Friday, March 4, 2011

What won't kill you may get you a PR in your next race

Warning: This post may only be funny to me, but hell it's my blog! 

At least that is the plan. 21 of my 31 M-F miles this week have been sub 7 pace. Knock on wood I feel great. I did another run/swim brick with abs in the middle today. I was kind of tired from 10 miles yesterday at track but hell, it's only 6. How bad can it hurt?

Enter, Fast Friend: Brian. It can hurt. I was so tired at the start I thought a 7:10 pace would be lovely. Instead it turned into a single file death march with my main view of the back of Brian's shirt. It said something like:
1999 Winter Championships
blah, blah, NC
blah, I'm the fastest dude ever
and if you can read this I'm giving you a pity mile

But it went more like this:
Mile 1: 7:04.  I remember saying, "why are we running so fast?" answer: mile 2
Mile 2: 6:30 Okaaaaay, someone got some sleep last night. I see how it's gonna be.
Mile 3: 6:36
Mile 4: 6:36
Mile 5: 7:11 complete and utter protest up a hill
Mile 6: 6:48

But that's just the start! 
I put this pic up not to demonstrate my shit ass form but to show you my Rocky like training conditions. I mean, look at those 2X4's!! This is my unfinished basement. It's cold, nasty and there is a cat litter box by my feet. And the cat WILL take a dump during my ab workout. The good part is if I drop the kettlebell it's ok.
After abs which I do in the gym on brick days I head here. Gold's Gym pool. No one is ever there. Today there was one guy. We got in the water at the same time. He said, "You're gonna make me look bad." READ: I must out kick this dude. So lap after lap for 45 minutes I tried to live up to honey badger title. He left early so it wasn't too bad.
My mom had this shirt made for me. Love it! Thanks Ma!

Well, peace out kiddos....I've got some chicken empanadas calling me....later! XOXO


  1. I just started doing those twists with a KB last night!! I figured I better step up my AB routine from solely planks, with summer coming and all.

    LOVE the shirt!!

  2. awesome. I normally do 50 fast mason twists but it didn't feel like I was doing anything so I added the KB and do 2 sets of 25. We'll seeeeeee!!