Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Don't be a Candy Ass!

Hey Guys!

I swear I'm not in a bad mood! I'm actually happy! But I'm seeing a trend in the running community that I feel I need to talk about. I'm gonna throw some more of you under the bus in the hopes that you'll give my way a shot. But in the end, do what works for you.

Topic: Winter Running

Common Complaint: It's cold

A common resolution: Run later, especially on the weekends, especially on the long run.

My resolution: Don't be a candy ass, fair weather, light weight, weak sauce, undisciplined runner showing no control. Get out there!

WHY I say this:

I know I sound like a bitch. But please understand that my point is to help you have a stronger mental edge. I understand we all have our own schedules and sometimes a run later on in the day is mentally tough. You rock! X out of this post and go run a double. Good job!

But I'm more concerned with those who *could* run at a difficult time but don't because:

*it is hard
*it is inconvenient
*it is not within their comfort zone.
*their body doesn't function in the cold like it used to. (see yesterday's post about being old)
*they don't *have to*

I think you are losing at least 50% of your mental edge by succumbing to the gas logs and fuzzy slippers. Some of you are thinking, "Oh Laura, screw you. Miles are miles." In agree with you. Miles are miles. But the level of mental strife you need to get up 5am and run in freezing temperatures, sometimes in the dark teaches you something you won't get by sleeping in.

I think as runners we can't ignore the obvious need for discipline and self control. But furthermore, we need to be uncomfortable and struggle some. We need to feel that can go outside of our comfort zone and still do work. The feeling of accomplishment is tenfold. I say this based on what you guys tell me.

I see evidence of this on my Facebook every morning. Ava, Dawn, John, Joey, Brad, Amy, Bridget, Kara, Michelle, Eric, Megan and David etc etc...All these people make it happen. Kids, multiple jobs, 20 doesn't matter. They want it. I see the joy in there posts. They accomplished something. Day in, day out, they work hard. They make it happen. This gives them confidence. They know that under the worst conditions they can do it.

So when race day comes around and it's a later gun time these type of people aren't sweating it. The race is a gift. A celebration. A statement of their hard work. Everyday they did what most people won't. They made a choice to accept the suck and belittle it.

In the marathon and with most distances we need to get comfortable at being uncomfortable. It's the nature of our sport. I think getting your ass up for a long run at the crack of dawn in sub freezing conditions is a really good way to feel uncomfortable! But the feeling after is extraordinary.

So I guess my point is to give it a shot. See how you feel with an earlier alarm. I can guarantee you won't say it sucked. This rant is mostly for running uncomfortable in the winter but also includes all you lunch break runners, night time-post kid bedtime get it. And I bet it shows in your attitude and performance during a race.

I say this all with love. Don't nitpick me and comment with extraordinary situations and say I'm being mean. lol. Take the general vibe and go get your suffering on!

Thanks for listening!
Laura XO

Monday, November 17, 2014

I don't care if you're old! Work it!

Happy Monday Guys!!

I have made so much progress lately! I am so fortunate to be back on the roads. I'm almost back to normal. It's been so much work but so much fun too. However, I have a side note, borderline tangent to throw out there really quickly.

I have my running and workouts on FB and some running apps. Most people get pumped and enjoy my enthusiasm. But, there is a small cohort of people that seem to think they are exempt from health and fitness. I hate to pinpoint any certain group, but I'm gonna do it. My Peeps in the 50-65+ age group that are not active. Most of my friends in that age group are breaking records in whatever discipline. You rock!  But I'm talking about those who aren't active. You know who you are! You're kicked up by the fire reading this.

I sometimes hear people say:

"Laura, I love that you run so much and are in good shape, but I'm 65 and a grandma. I can't do what you do."

"Laura, my knees are bad. I've had so many surgeries."

"Laura, I'm too old to change."

AU CONTRAIRE MON FRERE! Hell, I'm old too. I don't subscribe to that theory, at all.

Last time I checked, you had a butt and 2 working legs. You have to sit on that butt everyday. You have to walk with those legs. So why not make them the BEST they can be? I'm not saying go sub 3 in the marathon.

I especially hear the more tenured peeps dissing my glute work. The women tell me to put on more clothes and the men tend to recite how great they once were. You know who you are! I always say: Are you kidding me?! If your butt is strong you'll sit up straighter, improve your posture, your hips will be happier. You'll feel better. That's going to reflect on everything in your life. You might think twice about that 2nd serving of casserole too. Just saying.

There's probably no reason why you can't put forth a little effort. Even if it's a walk. Who cares! Get your blood moving. Don't curl up like you're on death's doorstep. I promise you'll feel so much better!

If you need help with your diet or exercise you can always ask me or I can lead you in the right direction.
Sam here is 70 years old.

Ernestine is 73. She didn't start working out until she was 53. She runs marathons now.


Thanks for listening. I hope you get out there! 

XO Laura

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Happy Sunday My Dears!

Another solid week of comeback in the books! Sometimes I get so focused on the physical aspect of running that the big picture gets hazy.  I'll research exercises to death. I'll critique my form and cadence mid run. I'll pour over the data. Nitpicking everything. While I love this aspect of running, it also detracts from what I think is my stronger asset: my attitude.

I never really thought about my attitude. I've been more concerned with how big my butt is. But people always say to me that they wish they had my attitude. Huh?

For example, I was at the gym one day with my broken ass leg a few weeks ago. I was doing some exercises and one of the gym employees asked me how I was doing. I said that my leg was fractured but almost better. I explained that my running would take off soon and I could finally get back to sub 2:55 training. I said that I missed 100 mile weeks. I said this in a very matter of fact tone with a borderline psycho stare. I probably didn't blink.  Like I was reading a book. He goes, "Wow". Your leg is broken, but you say that with such confidence. I blushed. I was just explaining the facts. This was how my winter was going to progress. I felt like I got his wheels turning. And it made me think about myself.

I am my own biggest cheerleader. If not me, who? I don't really want anyone else. Of course, I love the high 5's, support and camaraderie that goes with this sport. But I also love that I can wake up 365 days a year and tie my shoes and know that it is going to be a good day. Sure, I suck and fail too. But that doesn't define me. It's ok to have a bad run. Big deal. Move on.

I wish I could force the self cheerleader concept on others. It takes away to need for praise. The stress of what others think. Say, fuck it. I am going to do X and it will get done. Make a plan and go. I see so much self doubt, especially in NYC today. It hurts. I feel that with a better attitude and a little self confidence so many people would enjoy this sport and life a little more.

Earlier in the week I heard Kara Goucher say that she knows she cannot win NYC. I was crushed. You can't say that and toe the line and expect a miracle. It doesn't work that way. I wanted to shake her and remind her of how great she is. But it wouldn't matter. It has to come from within.

I guess the point of my ramble is to nudge anyone who is on the fence. Say FUCK IT, I've got this! Run like you're an animal. If that animal runs 13 pace then you own that 13 pace and perfect it. You'll love the results. No diet or intervals needed. Just your mind.

I care about you guys and want you to do well. If you need a pre-race pep talk I'm your girl, just holla : )

Happy Running!!


Don't ask. Run gone too long, haha