Friday, October 12, 2012

The Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon Race Report

For a first year Half Marathon this was an incredible race. Incredible volunteers and support. Someone did their homework WELL! Thank you for a great race experience Crawlin' Crab!! I expected 500 people starting before a line drawn in the dirt as is typical of most first year races. This was immaculate in every sense.

But because it's my blog I'll bring it back home. lol. If there is a such diagnosis as Tri-polar disorder I have it in regards to this race. Just as my splits crashed and burned so did my mood.

I have to admit I went into it a little cocky. I wasn't hoping for much more than a 1:27 but I thought I could sleep walk that in. I am well trained and was counting on great conditions to carry me through. You guys know I HATE handicaps. I hate excuses. But they also help explain this disaster.


I had a doctors appt. Normal, I figure no big deal. I went down to the lab for blood work. I never look because it freaks me out. Well, maybe I should have! I pretty much passed out after they took EIGHT tubes of blood. I'm a super anemic person anyway, that didn't help. I looked at the tech holding an armful of tubes or MY RACE in her hands. I slept for almost 24 hours. But I said, F**k it. Honey Badger doesn't need blood to run this race!


I bag all my vitamins when I'm away from home. This time I put my 100mg caffeine pre-race pill in the bag of pills I take at night. I figured I wouldn't take THAT pill at 9pm. WRONG. Oops! So I was jacked all night. Wanted to race at 2am. Tossed probably 200 times. Fail! And I didn't have it for the morning!


Pouring rain pre-race. Wind, that knocked me down just walking. SHIT, the dreaded beach wind! Oh well, I can draft!


Pumped, happy, I had my training partner racing too. I was ready to GO! A day at the office.

Miles 1-3 6:30 pace. It felt good but it was into the wind. I didn't think it was effecting me yet. There was 1 girl ahead of me.

Miles 4-6 Creeping into the 6:45's. I was getting tired. I felt like I was doing lunges to move. 2 more girls passed. I got pouty that I wasn't top 3 anymore. I couldn't give much more. I drafted them and let them go in the course of a mile.

Mile 7+ I didn't want to run anymore. I couldn't move the way I normally run. I wanted to DNF. But, it just didn't fit my personality. I had friends running 100 milers at that same moment. HELL NO could I justify walking and pouting (especially that far from the finish lol) So, I made a deal I would just run to the finish and get on for a redemption race asap. I dropped to 7 pace. Got passed. It just sucked. Then rain again at mile 10. UGH...

End result: 8th female 2240 runners. 2nd AG. 1:30.

But here's the story in pictures:
Mile 7ish. Still okay.
Falling apart. Please note WIND in hair...That is a head wind!

Eric is going to kill me for this performance!

Ain't looking at that clock! 13.0ish...

So it is what it is...a great workout. REDEMPTION HALF T-3 weeks!!



  1. Hi - you and I ran the same race (I was short, red sports bra, long black braided pony tail).

    Um yeah, that race sucked. I was thinking I'd be running between 86-87 minutes, based on workouts. Nope. Wind was just crazy. That was miserable.

    I really don't think you can draw any conclusions from our times in that race. Just ridiculous.

  2. Sorry you had a rough time but your time is fantastic. I live in Virginia Beach and every race here is WINDY. There is no escaping it. I missed this half because I was out of town...usually I try to never miss a J & A Racing event. They are the best race organizers! Maybe we will see you at Surf & Santa.

  3. Hi Laura! Do you recommend this race as a good first HM? I'm a running newbie and trying to give myself plenty of time to practice for my first. I'm always at the back of the back when I run so I think your time for this race was fantastic. LOL

    1. Hi Tina! Yes ! This is a great race. Super flat and fast. There was some wind that knocked me around some but otherwise it was a beautiful course. I would def 'ly do it as a first race. I drove from Raleigh, nc and think it's worth it. Have fun!!!