Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If you don't succeed at first: suck it in, lay on your back and lift your feet.

Dude, I'm not kidding! I couldn't wait until ab tuesday!! I was so excited. This morning I ran 6 miles, swam for 45 minutes and did abs. I couldn't wait to bend and flex. But you know what that means? Here piggy, piggy, piggy...Yup, starvation from noon on. I couldn't stop eating. Sandwiches, fruit, reduced fat everything, cheese, nuts, cranberries, cereal, G2, coffee, OJ and the gut killer: PASTA...

This before an ab photo
equals --------------------->

I tried to "take a break"  for an hour or so but I was just too hungry and had to feed the beast. I thought about postponing until tomorrow but I said Tuesday's so here it is....
yes I know. I'm wearing a sports bra and Express shorts. Gimme a break! Imma tryin'!

 I have to say this is an unfair representation. I feel much stronger and I know Ab Ripper will work. I'll try to get something not so bloated looking up soon.

I was just looking through my pictures. Here is my week 1 pic:
Week 1

Also here is from a few days ago. No food in belly:
2.5 weeks of ab ripper

For the record I have been doing 15 minutes of abs 5x a week. It's 330 ab exercises in the 15 minutes. In addition to swimming 1.5 hours a week and running between 42-45 miles a week. I guess that's why I'm hungry!!

Ok, I better hit publish before I chicken out!

Later dudes!


  1. Ok come on. What's the ab workout? I have a routine that's doing wonders for the obliques but not the rest!

  2. I do the P90X Ab workout. It's called ab ripper. You could probably youtube most of it. There are 12 exercises and 25 reps of each. (I think)

  3. You abs are insane!!! I need to get on this train with the next stop Abville!!