Friday, March 27, 2015

Marathoning is way more than Running

It's me again guys! I figure if I can run twice a day I should be able to blog twice. I have so many things to say but the fatigue monster keeps throwing me on the couch. haha

So, as I continue my training for my 3rd Boston Marathon I have tried to pull out what works for me and hopefully it will help you too.  We all know that eating well, hydrating, sleep etc are important. But let me analyze things a little further.


Sugar: I'm on my 3rd year of no refined sugar. I'll never look back. Sugar is inflammation. Runners typically avoid that at all costs. Easy. Done. Next!

Protein: Quest Bars and Quest Bars. 20g of protein. 180 calories. No sugar. I eat 3 a day minimum. Or whatever it takes to keep my daily protein at 80-100 grams. Lots of chicken, beans, almonds...Protein repairs your muscles. When you destroy them like I do it's almost a guilt trip if I don't feed them. I think of my muscles as a 3rd person helping me do what I love. Good job guys!

Carbohydrates: Yes please. Pasta, sweet potatoes, rice..repeat....

Water: Hate it! I've been adding Herbal Life Mango flavored Aloe to my water. It's really good and makes hydration bearable. Otherwise I could exist on espresso.

Nutrition on the Run:

Last year was about the gels. This year I've bonked twice upon taking a cafinated gel. I got dizzy and had a bad reaction. So my super talented friend Diluca told me to try Generation UCAN. I did and haven't hit the wall yet! I mix one drink 30 minutes before I run long or any run that I think is worth $3.50 for the single serve packet. lol. It is sustained energy. Even keel. And can I say yummy? I like the raspberry one.

Sport Legs have always been in my bag. They keep the burn away. I take 2 before every run with effort.

I don't hydrate while running. Carrying a water bottle wears me out. And I seem to do ok without. This only applies to winter running.

Sleep: For weeks 1-4 of my build up I didn't need naps. For weeks 5-8 I needed 2 1-hour naps a week. Now, if I don't get a daily 30-60 minute nap I will cut you! Napping in the car while waiting for my child to finish their 75th extracurricular activity is okay! I have tints.

I'm trying to think of what else. It's very important to get a good 20 grams of protein in immediately post run. I don't care if it's 8 miles. Eat a Quest Bar. I say this emphatically because I'm turning out big weeks and every run has the potential to nick at me. I need to protect myself from injury.
Keeping the niggles away

I guess it's not rocket science. But I can guarantee that if I ate doughnuts and drank Pepsi I would not feel the same and most likely I would be nursing some injury. #not20anymore

I hope this helps. These products work for me. My next blog will be on the people that are getting me to the start HEALTHY! Again, I don't just wing it for 100+ miles a week. I'm giving gray hairs to someone. haha.

Continued happy running guys!


Why I Probably Run More Than You

Hey Everyone!!

I am so sorry I have been slacking on my updates! This Boston build up is deliciously exhausting. When I have 30 minutes to spare I'm using telling Siri to wake me up in a few.  But seriously, I've never trained so hard or so much in my life.

They say you really learn about yourself in a marathon. I will extend that to marathon training. Because there are all sorts of fun things you get to deal with along the way! Such as:

The usual suspects:

*An out of control ego
*Quickly beat down by the epic fail training run
*Insatiable appetite

Then the less obvious suspects:

*Friction burns, turned into permanent scabs
*2 to 3 showers a day from doubling and sometimes X-training
*Accepting that life for 12 weeks will be in a pony tail
*Doing a double and farting the whole way while waving to your neighbors
*Bloody noses from freezing temps
*Explaining to non runners that running 2-3 hours a day is epic and rewarding!
*Explaining to your child that you can't sit in a folding chair and watch them practice. It hurts!
*No, I'm not trying to lose weight!

SO WHY?! What is the point? I love to ponder this question and have a million different answers.

Why have I run 1254 miles since January 1st? My weekly totals are:

95, 95, 100, 104, 114, 120, 100, 71, 109, 125, 108, 103 (this week) That includes 6 long runs that were 20-24 miles.

That's more than a lot of men will run and go sub 2:30. Some people will run 40% of that and kick my ass. I'm aware. But it's not my goal to beat them. It's my goal to beat me. It's my goal to push myself till I want to give up and then learn to make that my comfort zone. I'm not training for complacency.

It's about grinding and pushing the envelope. Sucking it up. Wiping the tears. And doing it again and again.

Mentally, this kind of training is probably harder than the physical act of moving your body. One day you feel invincible and the next, trashed. Over and over. It's a mental beat down. So you have to believe in yourself and your training. Because odds are you will need to get your shoes back on and run within the next 5 hours.

I know what I can do. I don't want to train for a 3rd 2:58. I'd like to give a little more this time. I'm no different from the 4 or 5 hour marathoner. I think most of us throw down our best. We don't roll up to a track for 800's and run easy pace. We all try. That's all you can ask for. And at the end of the day or week it puts a smile on our faces.

It teaches my kids and yours that giving up is not an option. That this is what commitment looks like. That somedays your best will be last weeks worst. And in the end you can check the DONE box feeling accomplished.

I'm going to cut this off here. But I have some dietary tips, tricks and hopefully not placebos to share on the next post. I don't have a double today so I'll work on that now : )

As always you guys rock! I couldn't do it without you! Thanks again for your support. T-3w2d to turn this mutha out! See you at Hopkinton!

Later Taters!!

Here are some random pics:

Running out of poses nowadays

A great 10 miler!

Props to my LMBT for being 75% of the reason I'm still on the roads

Fashion "situations"

35 degrees in the am. 80 degrees in the pm. Sure!

This has become acceptable...somehow...

Seeing this on my run!

That's a happy dance right there!

What else does one do betw parked cars while celebrating a great day?!

I would like to thanks my family and pets for supporting me

And my training partner who I will always look up to

And the pendulum swings...a good day...

Monday, February 23, 2015

An epic day of a different type!

Hey Runners, Creepers and Loves!

I'm so stinking proud of myself that I had to share. I know you guys are hard asses like me so you'll understand.   Here's my Monday. Keep in mind THIS is NOT normal for me:

5am woke up
6am kids up
7am carpool
7:30 back in bed
10:00am still sleeping
10:15 came down for a massive calorie intake and back to bed
11:00 watched the Biggie and Tupac documentary on Amazon Prime
12:00 thought about running
1:00 ate more
2:00 got pedicure
3:00 kid stuff (on auto pilot)
5pm thought about running but ate froyo on the couch and laughed
7pm Was gonna run but said Fuck it!

This was seriously the coolest day ever. I NEVER do this. I've had time to think about it and this is how THAT happened.

This week was a cut back week. I did 100 miles. But I ran in yak tax, on treadmills, on ice, I stressed out WAY too much. I went bonkers on my long run and actually pulled the plug 16 miles in because I couldn't do the workout in the conditions. My body was beat. My legs ached. I thought I ripped my right ankle off. I was mentally spent.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my training. I give 100% to every footstep. However this week I hopped laterally, jumped and slide for 100 miles. I started getting sloppy in traffic. I needed to take a day off. The whole day felt like indigestion. I'm blogging about running so I don't grab my garmin and bolt out of the house. Sigh.

But I know tomorrow I'll feel fresh and ready to roll. Hell, I may even have a normal BMI, haha.

I hope your training is going well. Here are some randoms from the week. Thanks for all your awesome comments! Rock on guys!

17 mile TM tempo with 4x 5k

How I really felt after 4x5k

Fun for a day. That's it!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

How I recover off a 400+ mile month

Hey Guys!

I meant to get a recovery post up sooner. But geez this week was crazy. 7 doubles. 120 miles. All workouts nailed. I'm thrilled! Now, I'm starting a cutback week. I'm not complaining either!

I definitely don't know everything or claim to be an expert in anything.  Possibly a tangent expert within a 5 mile radius of my house, possibly. But I have lots of weird rituals that could be better than placebo. Or not, who knows. But this is what I do:

*I take amino acids 3x a day. Before and after the run, and before bed. This is new this cycle.
*I take Sport Legs before I run and sometimes before bed.
*I drink Udo's Oil before bed.
*I eat 3 Quest bars a day. 1 within 20 mins after each run and 1 at night. 20 grams of protein. No sugar.
*I take Endurox after I run.
*I take Epsom salt baths about twice a week.
* I put various lotions and potions on my legs with arnica, glucosamine etc.

I have links to all of these products down below.

That's it for supplements. I eat chicken, nuts, cheese and other high protein food ALL day. My diet doesn't have any refined sugar other than trace amounts. Sugar is inflammation. That's a big no, no! I force food down until I have at least 3,500 calories in me a day.

Physically, I use roll recovery often and I stretch pretty much all day. I'm always leaning on something and getting a stretch. I also get weekly deep tissue massages.

And the thing I HATE the most is that I force myself to put my feet up for 30 minutes after my morning run. I always have stuff to do and laying there is not my personality! But I think of it as a gift to my legs. Also, I probably collapse 2 times a week after mileage bumps and need a nap. Again, I don't like feeling "lazy" but hey. Sometimes I'll sleep in my car while my kids are at a Taekwondo class. I can power nap and answer homework questions in my sleep. I just figure a way to make it all happen.

Because we are 9 weeks from Boston I put a little more thought into my daily activities. You won't see me swimming laps or riding my bike. I wouldn't jump on a trampoline with my kids. Obvious stuff. My goal is to stay healthy. If you said let's go to the mall and walk around a few hours the night before a long run, I'd say hell no! My ass is in the tub soaking at that time!

This may sound obsessive, but to me it's not. I'm not a college kid. I'm not even young! I'm a 40 year old 98 pound marathon runner with 3 kids.  I need to take precautions!

Here are some random pics as well as my supplements. Thanks for reading! You guys rock! Your support makes me giddy : )

Car console food is a must

This is half my life!

Yup, it happens!

1 degree long run!

I'm going to link out these supplements. Also, that's liquid calcium. 

I'll show you crazy!

Udo Oil
Endurox Excel
Amino Acids
Quest Bars
Liquid Calcium
Sport Legs

Some people ask me why I put it all out there. I'm up late after running 20 miles today so you can learn from all the good, bad and ugly I have come across. In the end, it makes me happy to see you do well. More so than myself. Now, I didn't say I'd let you beat me at the finish line, but you know! haha.

Well, continued happy running guys!!


Friday, February 6, 2015

A short rambling touching on my friend: High Mileage

Marathon Training by Sophie, age 10. The kid is smart! We are building our castle so to speak.

TGIF My Dears!! 

I guess this whole "exercise and have more energy" thing works. Because 8x out of 10 I'm locked and loaded! The other 2 I'm dead as a doornail, semi conscious, and drooling on myself. But hey, that's the fun part too!

So, for my Boston-ites we are 74 days out. The work is real. The dedication is hot! We are now in too deep to look back. Forget sleeping in on Sunday. Forget no carbs at night. Eat like a maniac! Rest after you rip your legs off. We are part of an army of badasses that will unleash on Hopkinton Mid-April. We worked our asses off to get there. We worked again to prepare. Now, we will let all hell break loose! 

I love that I have my Strava widget on the side so you can see what I'm up to. The last 5 weeks for me have been: 95, 95, 100, 109, 110.  I seriously never want this to end. Running twice a day, sometimes for hours at a time changes you. 

It's like Prozac for your temperament! 

*Road rage assholes, don't care. 
*Out of sandwich bags, big deal, use tupperware
*There is dog crap in the kitchen. Meh, I'll get to it.
*Oh, my favorite: My home alarm system went off yesterday. Normally, I'd freak. But on a 110 mile week I just got in the car and left. Screw it, just don't steal my Garmin.


So the fire is building. The benefits are being had. All is good at Camp LaBella. 

I hate to sound like a broken record but I have to say THANK YOU to you guys. I don't exist in a bubble. I have made so many awesome friends in the progress. Heidi and Laura, you guys fire my ass up every day! Freaking Joey...freaking Joey. This guy is an inferno that I am happy to be able to run with weekly and enjoy his seemingly endless talent. Both, physically and mentally. You all rock! We roll hard in the most badass of sports. I respect you all. 

I'm going to do a post on supplements and nutrition this weekend. I've REALLY tightened my game and have a few good finds. 

Until then, happy running!!

Got gel?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Click here to light a fire under your ass!

Hey Guys!!

Boom, Boom, Pow! Here we are my little Boston-ites! 89 days left.

89 Days of:

*Mental fortitude
*And fire!

You get it, the good stuff! And on the 89th day we get to party! The struggle and defeat will be gone. We'll have 26.2 miles to celebrate everything we did that got us to the starting line. All the winter chaos, sub freezing temps, ice, darkness. All of that will be gone. We will be left with the machines we have built. The time we put in will be evident.

That run in the absolute freezing downpour will have prepped you for mile 24. You will beg for more pain because it's all you know. Your fresh body will annihilate any spec of discomfort along the way. You will throw the hammer down hoping for blood. Run to the clock my friends.

I was running 15 miles today on the Neuse Greenway in Raleigh, NC. I was struggling to keep my pace slower than I wanted. I was kinda pissy. Then I saw this other runner. A man in a yellow vest. I see him often. He yelled out, "I read your blog!" We crossed paths twice. A huge high 5 on the way back that most certainly made my run and day. There is something about the runner high 5 that can't be beat.

So alas, I'm at my keyboard doing an update : )

Training has picked up. I am almost happy with where I am. I'll never be totally satisfied. But hey, I'm an overachiever. I'm in the middle of a 100 mile week. The last 2 weeks were 96 and 95. If you guys remember from last year those were my peak weeks. But this year I'm throwing it all in. I plan on keeping this the average. I'm sure a slight cutback week will hit my schedule at some point. However, this is what makes me good. I thrive on the monotony, solitude and daily grind. My legs get it.

I'm in a good spot for January. If you guys are on Strava, follow me. I feel like I run too much to list everything here. I try to keep it pretty funny. In fact, I cry laughing thinking of titles for my runs.

Here are some random post run selfies:

So ONWARD folks! Keep your party rolling. Thanks for reading.

Happy Running!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Here's what's up!

Hey guys!

There are only 2 reasons I slack on my blog.

1. My leg is broken


2. I'm running 95+ miles a week

And survey says!: Number 2!!! I'm back to my favorite part of marathon training. I think 90-105 mile weeks are by far my favorite. This is my first 95 mile week in a long time. I feel good. I'm focused and happy. I can get cranky in an instant if I'm hungry. But I have a Quest Bar for that. So, overall it's all good.

So, ya...The Houston Marathon is out. I was excited to do a January race. I knew the short build up would have to be flawless. However, in the end I became stressed. I got the flu. Missed a long run. Had sick family. Ice killed 2 of my tempo runs. All the little things added up and I said HELL NO! I'm not going out to do a personal worst. Nope.

But during the interim I got a great base going. So now it's full throttle till Boston! Depending on my fitness I hope to get 1-2 races before then.

Oh! You guys have to check this out! I'm part of a book about womens running. A motivational, get your ass up and go do a double type of book. One that makes me look like a wuss. The women featured  are immensely hard core in so many ways. It will definitely get you going. What an honor. I'm still weirded out seeing myself in a book. You get to read about all my tasty fails that I'll never tell you about otherwise. haha.

 Link here
It's available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon

Too much! I'm chapter 11.

So, not much else going on. My eye is on the prize! Boston 2015 on deck and ready to burn! Aside from an absolutely gut wrenching, vomit inducing, lay it all out PR, my side goals are:

1. To break the top 100 females. For the last 2 years I've been like 110ish. The numbers seem to always change. Thanks Jeptoo.

2. Top 10 Age Group. I think I've been 11th/12th for the last 2 years. aka 1st and 2nd fail. haha

I think I'll add some run pictures here and then go eat some garlic naan. Yum!
I run to this location just for this view. Love
16 degrees. Yikes

The majority of my miles on the white line.

I hope you guys are running well. Let me know what's going on. Throw down a comment. I miss you guys xo

Laters Taters!! 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey Guys! Just checking in to send some holiday cheer your way! I hope you are enjoying your time with your friends and family. Also, I hope you didn't drink too much egg nog resulting in taking today off and laying on the couch : ) 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Friends!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week in review

Hey Guys!!

Happy Sunday Eve! Let the Badassery build tonight and roll out in the morning! My long run has been on Saturday for a while now but there is still the magic of Sunday that lights a fire up under my feet.

So I'm gunning for pre Boston marathon. YOLO, I can do 2, screw it. I can't deal with this once a year marathon thing.  I'm working on some mileage now. Turn over. Finding love with my marathon pace. The usual. That's what makes me happy!

Here is this week:

Monday: Gym, core, glutes, arms. No running.

Tuesday: 11 miles. Very windy. Hill repeats on mile 11. 7:25 pace avg

Wednesday: 21 miles total. 15 with 10 miles at 6:40 pace. A short 6 mile double also in the am. 2 at 6:40 pace. 20mph winds plus gusts. I got the MP I wanted. But I would have liked 6:30's. I won't mention the sheets of ice that had me body slamming into bridges. It was a stressful morning!

Thursday: 12 miles in Umstead. 800 feet. 7:37 pace. A grind given yesterday!

Friday: 5 easy 7:45 pace

Saturday: 21 at 7:30 pace. Last mile sub 7.

Sunday: Tomorrow will be about 13-14 with lots of hill repeats.

85 miles in 6 days

Here's some random photos from this week:
Proud of my soft surface 18 miler last week

A great Umstead Run!

I'm standing on there for a reason. But I can't remember. Good run?

That's about it. I hope your running is going well! Nothing major over here, YET!! Party on guys!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Almost Fast and Furious?

Hey There My Lovely Badasses!

By clicking on this blog I know a few things about you for sure. Perhaps:

1. You are equally or more badass than me. Ding ding ding!

2. You've been following this blog for the last 4 years and are waiting for me to finally drop a sub 2:55 and shut up about it.

3. You enjoy my enthusiasm over the various core exercises I've done throughout the years.

4. You really don't like me. You read about me and then talk about me on the ATT. I have peeps everywhere girls! wink wink.

5. You want the Lady Gaga pictures back on the side bar.

Haha. So I feel that I'm getting away from listing the meat and potatoes of my training. I read your training like it's first chapter of Fight Club. I can't blink. I love to see the dirty details of your running. So I'm going to list mine again. Which segues into an approaching dilemma. Let me explain.

Here's the last 2 weeks of my training:

Monday 11/17: Off
Tuesday 11/18: 10 miles: 7:03 pace. Wind
Wednesday 11/19: 13 miles. 7:02 pace. 19 degrees and wind.
Thursday 11/20: 12.5 miles easy 7:23 pace
Friday 11/21: 5 miles super easy 7:42 pace
Saturday11/22: 16 miles. 7:32 pace. Weather bonk. sub 20 degrees. shorts. a bad run.
Sunday11/23: 13 miles with hill repeats in the middle. 7:13 avg.
TOTAL: 70 miles

Monday 11/24: Off
Tuesday 11/25: am run: 10miles at 6:45 pace. 4 hours later: 6 miles @ 6:53 pace
Wednesday 11/26: 10 miles at 7:47 pace. Pouring freezing rain.
Thursday 11/27: 5 miles at 7:49 pace
Friday 11/28: 18 miles at 7:03 pace. a 2 minute negative split on the way back to sub marathon pace.
Saturday 11/29: 10 miles with hill repeats in the middle. 7:35 pace
Sunday 11/30: 12 miles at 7:19 pace on hills
TOTAL 71 miles

It's good stuff. Personally, I know my running ignites once I hit 80-85 a week. I think I solid 8-10 weeks is all I need for a 2:55. I think I'll burn out slowly after that. So, my dilemma is do I:

A. Chill out and build for Boston 2015


B. Hop on the sub 2:55 train and hammer my pending PR in February?

I'm ready to work! I was ripped off by a late summer injury so I'm growing impatient. I kind of want to "wait and see" how the next few weeks go. However, I know when I start ripping off sub 7 pace for 20-22 milers that the peak in NEAR! It's such a freaking awesome problem. I'm really fortunate.

So, that's kinda where I am. I don't really know how to chill so I'm kinda learning towards a pre Boston marathon. I'll still do Boston. But, not as a goal race.

I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the cooler temps!

I have to give props to BOOM RUNNING for the shirt. They have killer old school tops and tanks. This pic was post a 40 mile weekend. BOOM!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Don't be a Candy Ass!

Hey Guys!

I swear I'm not in a bad mood! I'm actually happy! But I'm seeing a trend in the running community that I feel I need to talk about. I'm gonna throw some more of you under the bus in the hopes that you'll give my way a shot. But in the end, do what works for you.

Topic: Winter Running

Common Complaint: It's cold

A common resolution: Run later, especially on the weekends, especially on the long run.

My resolution: Don't be a candy ass, fair weather, light weight, weak sauce, undisciplined runner showing no control. Get out there!

WHY I say this:

I know I sound like a bitch. But please understand that my point is to help you have a stronger mental edge. I understand we all have our own schedules and sometimes a run later on in the day is mentally tough. You rock! X out of this post and go run a double. Good job!

But I'm more concerned with those who *could* run at a difficult time but don't because:

*it is hard
*it is inconvenient
*it is not within their comfort zone.
*their body doesn't function in the cold like it used to. (see yesterday's post about being old)
*they don't *have to*

I think you are losing at least 50% of your mental edge by succumbing to the gas logs and fuzzy slippers. Some of you are thinking, "Oh Laura, screw you. Miles are miles." In agree with you. Miles are miles. But the level of mental strife you need to get up 5am and run in freezing temperatures, sometimes in the dark teaches you something you won't get by sleeping in.

I think as runners we can't ignore the obvious need for discipline and self control. But furthermore, we need to be uncomfortable and struggle some. We need to feel that can go outside of our comfort zone and still do work. The feeling of accomplishment is tenfold. I say this based on what you guys tell me.

I see evidence of this on my Facebook every morning. Ava, Dawn, John, Joey, Brad, Amy, Bridget, Kara, Michelle, Eric, Megan and David etc etc...All these people make it happen. Kids, multiple jobs, 20 doesn't matter. They want it. I see the joy in there posts. They accomplished something. Day in, day out, they work hard. They make it happen. This gives them confidence. They know that under the worst conditions they can do it.

So when race day comes around and it's a later gun time these type of people aren't sweating it. The race is a gift. A celebration. A statement of their hard work. Everyday they did what most people won't. They made a choice to accept the suck and belittle it.

In the marathon and with most distances we need to get comfortable at being uncomfortable. It's the nature of our sport. I think getting your ass up for a long run at the crack of dawn in sub freezing conditions is a really good way to feel uncomfortable! But the feeling after is extraordinary.

So I guess my point is to give it a shot. See how you feel with an earlier alarm. I can guarantee you won't say it sucked. This rant is mostly for running uncomfortable in the winter but also includes all you lunch break runners, night time-post kid bedtime get it. And I bet it shows in your attitude and performance during a race.

I say this all with love. Don't nitpick me and comment with extraordinary situations and say I'm being mean. lol. Take the general vibe and go get your suffering on!

Thanks for listening!
Laura XO

Monday, November 17, 2014

I don't care if you're old! Work it!

Happy Monday Guys!!

I have made so much progress lately! I am so fortunate to be back on the roads. I'm almost back to normal. It's been so much work but so much fun too. However, I have a side note, borderline tangent to throw out there really quickly.

I have my running and workouts on FB and some running apps. Most people get pumped and enjoy my enthusiasm. But, there is a small cohort of people that seem to think they are exempt from health and fitness. I hate to pinpoint any certain group, but I'm gonna do it. My Peeps in the 50-65+ age group that are not active. Most of my friends in that age group are breaking records in whatever discipline. You rock!  But I'm talking about those who aren't active. You know who you are! You're kicked up by the fire reading this.

I sometimes hear people say:

"Laura, I love that you run so much and are in good shape, but I'm 65 and a grandma. I can't do what you do."

"Laura, my knees are bad. I've had so many surgeries."

"Laura, I'm too old to change."

AU CONTRAIRE MON FRERE! Hell, I'm old too. I don't subscribe to that theory, at all.

Last time I checked, you had a butt and 2 working legs. You have to sit on that butt everyday. You have to walk with those legs. So why not make them the BEST they can be? I'm not saying go sub 3 in the marathon.

I especially hear the more tenured peeps dissing my glute work. The women tell me to put on more clothes and the men tend to recite how great they once were. You know who you are! I always say: Are you kidding me?! If your butt is strong you'll sit up straighter, improve your posture, your hips will be happier. You'll feel better. That's going to reflect on everything in your life. You might think twice about that 2nd serving of casserole too. Just saying.

There's probably no reason why you can't put forth a little effort. Even if it's a walk. Who cares! Get your blood moving. Don't curl up like you're on death's doorstep. I promise you'll feel so much better!

If you need help with your diet or exercise you can always ask me or I can lead you in the right direction.
Sam here is 70 years old.

Ernestine is 73. She didn't start working out until she was 53. She runs marathons now.


Thanks for listening. I hope you get out there! 

XO Laura

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Happy Sunday My Dears!

Another solid week of comeback in the books! Sometimes I get so focused on the physical aspect of running that the big picture gets hazy.  I'll research exercises to death. I'll critique my form and cadence mid run. I'll pour over the data. Nitpicking everything. While I love this aspect of running, it also detracts from what I think is my stronger asset: my attitude.

I never really thought about my attitude. I've been more concerned with how big my butt is. But people always say to me that they wish they had my attitude. Huh?

For example, I was at the gym one day with my broken ass leg a few weeks ago. I was doing some exercises and one of the gym employees asked me how I was doing. I said that my leg was fractured but almost better. I explained that my running would take off soon and I could finally get back to sub 2:55 training. I said that I missed 100 mile weeks. I said this in a very matter of fact tone with a borderline psycho stare. I probably didn't blink.  Like I was reading a book. He goes, "Wow". Your leg is broken, but you say that with such confidence. I blushed. I was just explaining the facts. This was how my winter was going to progress. I felt like I got his wheels turning. And it made me think about myself.

I am my own biggest cheerleader. If not me, who? I don't really want anyone else. Of course, I love the high 5's, support and camaraderie that goes with this sport. But I also love that I can wake up 365 days a year and tie my shoes and know that it is going to be a good day. Sure, I suck and fail too. But that doesn't define me. It's ok to have a bad run. Big deal. Move on.

I wish I could force the self cheerleader concept on others. It takes away to need for praise. The stress of what others think. Say, fuck it. I am going to do X and it will get done. Make a plan and go. I see so much self doubt, especially in NYC today. It hurts. I feel that with a better attitude and a little self confidence so many people would enjoy this sport and life a little more.

Earlier in the week I heard Kara Goucher say that she knows she cannot win NYC. I was crushed. You can't say that and toe the line and expect a miracle. It doesn't work that way. I wanted to shake her and remind her of how great she is. But it wouldn't matter. It has to come from within.

I guess the point of my ramble is to nudge anyone who is on the fence. Say FUCK IT, I've got this! Run like you're an animal. If that animal runs 13 pace then you own that 13 pace and perfect it. You'll love the results. No diet or intervals needed. Just your mind.

I care about you guys and want you to do well. If you need a pre-race pep talk I'm your girl, just holla : )

Happy Running!!


Don't ask. Run gone too long, haha