my latest stretch..and this was born :

Last week was another higher mileage week. I'm pulling up my connect account because there are too many runs to count and remember what I did. ok, 10 total...79 miles. 

Monday: 8 am 3 pm
Tuesday: 8 am 3 pm
Wednesday: 10 miles with fartleks
Thursday: 8 miles
Friday: 9.5 am and 3 pm
Saturday: 7 miles
Sunday 18.5 miles

Along with 5 days of strength training after the run. Most runs are 7 flat to 7:15. Post long or post tempo is closer to 7:30 pace. I did my long run at 7:44 pace with the last mile at 6:30 pace. So, I am behaving. 

Have a great week guys!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

BEST Ab update EVER!!!

Ok,  I can't type fast enough!! I'm super excited that my new ab routine is making me stronger!!!! If you've been following my blog you know I've been trying everything to pop some definition. Well folks, I'm getting there!

And, I am taking my abs for a walk. haha. This is actually the best stretch ever!

To be really objective the changes from photo one and photo two are:

*6 weeks
*going from 55-75 miles per week
*continued diet of no refined sugar. (Started in Sept '12)
*running 3 additional runs per week in the form of doubles.
*An hour in the gym post run 5-6 days a week
*Lots of protein

I feel so much stronger. My running feels solid. I'm stoked the second my feet hit the ground running. Bring it on!!! 18 weeks till Boston! Woooha!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

PIMP my nutrition!

Happy Sunday My Dears!

I have increased my weekly mileage for a few weeks now and I feel it's working for me. I am running 7 days with 3 doubles. Also, strength training 5x a week with major stretching. I have never done so much so I'm a tad nervous. So, as a preemptive effort to keep my body in good shape I decided to attack from another side: Nutrition.

I haven't had refined sugar since September. I have felt really good. It was a good decision. I don't miss sugar at all. Other than that I eat very well. Grilled chicken, pasta, veggies, fruits, nuts and cheeses.

But, circling back to the increased activity and my desire to stay fit and uninjured I am going to try prepping my midday meals to get in more protein and veggies along with carbs and calories. This way I won't be scrambling for protein or just eating empty calories.

Very healthy but also my favorite food.

So I cooked up some grilled chicken on the George Foreman, organic frozen peas and brown rice. Goat cheese on the side. Brilliant!! The peas have 4grams of protein and that is a good portion of chicken. So I'll try this out for a few days and see how I feel. Can't really go wrong. It's NOT for portion control or weight lose. In fact, I need to keep an eye on weight. I'm at my racing weight about 4 months too soon. lol So, let's keep that junk in the trunk for a little longer and build some muscle!!

Here was my week:

Monday: am 8 miles pm 3 miles
Tuesday: am 8 miles
Wednesday: am 8 miles pm 3 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: am 8 miles pm 3 miles
Saturday 9 miles
Sunday 15 miles
Total 73
And 5 hours of strength/stretching

My morning miles are very low 7 pace and the 3 milers are super easy. 7:40 or so. The long run is 7:20 pace. This is still base phase for me so there isn't much structure aside from mileage.

I hope your running is going well. Does anyone do this meal prep stuff? Is is bliss? Or just nasty leftovers after 2 days? 

Thanks for reading!!
PS...the ab sitch....believe it or not they are getting stronger, just looking blah...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ibuprofen 2, Laura 0

I know what you're thinking. I told you so! LaBella, you can't take so much Motrin. It's not good for you. To which I blah, blah'd you all. Leave me alone...

For history's sake I love Motrin. I have always taken 2 on an empty stomach in the morning for many years. I take some before bed and as needed any other time. It became a habit. Note: I never took more than recommended on the bottle. I took them because I figured they would X out any inflammation from running and keep me from getting injured. Not so much because I was in pain.

Well, fast forward uh many years. I started getting this burning pain at the top of my abs. I figured it was because of my new ab routine and training. Clearly, I am a beast! I took more Motrin. It happened again, and again. Day after day. WTF?

Then, it dawned on me. Those are freakin stomach ulcers! I'm burning a hole in myself. GREAT. At this point I was in staggering pain and went to CVS and bought every chewable and pill I could find. Within an hour I was better.

Now, very sad that I was going to have gross inflammation from lack of suppression I took just 1 motrin before my run. I was fine. The next day, zero. It has been a week and I haven't taken any. And you know what? I notice no difference.

So, lesson learned. It could have gotten worse. Ugh. I just wanted to pass this alone to my runner friends the the secret cult of Ibu-lovers! Don't do it anymore! Touche?!

I'll update the running stuff's going great..I'm still at the gym planking my butt off. ALL DAY ERR DAY! Get it! Out for 9 peeps. Rock on!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Shake it!

Ok, this is almost a PSA. I have 5 minutes to disseminate this awesome intel! I can't wait until tonight to blog. You need to know this now!!

I have found a cure for shit-ass-run-down-burned-out-dead legs! Beautiful right?! Yes! And it's only $2!

Here it is:

Post long run. Or any hard run. Soak your legs in a HOT tub of water with GINGER! Burn the shit outta em. Sprinkle ginger generously. I'd say 1/4 cup. Sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes. Keep it hot.

For the remainder of the day you'll feel like you didn't run. The next day you'll feel like you had 20 hours of sleep. For me, my legs felt like those of a boiled chicken. Kinda rubbery and flexible. There is science behind it. I got the technique from Verity Breen. A incredible masters runner. So I gave it a shot. It will increase circulation and blood flow and get you on the road fast!

That's all for now. Cheers!

Monday, November 26, 2012

2 a days and Cooking with abs!!

Happy Monday Guys!

Last week I was in Florida for Thanksgiving. I maintained my mileage almost getting 70. It's not hard to do when you are bunking with 11 family members, Haha...I did a 2 a day last week and asked my coach to work a few into my schedule this week.

So today I did 7 miles in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. The 3 sounds like a joke. I didn't even count it as running...beforehand that is. Well, we all live and learn so I have a few pointers on 2 a days.

2-a-day pointers

*Check the conditions. This morning it was 28. This afternoon 70. I was not dressed quite appropriately. I had lip sweat by mile 2. WTF?

* Don't forget, even 3 miles is still running. So eating 20 proteins in a protein bar and a turkey sandwich on your way out the door is a NO-NO. Especially, if you're like me and run on an empty stomach. I was green by mile 1.

*Force a slower pace if it's just mileage. Or drop the pace 20 second a mile and be a dork like me. 

* And get ready to be punked by the endorphin gods. Just when you get into your happy space, all warmed up it's then time to stop. Booooo. 

For housekeeping here is last weeks schedule:

Monday: 7 on a treadmill. don't ask. horrible
Tuesday: 9 @ 7:28 in the AM and 4 @ 7:42 in the PM
Wednesday: 3 x1000, 4x400 inside of a 9 miler. clung to 6 flat and mid 80's. 
Thursday: 9 @ 7:14 pace
Friday: 9 @ 7:15 pace
Saturday: 7 @ 7:16 pace
Sunday: 15 @ 7:15 pace

Also, a huge add on is that I go the the gym everyday after I run for 45 min to an hour for either core or upper body strength. And I do not eat refined sugar. Except for pasta and bread. 

So get ready for it!!!..Cooking with Abs!!!

haha, I am a self proclaimed dork and this is the dumbed photo ever but holy bageezus, do you see em??!! Those are "late day" abs. The most coveted of all abs. This is not your typical wake up dehydrated abs. This is full belly abs!! Wooooohooooo! (lol)

So, apparently the key to the lean look is:

*70 road miles a week
*6 hours in the gym a week
*no sugar

I'm thankful I can enjoy every second of it!

Well, party on peeps. If you have anything bad-ass going on I'd love to give you a shout out. I love hearing motivating stories.

Have a great week and happy training!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Abs with a gun show...I just like saying that...

Hell to the YA. Word to your Mutha. My new improved ab routine is working! To you it's probably the same ol sh*t but I swear I'm on the cusp of ab greatness!

Look Ma, something! lol and as the Instagram'ers say: no filter. ha

So you may be thinking, wow Laura obviously skipped the sodium fest that is a bowl of ramen noodles last night. Well, contrar. I have a few new ab exercises. I changed out the bosu for the large stability ball for a greater range of motion. And I added leg lifts:

It's not the most flattering video but I saw the same video by a girl on Fb about a year ago and thought, damn. I wish I could do that. I'm sure my form is crap or there are newbie mistakes but I'm a work in progress!

I think the core and upper body strength stuff I have added is working to make my run stronger. More on the gun show later (haha)...

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm 1 stomach flu away from a 6-pack

Haha. No, not really. I need some pump! I'm getting there this time. I have changed up my ab routine and now it's done in the gym. I don't know about you, but my ab exercises are done with much better form knowing that others are around. At home, my form suffers and things like leg lifts look like some sort of fetal position leg spasms. Meanwhile, playing 10 games of Words with Friends..aye! (username:1fastfrey) <-----

I've been planking more and using the stability ball more than the bosu. In addition, I'm not eating refined sugar so I hope to look the part of the badass that I want to be someday....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Running gear in the cup holder only means one thing!

It's Marathon Training Time!!

Booty shorts in the cup holder (yes, clean!) Means it's Marathon training time! It's like I need to have gear ready to go at all times. Despite running religiously at 7:40am every friggen day. lol


21 weeks till Boston!!! Here's how my week has gone:

Monday: 8 miles 7:42 pace followed by 5x20 second pick ups.
enter---new hat!
Tuesday: 8 miles of hills @ 7:49 pace VERY cold, no hat. I could not move.
Wednesday: 9.5 miles. 2 w/u then 6 miles of fartleks at 6:30 pace and 10 min cool down. whole run 6:55 pace
Thursday: 6 miles at 7:15 pace
Friday: 8 miles at 7:15 pace
Saturday: 7 miles at 7:06 pace
Sunday: will be 14 with the last 4 descending.
total: 61 miles 

PS I went to the gym after 5 of these runs and strength trained for an additional hour. abs one day and upper body the next. I feel much stronger!!

Just because I'm a total dork and like to make you laugh I attempted to get a side plank photo in the mirror....FAIL!

Have a great long run if you're running long tomorrow!!

xo Laura

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strength Training and No Sugar

PRE strength training. CLEARLY!
Hello my Dears!

I am so pumped to go sub 3 at Boston that I have made some changes. Not just for Boston, but because I want to for me.

1. No more refined sugar. It's been 2.5 months and this former chocoholic has had no sweets, nothing refined. Only naturally occurring sugar. More on that later.

2. Strength training. I have a lifting schedule. Yes, it's great for me and my running but I am b-lineing for one thing: The gym self photo in the mirror with ripped up tri's! C'mon..isn't that what it's all about??!


So, my friend Allison talked me into a sugar free September and I never stopped. I started out eating zero grams of refined sugar. To compensate I ate fruit. Lots of fruit. Like $10+ a day of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries. That mellowed out after a week. It was too expensive to keep eating so much.

Then it became stressful because everything has refined sugar. Pasta, bread, gu, sports nutrition, all cereal but shredded wheat. I looked at my kitchen and could not eat a damn thing. I had to have special stuff. Gluten free rice pasta, Think Thin protein bars...but I took the time and figured it out.

Now, it's easy. I just don't eat anything with refined sugar EXCEPT pita bread and pasta. They have 2 grams. I hated the rice pasta and I eat sandwiches daily so for my lifestyle this worked. In the end, I'm a runner and need carbs and pasta. I can't say for sure but I can guess my performance would drop without the carbs I get from pasta and bread. And I'm freakin' Italian! Mangia mangia!

 I would never in a million years think of a pastry. Initially, I bought sugar free candies but as time went on the sweetness was overwhelming and I stopped buying them.

No weight lose. I didn't want to lose weight but I'm surprised I didn't lose anything. In the end it's all about calories and I have been eating nuts and cheese like a crackhead locked in a Pepperidge Farm outlet store.

But I think I'm not as puffy. I rarely get food babies. It is slowly helping my abs. And moreover, I feel sooooo much better!!


So my super awesome coach Eric who trained me for my 3:02 is in agreement to PUMP IT UP! He gave me a lifting schedule that is done after I run a few days a week. It's a lot of fun and because I have twig arms I can already see results a week later. Woohoo!

Here are some pics:

in pursuit of the self pic at the gym

wasting time in the gym....I need to work on not slacking betw sets.
I'm going to do one more blog on FOOD! Stand by...


Pacing Polooza!

I'm slacking bad on my blog but have sooooo much to say! I'm going to crank out a few posts now to catch up. Typically, I like good pics for my blog. Because I love YOUR pics and it keeps my ADD satisfied.  Lord knows my focus is limited. lol.

So this last month I've paced two half marathons. The Ramblin' Rose Women's Half and the City of Oaks Half. Both were evil mutha's with over 750ft of elevation. Clearly, the reason I paced and didn't race. haha. I did the 1:40 and 1:45 groups.

I love pacing! It's probably my favorite thing to do running related. I love watching people kill it and try so hard. Here are some things I've learned to keep people going:

*Talk. Talk a lot. Tell stories. Distract.
*Keep the splits even and share that info. People love knowing the pacing is even. It reassures them that you are competent.
*If the last mile does speed up, don't say it. It becomes an instant stressor.
*Yell loud, make the spectators yell too. It keeps everyone happy and pumped to hear shout outs.
*Hold hill clinic on the hills. Partly, for humor and partly because IT'S A NO HEEL STRIKING ZONE! ON YOUR TOES!!
*Warn of photographers and kindly remind others to straighten up and suck it in and wipe that nose!

Here are some pacing pics from those races

City of Oaks Half 1:45 group. A huge group!

getting a little crazy here. lol
My fab co-pacer Kim!

co-pacer and training partner Dan at Ramblin' Rose

This awesome lady was working through nausea here.To a big fat PR! 

These 2 races ended my unscheduled, run whatever the hell I want time period. Now this grasshopper must focus!! BOSTON 2013 Bitches!!!! Structure, tempo, long runs and a few tweaks. Here we go!!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caffeine and Running

Where the magic happens!
Happy Saturday Guys!!

This blog post has been prompted by a friend who just tried caffeine on her long run and LOVED it. I am the self proclaimed caffeine expert! I have tried it all and found what works for me so I wanted to share. I made a second pot of coffee just for the occasion. LOL.

Firstly, it's all about timing. Don't drink too much caffeine pre run so that you can't manage your breathing. Once you feel heart palpitations you are screwed. Your run will suck. It's okay, you learned. Don't do it again.

Give love to the caffeine pill. Head over to GNC and they'll help you. I have been taking a 100mg caffeine pill daily for 3 years before my run. For most of you that may be overkill but my tolerance is off the charts. This is a good way to get jacked without coffee swishing in your belly.

Try some powdered jack juice like Assault from GNC. This is a great alternative to coffee and is my go to for track workouts. The drawback is you have to drink it and probably go pee before you start running so you don't have swishing in your belly. I drink it an hour prior.

I'm also a fan of Street King. Similar to a 5-hour energy but for me I don't get the heart palpitations. This is also INSTEAD of coffee or Assault. I don't want emails about how you took it all and flailed around on the ground in lane 8 foaming at the mouth with uncontrolled breathing. lol!

Here are some products I have tried:

LOVE.  Target brand. 50mg's per squirt. Add some to your water bottle.
I used this for my marathon. Worked for me.

HATE. Heart Palpitations even with half the recommended dose.

Waste. Don't bother. Natural energy my a$$.

Pure awesomeness. 100mgs. Take mid long run. Please. You will love it!

The following would probably kill a horse but this is my daily routine:

*Wake up then 7oz of espresso.
*A 100mg caffeine pill before I head out the door.

For special runs like long or track I usually reduce the espresso and use Assault instead. I keep Street King in my car for days I don't have time to mix powders or just feel like grape. Best flavor ever.

Gels only on long runs. I don't want my body to acclimate to them so they are a special treat for 15 miles or more.

I think that's about it. I hope it helps. The key is to find the right about for you to perform well but not get too jacked. So grab a Street King and have a sip.

CHEERS my friends!! Happy Running!


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon Race Report

For a first year Half Marathon this was an incredible race. Incredible volunteers and support. Someone did their homework WELL! Thank you for a great race experience Crawlin' Crab!! I expected 500 people starting before a line drawn in the dirt as is typical of most first year races. This was immaculate in every sense.

But because it's my blog I'll bring it back home. lol. If there is a such diagnosis as Tri-polar disorder I have it in regards to this race. Just as my splits crashed and burned so did my mood.

I have to admit I went into it a little cocky. I wasn't hoping for much more than a 1:27 but I thought I could sleep walk that in. I am well trained and was counting on great conditions to carry me through. You guys know I HATE handicaps. I hate excuses. But they also help explain this disaster.


I had a doctors appt. Normal, I figure no big deal. I went down to the lab for blood work. I never look because it freaks me out. Well, maybe I should have! I pretty much passed out after they took EIGHT tubes of blood. I'm a super anemic person anyway, that didn't help. I looked at the tech holding an armful of tubes or MY RACE in her hands. I slept for almost 24 hours. But I said, F**k it. Honey Badger doesn't need blood to run this race!


I bag all my vitamins when I'm away from home. This time I put my 100mg caffeine pre-race pill in the bag of pills I take at night. I figured I wouldn't take THAT pill at 9pm. WRONG. Oops! So I was jacked all night. Wanted to race at 2am. Tossed probably 200 times. Fail! And I didn't have it for the morning!


Pouring rain pre-race. Wind, that knocked me down just walking. SHIT, the dreaded beach wind! Oh well, I can draft!


Pumped, happy, I had my training partner racing too. I was ready to GO! A day at the office.

Miles 1-3 6:30 pace. It felt good but it was into the wind. I didn't think it was effecting me yet. There was 1 girl ahead of me.

Miles 4-6 Creeping into the 6:45's. I was getting tired. I felt like I was doing lunges to move. 2 more girls passed. I got pouty that I wasn't top 3 anymore. I couldn't give much more. I drafted them and let them go in the course of a mile.

Mile 7+ I didn't want to run anymore. I couldn't move the way I normally run. I wanted to DNF. But, it just didn't fit my personality. I had friends running 100 milers at that same moment. HELL NO could I justify walking and pouting (especially that far from the finish lol) So, I made a deal I would just run to the finish and get on for a redemption race asap. I dropped to 7 pace. Got passed. It just sucked. Then rain again at mile 10. UGH...

End result: 8th female 2240 runners. 2nd AG. 1:30.

But here's the story in pictures:
Mile 7ish. Still okay.
Falling apart. Please note WIND in hair...That is a head wind!

Eric is going to kill me for this performance!

Ain't looking at that clock! 13.0ish...

So it is what it is...a great workout. REDEMPTION HALF T-3 weeks!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taper Week and Race Goals!

Welcome to my race week! I starting to get pumped, but not super excited yet. I have a Half Marathon this Sunday. I miss racing so it will be nice to pass others and see their pain. lol.

My PR from last year is 1:28:05. So given that I know I'm capable of that the following are my goals:

1. To win the race. Well damn, you may say but shit I didn't sign up to lose. I'd like to win the bitch, if possible.

2. To PR. I feel I'm in better shape. It's likely. But you really never know.

3. To get a freakin good race photo! Geesh, the training is fun, falling in pot holes during dark training runs is humorous, chasing others in Umstead is great but get me a quadilicious race pic PLEASE!! Let me be toeing off with the sun at my back! And no grimace..lord, no grimace.

My training this week has shortened daily mileage. Basically all 5 and 6 milers. Being that I like to be proactive in my training I'm putting my energy elsewhere:
Stalking the weather from my Bosu, iPhone and laptop constantly.

Work on my abs. That is bad positioning..don't do that.
Protein time! No need to puff up like an oom-pa-loompa this week. Feed the muscles!

So, the week is moving along. Ho hum...Good luck to everyone doing Chicago!! 

Later taters!


Monday, October 1, 2012

How to run slow

I'm convinced that conditions can make or break anything. Including my ego! I went down to Key West, FL for 4 days last week. I used to live there in the 90's. Cool place but kinda hot and humid for things like TEMPO!

But being the psycho, wanna be bad ass I am I trained through my trip.

The first day I did 9 miles at about 7:40 pace. Sight seeing in Old Town KW. A lot of fun. I ran at 6:30am daily.

a police officer was following me. Do I look suspicious?
Well, he offered to take my picture. Thanks 50!
Take your time here. Look at that Dew Point..REAL FEEL 95!

My first apartment when I was 18.

about 7am at mile 3

20 minutes later...
The next day I did 30 minutes of tempo at about 6:45 pace. It was the hardest tempo I've ever done. I dehydrated during warm up. Just crazy humidity making it impossible to breathe. Being that KW is a tiny island I did lots of back and forths. Saw lots of these:

Then enter snorkeling, swimming and lots of walking...
Snorkeling on the Sebago catamaran 

random Iguana by my chaise

So on day three I schlepped out 7 miles at 8:15 pace. A lifetime slowest pace ever. As long as I ran I was happy. I didn't have time to do my long run on the 4th day so I had the brilliant idea of doing it after traveling all day.


14 miles at 7:24 pace. Half sleeping, half running. I fell once going up a dirt hill in the dark. I guess I'm flexible because it was kinda fun. Bad part was I forgot to restart my garmin so I had to run extra to get the mileage. We all know, if Mr. Garmin doesn't see it, it didn't happen. haha

So, thankfully I made it to my taper week. I have a half this Sunday. I feel like absolute SHIT and can't imagine running fast but hopefully as the week passes I'll mend and be gunnin' for some speed!

Have a great week running!