Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pacing Polooza!

I'm slacking bad on my blog but have sooooo much to say! I'm going to crank out a few posts now to catch up. Typically, I like good pics for my blog. Because I love YOUR pics and it keeps my ADD satisfied.  Lord knows my focus is limited. lol.

So this last month I've paced two half marathons. The Ramblin' Rose Women's Half and the City of Oaks Half. Both were evil mutha's with over 750ft of elevation. Clearly, the reason I paced and didn't race. haha. I did the 1:40 and 1:45 groups.

I love pacing! It's probably my favorite thing to do running related. I love watching people kill it and try so hard. Here are some things I've learned to keep people going:

*Talk. Talk a lot. Tell stories. Distract.
*Keep the splits even and share that info. People love knowing the pacing is even. It reassures them that you are competent.
*If the last mile does speed up, don't say it. It becomes an instant stressor.
*Yell loud, make the spectators yell too. It keeps everyone happy and pumped to hear shout outs.
*Hold hill clinic on the hills. Partly, for humor and partly because IT'S A NO HEEL STRIKING ZONE! ON YOUR TOES!!
*Warn of photographers and kindly remind others to straighten up and suck it in and wipe that nose!

Here are some pacing pics from those races

City of Oaks Half 1:45 group. A huge group!

getting a little crazy here. lol
My fab co-pacer Kim!

co-pacer and training partner Dan at Ramblin' Rose

This awesome lady was working through nausea here.To a big fat PR! 

These 2 races ended my unscheduled, run whatever the hell I want time period. Now this grasshopper must focus!! BOSTON 2013 Bitches!!!! Structure, tempo, long runs and a few tweaks. Here we go!!



  1. Funny tips. I saw you pacing in the City of Oaks. I was coming up Faircloth to hit the greenway and you were turning down Faircloth. I was like "look at her and her entourage", lol. Nice work.

    1. Haaaaaa! That was an awesome group! People kept asking how we could scream and run for so long. I have no idea. I can barely speak on my own runs. It was pure awesomeness! Thanks!