Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caffeine and Running

Where the magic happens!
Happy Saturday Guys!!

This blog post has been prompted by a friend who just tried caffeine on her long run and LOVED it. I am the self proclaimed caffeine expert! I have tried it all and found what works for me so I wanted to share. I made a second pot of coffee just for the occasion. LOL.

Firstly, it's all about timing. Don't drink too much caffeine pre run so that you can't manage your breathing. Once you feel heart palpitations you are screwed. Your run will suck. It's okay, you learned. Don't do it again.

Give love to the caffeine pill. Head over to GNC and they'll help you. I have been taking a 100mg caffeine pill daily for 3 years before my run. For most of you that may be overkill but my tolerance is off the charts. This is a good way to get jacked without coffee swishing in your belly.

Try some powdered jack juice like Assault from GNC. This is a great alternative to coffee and is my go to for track workouts. The drawback is you have to drink it and probably go pee before you start running so you don't have swishing in your belly. I drink it an hour prior.

I'm also a fan of Street King. Similar to a 5-hour energy but for me I don't get the heart palpitations. This is also INSTEAD of coffee or Assault. I don't want emails about how you took it all and flailed around on the ground in lane 8 foaming at the mouth with uncontrolled breathing. lol!

Here are some products I have tried:

LOVE.  Target brand. 50mg's per squirt. Add some to your water bottle.
I used this for my marathon. Worked for me.

HATE. Heart Palpitations even with half the recommended dose.

Waste. Don't bother. Natural energy my a$$.

Pure awesomeness. 100mgs. Take mid long run. Please. You will love it!

The following would probably kill a horse but this is my daily routine:

*Wake up then 7oz of espresso.
*A 100mg caffeine pill before I head out the door.

For special runs like long or track I usually reduce the espresso and use Assault instead. I keep Street King in my car for days I don't have time to mix powders or just feel like grape. Best flavor ever.

Gels only on long runs. I don't want my body to acclimate to them so they are a special treat for 15 miles or more.

I think that's about it. I hope it helps. The key is to find the right about for you to perform well but not get too jacked. So grab a Street King and have a sip.

CHEERS my friends!! Happy Running!



  1. Awesome! Thank you for the tips. I will be experimenting with some of these! Much appreciated!

    1. you're welcome chica! Cherry chocolate Clif Shots are a cult favorite! Mile 9 next weekend..try it!

  2. I do love my caffeine before a long run!

  3. Interesting. I've been using 5 hour energy or a generic equivalent before my tempo speed workouts with some success. I'll have to try Clif gel. Thanks.