Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Boston Marathon 2015 Race Report

Hey Guys!

I feel weird saying this. But, I'm not as upset as you may think. Clearly, that is not the race I had trained for. While I am bummed I didn't go sub 2:55, I'm more bummed that we had horrible race conditions. That, I can't control. If we had 40 degrees and a tailwind and I ran the same time I would be sick to my stomach!

I can't say thank you enough for your support. Every mat I crossed I thought of all of you. I knew Pete in Japan had set his alarm clock to see my finish. I knew my Mom was my social media director. I knew Joey was biting his lip after my 15k split and crossing his fingers. I knew the teachers at my kid's school had the tracking projected on the board. My sister did the same in her own classroom. I am and was beyond honored that you care.

But SHIT it was miserable. It came down to logical reasoning for me. The rain, wind and cold took me out mentally before they did physically. I knew when it was pouring sideways at 9am with a 20+mph headwind it was going to be tough.  I have never even tempo'd 6 miles with any degree of success in wind half as strong. So, I approached the start with a slightly defeated but optimistic attitude. I would will the conditions away. Draft. Focus.

That technique lasted about 10 miles. I was screwing my head into the wind at times. Trying to fight it. I took other measures to conserve energy. I kept my arm swing minimal and tight. I didn't hammer any of the uphills. When the wind would break I tried to stride my split time down. This wasn't working. At the half I knew I was done. I couldn't push any harder. I'm 100 pounds. The wind was strong. My clothes and shoes were soaked. I couldn't even see at times because the rain was so blinding.

I tried to run the rest of the race as best I could. I wanted to stay strong and kept hope that the conditions would change. That is a tough agenda when you know every footstep is off goal. Then, on top of that the weather became worse as I approached Boston. I was laughing at times in disbelief. Was this really happening?!

The pace felt moderate. But the effort was sub marathon pace. It was a messed up feeling. How could I be running so slow but giving so much?

I stopped looking at my watch after 2 hours. It was depressing. But it's BOSTON! I mean, there was no boohoo'ing. The fans were out in full force. I was running the race most runner's dream about. I wasn't going to be a little bitch because I was wrecking my Sub-3 streak. I really enjoyed the race despite not running as fast as I wanted. I finished with a smile on my face in 3:02. I'm not defeated. Success is not always linear. I'm probably a little too eager to redeem myself but that's ok.

My plan is to babysit my fitness for a few weeks and do it again! I worked hard for the shape I'm in. I'm not shutting it down and waking up in 5k land in a month. I'm going to recover and try again. I know I can do it.

The Good:

*I feel fine. Not even a blister.
*I'm confident in my training and fitness level.
*Brooks T7 Racers are great marathon shoes.
*I didn't get the hypothermic shakes until the finish line.
* I had loving family standing at the finish line.
*I found the best hairstyle for marathoning! See below.
*I will never stop doing this marathon!

The Bad:

*I'm sitting here and I can't think of anything. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I'm still healthy, alive and happy! There is no bad. I ran the Boston Marathon for a 3rd time. I am elated to have the privilege.

The Immediate Plan:
Recover this week. Do some easy runs. I'll KNOW what I have. Considering I feel nearly flawless I am planning on another marathon soon. Within the next month. I'm still in the planning stage.

Here are some pics from the weekend. Thanks again guys!! I love you all! XO

A joke. I was lost again in Boston...

Pre race wind...

A Boston Sunrise

I saw this in a running magazine. I highly recommend! 

The light was right. The kids, not so much!

Every race, forever...


Pre race 5am. 

Post race lunch with my finish line dream team

My BFF at the hotel. She helped with train tickets and hair stylists.

10 seconds post race.10 seconds pre hypothermia

My babies tracking me in school.

Joey and stretching on Tuesday morning. 

Can you tell what I did on Monday? If not, I'll tell YOU!

Heading down to the start.

My ONE race photo is sucking air on Heartbreak Hill. The bib is starting to fold...



Thanks for reading! I will keep you posted on plan B. You know I'm not done yet!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marathon Eve!

Hey Guys!

A quick check in on the night before Boston 2015. I am ready for a fight tomorrow! I want to see blood! I am tapered, healthy and ready to roll. I want to work, suffer and feel victory. I want to give every fiber of my being to this race. I want to see how tough I am. I want to feel proud.

I am probably more excited than I have ever been pre race. I know we are going to have deplorable conditions. Rain turning to pouring rain, 40 degrees, feeling like 35, and a 20-30mph head wind the entire race.

But I don't give a shit! I've trained in this. My goal is to give my best regardless of conditions. The cold is fine. The humidity will be okay. The wind...I'll follow a big dude. I still have fight, strength and great hair!

It's on!!!

Here are some random pics from the weekend!

Thank you again for your support!! You guys are going down to Boston with me. Hang the F- on!

Honey, I'm home!

Race hair!

They better move tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Marathon pics over the years!

Hey Guys!

It's me again! Bored out of my mind and up late. It's 8 freaking 30pm on a Wednesday! Woohoo!

So check these photos out. These are photos of me in each of my previous 3 marathons. And 1 of me last week. RUN MORE YO!

P.S. I can't believe I'm posting these. But it's a testament to my ever increasing dedication and mileage over the years. I'm proud of all my races and training. I wouldn't change it for the world!


My 1st Marathon Eugene 2012. 3:02

My 2nd Marathon. Boston 2013 2:58

My 3rd Marathon Boston 2014 2:58

BoilerMaker 15k When I  started getting really serious 58:52 I had to throw this one in : )

Last week. Ready for Boston 2015!

More Later Guys!!XO

P.S. No earbuds this year. I'm a big girl now!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Quick Check In!

Hey guys!!

Finally an 83 mile week! Taper is here! I either going to be really FAST in a week or freaking fat, haha.

It's so weird going from 5 doubles a week to nearly none this week. I look forward to singles in the morning but then when evening comes around I think my body revolts. Not only do I miss my evening shake out run, but that also means HOUSEWORK.  Um, ya. At 5pm in my house it's either homework, dishes or dinner. HATED IT!

But forget the crusty cookie sheets, dog crap in the living room and piles of laundry. Let's celebrate that I haven't busted my ass in the most epic build up of my marathoning career! 100-126 miles a week since January 1st. (14 weeks) For the last month I've felt run down. Now I feel like this. Awe YEAHHHHH!

Today,  I ran my last double digit run. 14 miles. I was podding along running easy pace. Then I saw my most favorite nameless greenway runner. I see him enough in passing to recognize him but I'm not sure who he is. I know he reads my blog. So I shouted out: 1 MORE WEEK! Then, he goes TOP 100 with a high 5 so hard that I almost ricocheted into the woods!!! Like, a kid in a candy store. I got all excited! I'm like ya, you're right! Sometimes I lose sight of the big picture and whine about blisters and small stuff. But he's right!
As you can tell I saw the Greenway Runner right when I went from easy to moderate pace. Mile 10ish. The power of the high 5!

I'm training to run the fastest marathon of my life. My 3rd consecutive Sub 3 Boston Marathon. I want to break into the top 100 females and top 10 age group. I'm a few peeps away from that goal.

I'm just putting it out there. I'm not afraid of failure. Hell, I push my limits every single day. We all know I could injure, burn out, or something on the highly probable list. But I haven't! I've been smart. I have excellent coaching that has been superbly designed for me and my strengths. (That's next blog) Nothing has been left to chance. The game is ON!

Now, I'm picking out shoes, outfits and nail color. Wooohoooo! Here are some potentials!

So, I'll check back in soon! I love you guys and all your support! Have a great night!