Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review of Zensah leg sleeves and some gloating

This may be a little ranty. I am thoroughly exhausted from a 16 miler I did a few hours ago. It wasn't the distance that got me nor was it the pace (7:07) it was:

1.  The fact it turned into a 16 miler because I misjudged the distance. It was supposed to be 12 miles.

2.  The fact it included Turkey Creek and most of Umstead for a total elevation gain of 1356 feet.

3. It rained almost the entire time.

4. It was 40 something degrees

5. I didn't have any drink or supplements with me because I thought it was just 12.

6. I had granola for breakfast. That's all.  The run was at 1:30pm.

Here is the garmin link

Can I say 1356 feet of elevation gain just one more time? Thanks.

So I got to the parking lot first. Changed clothes and had this Gatorade Prime stuff. I HATE gu like stuff but it was in the car and I knew I could use something other than the granola 5 hrs ago. I didn't love it but glad I had it.

Scared of what I thought was a 12 miler and hating that stuff

I ran this with Brian and Brad. Both planned for 12 miles. Around mile 10 I said, uhhhh we're kinda VERY far from the cars. I got a few "no shit Sherlock" looks. They had to work right after the run. I felt horrible. I know that park better than to think that was a 12 miler. I'm sorry guys.

So the run itself was just a rainy, wet, hilly, nasty snotty mess. However, there were highlights!:

* The pacing was pretty stellar. Most of the run was focused on slowing down.
*Someone smelled like Old Spice.
*I won the Red Thigh contest!
*aside from huge hills I didn't feel as bad as I probably should have.

So for the ZENSAH compression leg sleeves. I am hooked!! I swear I would not have been able to feel so good and hang for that run without them. The calf burning I usually get on hill runs was muffled. I didn't really notice my screaming calves. Also they provided great ankle support. I have like 2" ankle that look and feel like they could snap over a pebble. This felt great and supported all of my lower legs. It was like running with fresh legs the entire distance. However I either fell and was unaware of it or did some fancy footwork to get mud on the FRONT of my legs..???
This does not do justice to the amount of mud I had!
So Brian and I get back to the cars. Thank god I remembered to bring G2 and B had a bag of bagels. It took me 10 minutes to chew one bite because I had no energy but that bagel tasted like a MW done Filet Mignon with a loaded baker on the side. It was the best meal ever for that moment!!

So, I need more compression stuff! But for now I am parked here and will be for some time:

All and all great run!! I'm not proofreading this either...not that it would make a difference!
Later taters!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm in love with my new compression leg sleeves!

Hello my BFF's and even you nasty haters too!

I'm so excited to share my opinion on my new leg sleeves that I couldn't even wait to digest my carb on carb, bread with bread dinner before taking pictures. Deepest apologies, but who cares my legs feel great!

I guess I have been a compression lover for a while but mostly via old tube socks that are really tight. I'll wear them after I run. But after drooling over all my friends' sleeves and their cool colors (em hum MEGHAN!) I decided to look like a legitimate runner and get some. I haven't taken them off since UPS dropped them off this morning. Finding XS in a fun color locally wasn't working out so I ordered them directly from ZENSAH.

Tomorrow I'm wearing them on my 12 miler. I'm super excited to see if they really make a difference. I'll keep you posted!

Look Ma,  I'm a spider! Not sure what was goin' on here!
I'm hiding my gut behind a coconut candle. (remember carbs on carbs for dinner)
Ahhhhhh..think massage

Well hopefully I'll rip through the forest tomorrow!
Later dudes!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Changing things up

So, I've had time to think about my Half Marathon last Sunday (1:29:19) and tried to analyze how I could improve. This is what I came up with:
1. add a long run during the week. I have too many 6-8 milers that may not be doing me any good.
2. Try not to worry so much about the race. I think the stress factor affected my performance.
3. Don't taper so long.

So today I went out to get my new weekday long run. I decided on 15 miles. I planned on about a 7:15 pace so I didn't jack myself up for my other long run, uh tomorrow. Long story short I ran "easy" just clicking off the miles. I actually thought of some of my new Ultra friends and how they lay this stuff out easily so clearly, I can too. Uh, yeah  LOL! I look down at mile 13.1 and see 1:31 on my Garmin. I was FUMING. I mean great for today's run but WTF?? How can my easy run and my race pace be so close? So now I'm rethinking everything.

Just as I was going to wind up my run on the last 2 miles there is some commotion on the trail. Apparently a loose baby pitbull attacking some women walkers. They had sticks and said they had to fend it off and most importantly they said, DON'T GO THAT WAY! Um, I'm thinking, that my way back to the car. Sooo, I had to reroute and ended up with 17 miles. Getting lost once around mile 16. But all and all I good run. But I feel like I have no idea how to train...or maybe this was just a fluke. But to do 6:30 pace at the end...why couldn't I do that Sunday!?!

So now I have 30 miles for this week so far (tues-fri) All are sub 7 pace...train wreck??? I have no idea!!

Today's run:
17 miles
6:57 avg pace Last 2 miles 6:30 pace
667 feet elevation
Felt great!
Garmin link is here

Thanks for listening to my rant.
Later taters!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 5: Ab Update

Hello my Dears!

It's that time of the week! I know some of you keep refreshing my page. Shrinking it down when your girlfriend walks by. Waiting for  my ab update on pins and needles so here it is!! HAHA. Well, It looks pretty much the same to me. If anyone has any tips or suggestions please feel free to comment. I think it may just take longer than I thought. I still feel much stronger. The exercises are getting almost effortless.

As far as my running goes. I took yesterday off to hobble around and sleep some. The night after the half I hardly slept. My whole body was sore and I tossed and turned a lot. Today I woke up feeling much better with the exception of my calves. They were tight and sore. I did 6 miles of hills at 6:59 avg pace. And yes, I fought hard for that not to click to a 7 pace avg. I didn't really have much strength. Here's the garmin if you're interested. I also have been doing the speed bag when I do my abs. Slacking on the pool due to taper. Remember I do nothing at all for taper. 

I have my 10 mile race in 3 weeks. Game on!!

Later taters XOXO

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Race Report: Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon

Firstly,  I have to say that you guys rock! I received so many texts, facebook messages, calls and shout outs almost non-stop today with love and support. Thank you soooo much. Every single congrats make me smile and gives me something to think about when the wind is in my face and I want to fucking cry but I have no energy. I think of you guys!! XOXO

this thing was flapping in the wind. 
So this is my 3rd half. I love Wrightsville Beach! I had to run it. In fact I was so excited to drive the 1:45 down there that I didn't look when I was backing out of my garage.
hopefully just paint but never my luck

Major bummer but I said, F it and just continued backing out. I'll deal with it later. So fast forward to race morning. All 3 alarm clocks (hotel wake up, hotel alarm clock and blackberry) went off nicely. I jumped out of bed and was so excited to race. I took my pre race vitamin pack, drank some gatorade, and had 7oz of espresso.

Guys can skip this part...but every girl knows that when you take birth control pills you have to take them at the same time every day. So in an effort not to forget I put the pill pack under my sports bra strap so I wouldn't forget to take my pill BEFORE I walked out the door. Well clearly, that method back fired. I showed up in the hotel lobby to meet my 3 friends, Brian, John and Mary with 28 pills on my shoulder and no one says anything.

I had totally forgot. So me and my BCP's do warm up to the start area and then I notice the pills!! Crap on 2 levels. One, I have to take a pill at the start and 2. I had to tuck it back in my top and run 13 miles with it. LOL! The guys enjoyed lots of estrogen-doping jokes but were clearly shocked at my pre race choice of supplement. hahaha

So, it's the start. I met Tim Surface. A legend in my book. Super fast guy I follow online who is also on my racing team Raleigh Running Outfitters. Really nice super elite dude. That killed a few minutes pre-gun.

Miles 1-11 were essentially flawlessly paced. I have my garmin set to beep at every 800. My goal was 3:21 every split. I was slowly getting beat up by the wind and the pace took work but I felt good, but then at mile 11 there was the WALL of wind that is...It didn't hurt so bad in the beginning but now I was tired. So from mile 11 to 12.5 I died. See here for death. I had paced a perfect 6:42 pace until then and now my avg plummeted to a 6:45. Oh well, it happens.

At mile 12 my friend Brian showed up to JOG me in. He ran a 1:17 then runs back to save this train from crashing further! AWESOME! But I was so delirious by then I almost followed him onto the sidewalk when he jumped aside to let me run into the chute. In fact, I believe he told me to get back over by the Thanks Bri!
Death face. a minute post race. Brian clearly unaffected.

So now we start looking for John. He should have been with me. The clock keeps ticking. No John. I said to Brian: he fell or something. There is no way he's ok.  Brian said let's go find him. 2 seconds later he finished. Looking strong but later said, he hit a gutter wrong and twisted everything. He hurt his knee, took a curb break, walked some and then finished uh, shortly after me. okaaay. Good news is he feeling much better. Phew. In the midst of all this Mary cruises in with a PR looking fresher than ever...we need to talk!

After that we all went for massages then to the awards. I ended up 6th female, 1st age group and 28 overall runner out of 1900. I was pissed/happy. Pissed because I wanted 1:28 but happy because I paced really well. I don't think I could have done better in those conditions. And hell, it's still sub 90 and that's always my overall goal.

Awesome day. Awesome people. You guys rock! 3 weeks until my 10 mile race. Perfect! I can't die at mile 11. Beautiful!


There is about 2 seconds of video on the news of the gun. Holla!! I'm right of the center line.

Here are some random pics..
Mile 11. I kicked this trucks ass.

death march

That seemed so far away.
and of course back at the hotel..talking and typing...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Half Marathon Eve!

I am ready to roll!! At 6:30am tomorrow I am giving it my all and laying it out there. Wrightsville Beach Half. I'm in my hotel now looking at the waves whitecap for miles with 22mph winds but that's supposed to calm down overnight. I spent today laying around and hydrating. I just finished the biggest meal ever. Filet mignon, veggie, potato, salad and 3 dinner rolls. YUM!! Now it's time for a G2 party, woohoo!

Here are some funny pics from this afternoon.
Bib and bikini....clearly this pose comes naturally. LOL!

I am a dork, sorry...
So, tomorrow's race photo may not look so smiley but I have my mom getting pics at 2 locations on the course so we'll see! More later...XOXO

Friday, March 18, 2011

The need for speed on taper. Answer: speed bag!!

Ok, I am going crazy after 2 days of not running. I am on taper for a Half this Sunday. I swam my heart out yesterday but it's just not the same. But fortunately, the "coma" method works for me. I usually chill for a good 3-4 days before a half. It mentally puts me in fight mode too. At the start of the race I'm usually so excited just to run again and it takes my nerves down a notch.

So I was thinking of things to do and decided on a speed bag. It is pretty challenging, quick and addicting. Lesson number 1:
Wrap your hands WELL. 
Sometimes I would get a good rhythm down and my hand wrap would start to unravel. Clearly, I'm not going to stop. That's like stopping to tie your shoe during a 6:30 split on a long run. HELL NO! So wrap tight or you will bleed.

Everything else is practice. I put the bag in the basement by a window thinking that if I get bored I can look outside and gaze at the birds. HA. Hell to the no on that one! This takes total concentration. It is my first day though.
can't stare at the birds just yet

This is when it gets good. 

This is my first day on the speed bag. I'm sure my form is off or I'm standing too close or something. Please don't rip me apart though. Or I may beat the shit out of you : )

Cheers Loves!

Better Late Than Never: Ab Update

Greetings my dear people! Lovers and Haters alike. I have been slacking on my ab updates. I am now 4 weeks into my ab ripper routine. Again, I do the 15 minute workout about 4-5x a week. I'm not seeing anything major going on. Some people swear diet is the key. But I really don't care that much nor want to alter my diet just for a 6 pack. Or maybe it's just going to take longer. I'll keep plugging away on my 2 pack.

 I don't really have any running updates. I'm almost done with taper for my Half Marathon this Sunday. I've been swimming and doing abs for a few days. Today I won't do anything. Tomorrow I may run a few miles to shake things out. I'm not sure yet. Sunday at 6:30am is the start. This will be my 3rd half marathon. My goal is 1:28 although I would love a 1:27:5X. Who knows. All it takes is some wind and those times are shot!

Being that I have been bored as hell from this taper I discovered a sport that does not use my legs. SPEED BAG!

If I can't run fast why not punch FAST! YES! Actually, I used to speed bag a few years ago. It's fun. I will surely have a video up by tonight..haaaa

Later friends

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just sayin'...

I noticed my blog is getting about 700 hits a day this week because some chic on said my blog is arrogant. CLEARLY, she didn't read the blog just the title. I'm just pointing it out. Or if she wants to meet for a 400 to settle things that's cool too ; )


Friday, March 11, 2011

Gluttony and excess!

That's kinda how I roll. If you tell me fish oil is good. I'll take 2. In fact I do and it is good. If you tell me to do 6 repeats I may do 8. It's my personality. I like it. However, this approach with the ab workouts may not fly. I have been doing abs 5 days a week despite the P90X dude saying "you don't need to do that." So yesterday I plain ol forgot to do abs after my run. Horror! AND I ate a Chinese sodium fest for dinner. Ugh. But today I did my run and abs and laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I saw some bumples:

please note piano in the upper right. haa
all you skinnies out there know what I'm talking about.My ribs are disappearing under obliques!!! YAY!

Well, party on peeps...9 days until my Half and my glorious race photo with abs-a-blazin'! LOL!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If you don't succeed at first: suck it in, lay on your back and lift your feet.

Dude, I'm not kidding! I couldn't wait until ab tuesday!! I was so excited. This morning I ran 6 miles, swam for 45 minutes and did abs. I couldn't wait to bend and flex. But you know what that means? Here piggy, piggy, piggy...Yup, starvation from noon on. I couldn't stop eating. Sandwiches, fruit, reduced fat everything, cheese, nuts, cranberries, cereal, G2, coffee, OJ and the gut killer: PASTA...

This before an ab photo
equals --------------------->

I tried to "take a break"  for an hour or so but I was just too hungry and had to feed the beast. I thought about postponing until tomorrow but I said Tuesday's so here it is....
yes I know. I'm wearing a sports bra and Express shorts. Gimme a break! Imma tryin'!

 I have to say this is an unfair representation. I feel much stronger and I know Ab Ripper will work. I'll try to get something not so bloated looking up soon.

I was just looking through my pictures. Here is my week 1 pic:
Week 1

Also here is from a few days ago. No food in belly:
2.5 weeks of ab ripper

For the record I have been doing 15 minutes of abs 5x a week. It's 330 ab exercises in the 15 minutes. In addition to swimming 1.5 hours a week and running between 42-45 miles a week. I guess that's why I'm hungry!!

Ok, I better hit publish before I chicken out!

Later dudes!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ohhh, there's that crazy LaBella again...she's lost it now!

I know that's what you're thinkin'! But let me explain. I did a nice leisurely recovery run today after my day-o-bad ass yesterday.  I have made it into a habit of doing my ab workout the second I get home post run. If not, it won't happen. I didn't have it in me to go down to the cellar of cat stink because it was too cold. So I had to think quickly. WHERE? I need a soft place, NOW! Gotta get my (sniff) ab work out in immediately (sniff) lol. 

So I went upstairs to Julian's room. Grabbed his pillow for my butt, sorry kid...and busted out my workout. I was getting towards the end and started to fret because I didn't have my kettlebell for the mason twists. Crap. So I scanned his room in a panic and this piano was right next to me. It's about 15lbs. So I grabbed it and did my 50 twists. F#$% it. It did the job!! 

Serious face. lol
I laughed pretty hard because the keys kept playing with every twist. I had to get my camera. This will pay off! Or I'll end up completely unemployable with this shit on the internet. haa

Also, I happen to have my blackberry near by the other day and took this...just sayin, not braggin'....just a little sumthin' to hold you over until AB TUESDAY for my big 3 week reveal! Or as my friend calls it: fitness porn!! LMAO!

Well, that's all...cheers

Friday, March 4, 2011

What won't kill you may get you a PR in your next race

Warning: This post may only be funny to me, but hell it's my blog! 

At least that is the plan. 21 of my 31 M-F miles this week have been sub 7 pace. Knock on wood I feel great. I did another run/swim brick with abs in the middle today. I was kind of tired from 10 miles yesterday at track but hell, it's only 6. How bad can it hurt?

Enter, Fast Friend: Brian. It can hurt. I was so tired at the start I thought a 7:10 pace would be lovely. Instead it turned into a single file death march with my main view of the back of Brian's shirt. It said something like:
1999 Winter Championships
blah, blah, NC
blah, I'm the fastest dude ever
and if you can read this I'm giving you a pity mile

But it went more like this:
Mile 1: 7:04.  I remember saying, "why are we running so fast?" answer: mile 2
Mile 2: 6:30 Okaaaaay, someone got some sleep last night. I see how it's gonna be.
Mile 3: 6:36
Mile 4: 6:36
Mile 5: 7:11 complete and utter protest up a hill
Mile 6: 6:48

But that's just the start! 
I put this pic up not to demonstrate my shit ass form but to show you my Rocky like training conditions. I mean, look at those 2X4's!! This is my unfinished basement. It's cold, nasty and there is a cat litter box by my feet. And the cat WILL take a dump during my ab workout. The good part is if I drop the kettlebell it's ok.
After abs which I do in the gym on brick days I head here. Gold's Gym pool. No one is ever there. Today there was one guy. We got in the water at the same time. He said, "You're gonna make me look bad." READ: I must out kick this dude. So lap after lap for 45 minutes I tried to live up to honey badger title. He left early so it wasn't too bad.
My mom had this shirt made for me. Love it! Thanks Ma!

Well, peace out kiddos....I've got some chicken empanadas calling me....later! XOXO