Monday, September 15, 2014

Give it back already!

By Sophia, age 10 

It's Monday, again!

Guys, I am trying to remain calm and continue on with my ridiculous buffet of exercises. All in the hopes my "shit stays in place" and that I don't lose much fitness. However, this is day 23 sans run. So, it can get a little emotional here and there. I'm doing my best.

Last week I tried to keep it varied:

Monday: 45 mins of freestyle swim, core and glutes
Tuesday: Treadmill walking for 6 miles at 15% incline for 4000 feet and pm 5 miles outdoors walking
Wednesday: 30 mins of stairs, core and glutes
Thursday: 1hour of stairs and 20 miles on the bike, core and glutes
Friday: 35mins of stairs and 20 fast miles on the bike
Saturday: core only
Sunday: 4 mile walk to the gym. 1 hour of core. 4 mile walk back.

I cut back on the bike a little because I thought it was snagging my soleous. But nothing changed. I know I do a lot, but it's all within the range of acceptable behaviors for someone with a ripped-off, torn, fractured or what-eva-the-hell is wrong with me injury.

 I've been down this road before. If you have been reading this blog for a few years you know the one tell tale sign that means I'm almost out of the woods. Forget my posse of high skilled specialists, forget that my core that could ricochet a stray soccer ball from lane 1 at Martin track.  Forget that the costs of my x-rays and MRI's could bankroll a small country into 2nd world living.  None of this matters.

This is how I know I'm almost better. We'll call it the disappearing ball act:

I have started getting into flexible crap at the gym! Pure and simple. I wish I could link up all my other stunt like videos from previous injuries. But this is where the money's at. Just when I start to gain some flexibility, I am back on the run. So folks, we are almost there! I. Can't. Wait!

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Greetings from Rehab

Hey guys,

Just a quick update on my injury of the year. Overall, it's better. Objectively, yes. However, being the cynical, unsatisfied, pay attention to everything negative type of runner that I am, it still sucks. 

I'm nursing a combo injury. It feels like a tight soleous and some random angry side tendons that like to snap a lot sending lightening up my leg. 

So, I'm still on my bike at least 20 miles a day. I am doing a lot of core, arms, glutes. I'm climbing the stairs at the gym a few times a week. I *walked* for 3 hours the other day. Of course the first 6 miles were at 15% incline on the treadmill. The double was on the roads. 

I also got a stability disc for home. I stand on it all the time. It's a great stretch and a good way to strengthen my feet and ankles. 
If I look terrified it's because I am. 
Pressure on the bad leg without pain, score!

This is promising though. For anyone who has every jacked their 
lower leg and had pain toeing off, this is big!
But that toe lift felt like this!

Walking with my daughter for 90 mins. It was nice. Until she dropped me because she "couldn't take it anymore". ha. 

So basically, this is a lot of work. In addition to the exercises I have my Massage Therapist working OT. I think he's working harder than half a chain gang in the Florida sun. But, if anything is going to straighten this out it's his expertise and my relentless determination to get this healed. 

My short term goal is a weekend run. Keep you posted! Also, thanks for all the kind words and bike advice : )


Monday, September 8, 2014

How to rest for the person who hates to rest.

I don't know! I wish I did. I am a hard worker. I am a worker bee. I love effort. I love the process of hard work. I love blood, sweat and tears. I love success, triumph and glory when it's a result of effort. I love hating the alarm clock and then loving my feet on the ground. I love hating the first mile because I'm tired. I love doing work. Rest is the absolute antithesis.

Rest requires nothing. Rest is sloth like. Rest is the equivalent of a padded room with no windows. Rest is what you do when you sit down to take a shit.  As Kilian Jornet would say, rest is death.

However, I am very aware of how rest positively influences all the things I love above. I get that. I know my muscles *like* rest. I get that rest makes me stronger. All that fluff. I get it.

But I can't do it! I hate it! It would be easier for me if rest were available in different ways. Instead of just sitting down or plopping on the couch, perhaps if rest were a product I could work towards. Like:

Say you win a half marathon. The prize is a gift card for rest. I think I would like that. As long as the terms were finite. I think it would be nice.

Or, say rest was scarce. Like, perhaps a Roll Recovery or Elliptigo. Only a few people have them. As runners, we tend to share products such as these. So if rest were in a box and we shared the box of rest it may seem easier. Like, finally mine turn!

Or, maybe a little off the deep end. Say rest was painful and hurt. Kinda like a TENS unit. It hurts but for a greater good. I may be more apt to rest if some level of discomfort was involved.

I'm so not joking! I'd say maybe 60% of those who read my blog will understand this. And about 2% of the general population. It's a personality trait. It's genetic. It's engrained in me and some of you. We thrive on putting forth effort.

I remember when I was a kid, maybe 10 years old. The school bus would drop me off at the bottom of a hill. Somehow I had a ritual of chasing the school bus up the hill as fast as I could. The kids gathered at the back of the bus cheering. GO, go, go! There were railroad tracks about 800 meters off the top of the hill. So the bus would stop there. My goal was to make it to the tracks, clinging to the exhaust and then wave goodbye to my friends. That was work. That was fun! And so began my budding interest in running.

I'm not into self destruction. So on days like today when I'm post:

55 miler on the bike

I find other ways to work hard:
Every runners dream. The pull buoy. haha
Can't run, don't wanna bike, let's swim!

Onto week 3 of my adventures into marathon training. I will get there! With minimal rest : )

Have a great week!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wow, this really hit home. Right on…

Hey Everyone!

I hit the wall again. You guys are right! I didn't realize what I was doing. I thought I was just standing there.  I didn't realize that I was doing it over and over and over again. Like an addiction.  I was in the dark, oblivious. But thanks to my trusty blog, you guys have once again forced me into the light. I am no longer in denial. I am forced to face the wicked truth.

I hear you. I get your messages. I see your texts. 1, 2..okay…but I can't ignore it anymore. I am humbly acknowledging my problem.

This hit home. So I quickly reviewed some of my photos…

I was just bringing Julian's lunch to school. I thought it was my bike cleats, but I was flexing.

My daughter was embarrassed to pose with me. So I threw in some quad.

I have to 1-up a piece of grass

And get both sides

I get it now. I flex the shit out of my legs for anything over 5 megapixels. Lighting is paramount.  I don't really say, ok flex now. I swear I don't grit my teeth. Or at least these are topics I may need to spend some time with. I may need to go into that dark place and talk about it.

I'm going to try to be more mindful from here on out. I promise I won't squat when showing you my latest Saucony. I won't ask you to look at the mud on my calves while standing on my tip toes and cropping that part out. 

I'm just keeping it real. That's all I can do. : )

Tomorrow is either a short jog or 55 miles on the bike. I'm dying to see how that shakes down. 



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Don't stop! Get it, get it!

Hello My Dears!

Nothing major to report. Nothing bad. Some slight improvements if anything. I have been able to jump on 2 feet pain free and I can jog around the house. I'm so paranoid of reinjuring myself that I'm going to extend bike-a-thon and even add in pool-a-thon.

I don't want to jog out a few 8:30's just to set myself back a week. So I will hold off and reassess daily. I feel that I'm in good shape. I'm keeping my cardio on the bike. I'm a complete gym rat. My core and glutes are strong.

climb this for 30 mins
It's been 8 days on the bike so I feel I should add aqua jogging to keep the running motions alive. I always say that and get frustrated and end up swimming freestyle like a bat out of hell. But I will try, again.

Oh, I would like to extend a stair mill challenge to my co-honey badgers. I have a little contest going locally to see who can climb the most floors in 30 minutes. So far, it's me : ). haha. 200 is the number to beat.  That's about 3,300 stairs. Send a photo to :
beat this and contact me. : )
 I mean a girl has to get her competition on! It's great for your buns too.

Here are some lame bike selfies. I've been doing about 20ish miles at 16-17mph avg daily plus gym and core and glutes and arms and drinking my fish oil inbetween. Just because it feels badass!  For me, that speed feels like a Ducati on the Autobahn. haha.
all day every day

As a runner this is a defeated pose. As a cyclist it's a beautiful way to extend your legs post hard effort.

Yes, my shorts are rolled up. #notacyclist!

Party on guys! PS. if anyone has tips that would help my aching bum please let me know. I'm riding out of the saddle more than I should because my butt bones are bruised. I have a girl seat on my bike and HUGE padding in my shorts. Thanks!!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Pink Floyd to the rescue, sorta…

Please bear with me guys.  I have way too much time on my hands time weekend. I was listening to Pink Floyd last night and it's like they were talking to me. I hope this makes you laugh too.

Comfortably Numb
by Pink Floyd

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Is there anybody in there?
Uh, ya, Me! Waiting to run again. Sick of the bike.

Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

Yes, I'm right here, yes.  RICE'ing all day every day. Compression at night. 

Come on now
I hear your're feeling down.
Well I can ease your pain.
Get you on your feet again.

OMG, yes please! I have a marathon planned. Are you for real Pink Floyd? Let's do it!

I'll need some information first.
Just the basic facts.
Can you show me where it hurts?

Yes, yes! Laura Frey. I live in NC. From NH. But who cares. My leg hurts. My right leg. It's all jacked up. Right there. Yup, by the Soleus.


Just a little pinprick
There'll be no more, ah!

Are you kidding me? Then I can run 6:30 pace again? Just like that?! What about tempo pace? What is this a Cortisone shot? Can we talk about tendon rupture first? Maybe I'll just foam roll now.

But you may feel a little sick.
Can you stand up?

Sick? Is this a joke? I don't care. I'll puke through a 22 miler, don't care.
Ya, standing isn't a problem. I need the run fixed Pink Floyd. The RUN!


Just a little humor. I'm still sain, I think : )


My conversation with a bike shop employee

Morning Guys!

I'm now almost a week on the bike. My leg seems to stagnate for a day then it will feel a little better. It's promising. But the non linear fashion is driving my crazy!   My plan is to bike tomorrow, take Wednesday completely off and then run on Thursday.

But this weekend I wanted something epic to do on the bike. So I looked around and found a bike route called the Triple Hump. It runs up 3 mountains in central NC. My cycling peeps said I needed a bigger cassette to get up those grades. So I headed over to a bike store that was having a huge sale.

Me: Hi. What do I need to get up Pilot Mountain?

Bike Shop Employee: Legs

Me: (feeling the sarcasm and ready to pummel this guy. I respond with a monotone bitchslap) I have legs. That's a non issue. I am a ruthless, badass runner. I love pain. My energy and fitness transfer to the bike. I need to know what I need on my bike to get up the hill, please.

Bike Shop Employee: Ya know what? I don't doubt you. You need a 30…come over here.

The moral of the story is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If you don't, who will?  Do you know that intense focus on the faces of runners at the start of a race? I feel like that all day. I am gunning for it. I don't give a shit that I had a 0 mile week.

PS I'm human and a girl so a little retail therapy helped : )

Craft Cycling top
Garneau Cycling top. 

Stay strong Team Honey Badger!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Long Bike. Trying to use runner lingo on the bike feels awkward.

Happy Sunday Guys!

Today was not a run day. My soleus is still cranky. So I got on my bike. It was in the high 70's, low 80's so I was secretly happy that I wasn't running. I had a breeeeeeze!

The cool thing about the bike on a weekend is that I can pretty much go anywhere, do anything. Ya know, like reading rainbow. haha Please say you got that, lol.

So I rode from my house to the greenway and then out a county. 51 miles total.

Here are some pictures from my ride:

This was a great day! Oh, so I'm clearly bored after hours on the bike so I decided to make a video while riding. It was hysterical. I was dying. I couldn't wait to upload up it. But then, I edited it incorrectly and butchered it. I'll try again to kick some bike humor over this way. 


So hang tight guys. Injury doesn't last forever. Let's make the most of it. Have a great Labor Day!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not so fast killa!

Hey Guys, Lovers, Haters and The Occasional Creeper!

I was hopeful that I would be thumping out 6:30 pace this morning. I have zero pain when walking or digging at my leg so I figured I would be good to go. I got up at 5am. Downed a gallon of coffee and headed out the door.

I took 10 strides and lunged back up the hill to my house.  I still get a zap in my mid leg. But the toe off is beautiful. Before that hurt too. So I feel that I'm almost there. I just have zero patience.

So I ripped off the booty shorts and threw them on the kitchen floor in protest and put on the dreaded bike shorts. Instant buzz kill. Paint me ugly. There is no feeling of stealth in those things. Sigh. But I'm doing what needs to be done.

Every year I get on the bike and my fear fades a little. Today I was hauling on the downhills. I think I got to 29.5mph. Which is about the top of my comfort zone on country roads with traffic. So dare I say it's kinda fun out there.

So I rode for as long as it took for my mind to unwind. Which was cut short by my aching ass. Sigh.

Mile 35ish

41 Miles
16 mph avg
1611 feet of elevation
Time on bike: 2 HOURS 33 Mins.

Tomorrow if I'm on the bike I am going to try to hit 30mph on the downhill if physics will be so kind. I'm not sure if a 100lb person can pull that off. Any skinnies out there have success with that?

Thanks for listening. Hopefully my blog will turn around soon. But seriously, I google my fingers off looking for people in situations like mine. I hope this helps someone else.


Friday, August 29, 2014

I thought I broke my leg. That sucked!

Hey My Dears!

What a crazy week! It ends well but a tad bit stressful for a girl mid marathon training for a sub 2:55. Here are some views from my week-o-shit:
Running and Cycle gear explosion

This is for realz. I can't do this anymore!

Insert tears

The stairs. Kinda Badass. Try and beat that, seriously. It's hard!

It's broken, it's not, Close to 7 experts weighed in. 6 voted not broken. The tribe has spoken.

So, long story short. I killed myself on my last long run. I dehydrated. I ran way too early. Up and down 1000 feet in the pitch dark. Somewhere in there I must have twisted my ankle. It happens but usually doesn't effect me. But given the extreme heat and humidity that day I took a beating. I had a horrible pulling mid way up my outer calf. I had an X-ray done to rule out that I wasn't tugging on a stress fracture. My Ortho said I had a very low ankle stress fx all the way through the fibula. I cried and cried. But it didn't make sense. I didn't have pain there. And that was the site of an old stress fracture and clearly well healed.

So I figured maybe he had some beers at lunch and was confused. I gave my films to a few Orthos I know and asked for some opinions. They all independently agreed that I didn't not have any fracture. GREAT! But I still had a bum leg. It felt like a severe strain/sprain. So if you've been reading my blog long enough you know what that means!:

Monday: off

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 1 hour of strength and stairs at the gym followed by Bike 1: 20 miles at 15mph. Then, Bike 2: 27 miles at 17.1 mph. Collaspe.

Thursday: 1 hour at the gym. Stairs, core and arms followed by 20 miles on the bike.

Friday: A little over an hour at the gym including the stairs, core, ball, arms, glutes. Then 31 miles on the bike on hills. 

It's now Friday night and I feel better. I hate that there is so much drama involved when I go out but timing is everything. And this timing was stressful. I may take tomorrow off and then start up again. Or maybe trot about and see how I feel. Or do a Century ride. Screw it! A special shout out to my cycling friends who know they will get a call when my Garmin runs stop posting. Missed you!

They say you learn a lot about yourself via the marathon. I think you learn more when that's taken away, even if for a few days. I learned a few things about myself this week:

*Crying is allowed for 30 minutes in your Ortho's parking lot. That is it. Move on.
*What's done is done. Deal with it.
*Everyone has an opinion as to how you wrecked yourself. Ignore them.
* Focus on what's ahead. Keep your mind and fitness well.
*If you're not my Coach, back off! I don't want any negativity. I'm on a mission. 
* I will succeed.
*I'm not a quitter.
*I have wonderful people in my life. 
*I have the most supportive Coach who is very talented at feeding my crazy even if we thought it was broken.
*My butt hurts from the bike, bad.
*Being out of commission feeds the fire. I'm gunning. For the mailbox, the street, 26.2.
*I hate pity.
*I'm grateful for all of you. 

Cheers to running again! 

Laura XO

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another close call, gulp

Hey Everyone!

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm going blog-a-palooza lately. I guess I've missed sharing the good and the bad with you guys. Thankfully, it's been very good lately. I'm doing some marathon training that is unlike anything I've ever done before. Massive training blocks, hills, sprints, miles, doubles…It's so much fun that I feel like I should be doing more work. I've harassed my coach on several occasions for more mileage to which I have been shut down. haha. More on him later, I promise! It's good stuff!

But this post is more about recovery. I had a little scare that I ripped my own legs off, again. But my situation went from tragedy to triumph in less than a day. First here's how I ripped my calves off:

Saturday: 23 miles solo at 7:04 pace in high humidity and heat.
Sunday: 20 min warm up 3x60 meter hill strides, 4x4 minute hill repeats, 20 min cool down.
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 20 min warm up, 2x100 stride, 4x2 min hard hill, 5 min recovery, 10 min tempo at 6:15 pace, 20 min cool down. Wait for it….Double! 1 mile warm up at 7:24 pace, 3 miles sub marathon pace @ 6:25, 6:36, 6:24 and 1 cool down at 6:58 pace. It was 90 degrees at 2pm when I ran.

So I'm doing my happy dance by now! I feel strong, excited! I nailed distance and some sub marathon paces. Golden!

Then I woke up.

I woke up Wednesday hobbling. My calves were balls of steel. Most likely due to the fact I ran in a 4mm drop shoe for the fast double instead of the typical 14mm Adidas I normally use for speed. Ugh. I did my recovery run, a 7-miler and winced almost every footstep. I was sore, very sore. It was the slowest training run I've EVER done in my life. 8:50 pace.

So I contacted my LMBT, John Stiner. I said something to the effect of, "It's bad. I need help. I can't toe off." Like an Orca that just spotted a fat seal I think he was excited. He enjoys fixing people. I was in his studio later that day.
John Stiner, LMBT

Long story short. He worked on my calves and legs for close to 2 hours. Fiber by fiber unwinding the mess I made. I left feeling great. But I'm a skeptic. The truth would be the next day. My alarm went off. I still felt great. I headed out for my 6am run and it was like nothing ever happened. BRAND NEW legs. I was swearing in the dark of my cul de sac. Screaming thank you!!  Unbelievable, nothing less.

I've been fortunate to receive treatment by John for the last year. I was first floored when he took me from a hobbling walker to a runner in 24 hours here. You may remember he contacted me saying, "I read your blog. Get in here. I can fix you."  I've been hooked on maintenance ever since.

You guys know by now I only talk about product or service if I really believe in it. I'm not one to push product your way for the sake of a free water bottle from some random company. I perseverate, evaluate and really put thought into the companies and services promote. Which are like none, because I'm never happy. haha

But because I want all my running friends to have a similar story to mine I wanted to get this on my blog. I know there are so many people that say, "Oh, I have a LMT. It's great." NO, no and no! Not all LMBT's are created equal.

John Stiner, LMBT relocated to the NC just over 5 years ago in 2009. He worked with the Oregon Project 2008 in Park City, Utah and Eugene, Oregon. He worked with amazing talent such as Kara Goucher and Galen Rupp. He is a former 1:11/2:42 guy who loves the sport of running. "Loves the sport" is an understatement. He is savant on everything running. You'll get this when you meet him.

He will watch you walk and move for 10 minutes before even touching you. It's like he has X-ray vision and can see the problem. He WILL fix it. And then he'll tell you what to do on your own to stay healthy. His intent is not to see you back on the table but to get that thank you letter. He wants to hear that you feel great and raced well. That is why he's in this business.

He is the reason I'm gearing up for my 2nd marathon this year. I feel indestructible. My muscles are long, soft and healthy from continuous monthly maintenance. It is such a great feeling to know I can mess up like I did and I can be fixed. It's peace of mind.

I recommend putting John in your contacts so if you rip your legs off like me you know there is a solution!!
Facebook Page
Phone number: 919-381-7006

He is located in Durham off I-40. 5 minutes off 540.

Thanks for reading. I want the best for all of us. I have an EPIC weekend on deck that is almost making me nervous! I can't wait!!

As always, happy running!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Happy Wednesday My Dears!

I dictated this post to Siri because I feel we as runners need a little pick me up about now. I touched on it during the winter. See here. But again, I see the vibe on social media. I hear what everyone is saying. I'm here to tell you that you are doing GREAT! Great, despite:

*wretchedly high temps
* high humidity
*sun burns
*feeling sick all day post long run
*swollen feet
*tearful long runs
*feelings of failure

I live in North Carolina. It's sick and nasty for a good 3 months out of the year. We are almost to the end. Fall is near! But I see some of you, and sometimes me, who want to throw in the towel, quit this shit, get your life back, become a cyclist, play softball.  DON'T DO IT!

I do not have the attention span to write or read a long drawn out, paragraph laden post so let's go bullet style on this one.

 You are a ROCKSTAR if you are running with any type of remote consistency during the summer months in the South or similar climate.

When you head out the door every morning remember these things:

*humidity is our altitude. Don't make me google statistics, please. Take it for face value and trust me. If you can survive running is high humidity you are working just as hard as those high in the sky. So like, we've all read before: humidity is the poor man's altitude. Embace the suck.

*Speed. I'm just going to throw out a statistic on my recent study involving N=1. You will suck on your garmin but you really don't suck. I would say a 6:35 pace tempo run will feel like a 6:15 pace. I'm pretty good at judging effort and this seems about right. Even if I'm off a little it's good for your ego. Running is mostly mental, right?! You are a Supa-star darling!

*Keep your mind strong. You did not shit on your spring fitness. You're not a has been. You're not an old man/lady. Your fitness is actually stronger. It's just hiding. As soon as the first cool week comes through we'll all be giselles bouncing through the greenway sans water bottle.

*The hardest part of all of this is not the embarrassing pubic sweat on a group run, but rather it is keeping your MIND strong. It's easy to fade into the land of "I suck" and throw in the towel. But hopefully if you're still running with me you know it's too late now.  You've sacrificed too much. The end is near. We are like Submarine the shark (shark week reference) that can smell the chum in the water 5 miles away. Don't get blinded by the light! Keep going forward and get to your race and kick some fucking ass!!! And then tell me all about it.

Stay strong Honey Badgers!! We have got this!! You have my love and support.

This will turn into…
Your equally insane running friend,
THIS, soon!

Laura XO

Monday, August 18, 2014

In the long run…

Hey Guys!

My wit is about as shitty as the summer weather conditions here in the North Carolina. So, I'm having trouble keeping you entertained! But, when all else fails we can talk about running! Running forever! Long runs!  The "get your ass there or you'll have to explain why you suck on social media" run.

I have changed my training some. This marathon cycle I have a lot more 20+ milers. Before I did 1-2 total pre race. Before it was a big deal to run 20 miles. Now, it's becoming customary every Saturday.

My last 3 long runs were:

8/2: 20 miles. Every 4th at marathon pace. About 6:35-6:45 goal on the fast miles.  My average pace was 6:56 and the last 10k was uphill. A great run!

8/9: 20 miles. 10 hard/10 easy. Avg 6:50 pace. It was pouring rain so hard I have no idea how that one happened. I think the term hard was relative that day.

8/16: 23 miles. This was a time on feet run. Personally, I prefer to spend more time on my ass than my feet so it was at 7:04 avg pace. No fast miles. It was 100% humidity and the temps started at 72 and finished at 80 degrees. I think I was stabbing myself in the eye after 2 hours. I dropped my nutrition and had maybe 10oz of water. Certainly, a toughen the *uck up run.
*this day had a 4 mile double at night at 8 pace.

All my runs start no later than 6am and are solo. It's kind of lonely but there aren't many takers who like this distance so early.  I carry a handheld water bottle and 2 gels. No stopping allowed. I try to keep my serious face on for as long as possible. I start each run like there is a starting line. I don't have the patience or personality to shit around for 2+ hours.

I try not to waste ANY energy with emotional junk, crying about humidity, exaggerated arm swing, an unsecured hair bun…I try to get the cadence under control and just move without thinking for as long as I can.

That turns into…Why the hell am I training in the summer?! Can I please get to mile 15?!

Which inevitably turns into: I'm a mother *uc*ing badass, it's time to fuc* this shit up and go! I've never felt crappy the last 5k of a long run. Mostly because I'm so excited to say I DID IT!

This weekend I have a harder 20 miler on deck. I may put out water bottles pre run because my hand and arm kill me after a while. And no, I do not possess the talent to switch hands. Which is why I dropped my gel last weekend. Too fancy for me!

I hope you are all doing well and getting in some distance. Fall in almost here!! Happy Running!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Knock knock, it's me!!

Hello out there!!!!

It's me, your horribly truant blogger!!

I feel terrible for not updating since, uh Boston 2014 pretty much. I think of you guys all the time and tried to will myself to post but in the end I succumbed to: slacker-itis. Also, I became a Master! So maybe I'm just forgetful now? haha

But fear no more. I am going to keep you up to date on my current training, successes and fails. Even if it's short. Because it's good stuff lately!

I know pictures rock so I'll try to go through 4 months in photos.
Start of summer 2014 in North Carolina
YES, it's hot in the Carolina's. I refuse to acclimate. 

I try to beat the heat and get up by 4:30am 7 days a week.

I run hills in the dark at times. THAT sucks!

So I nailed down a little fitness with the help of my new coach. He deserves his own blog post. I hate to throw him in the middle of my sweaty photos so hold tight on that!

I decided after years of not racing anything under a half to throw myself to the dogs. I did 5k's, 10k's, 15k's…track races…I wanted to flush out the fear of the shorter stuff. So I went on a racing binge for 5 weeks. IT. WAS. FUN! 

18:44 July 2014

Hey, it's been YEARS. I didn't get the memo about no iPod in a 5k. lol

My Mum

4th of July. 10k turned 12k. 

Summer running

Then I got on board for probably the BEST race EVA! Boilermaker 2014 in Utica NY. It's the largest 15k road race I believe in the country, if not the world. I think it was close to 14,000 runners. I placed 4th Master, 4th American, 20th female, 200th runner overall. This was the course:

9.3 miles in 58:52. 6:19 pace on a hot and humid day.

Here are some Boilermaker pictures:
Top 4 Masters. Olympian Jen Rines, far left

Fernando Cabada!

No caption needed. The Godfather of Masters Running Kevin Castille.

The start of Boilermaker. I. have. balls.

58 minutes later, the finish is right there! July 2014

So until now, the summer was rocking! But I had to throw in one more race. So I did the USATF Masters Championships 5000 on the track. My first track race ever. It was fun. I did it for the experience more so than the time. I was 6 days off Boilermaker and kinda fried. I ran the same time as my 3 other 5k's in the previous weeks. 18:44. 

I'm in the yellow top with my very own chase pack while in 2nd place before getting my ass handed to me.

And today. After a few months in the heat and humidity I've clearly lost my fashion sense! Oopsie!

So that's my running in a nutshell.  I am training for a fall marathon. I can't wait to get past these wrenched temps and high humidity. I've never trained for or ran a fall marathon and now I understand why! It's hard work and takes absolute dedication. Extreme focus as well. I love it more than I hate it though!

I hope you guys are doing well. I still stalk your blogs and social media to check up on you. 

Peace out yo and happy running!!