Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taper Week and Race Goals!

Welcome to my race week! I starting to get pumped, but not super excited yet. I have a Half Marathon this Sunday. I miss racing so it will be nice to pass others and see their pain. lol.

My PR from last year is 1:28:05. So given that I know I'm capable of that the following are my goals:

1. To win the race. Well damn, you may say but shit I didn't sign up to lose. I'd like to win the bitch, if possible.

2. To PR. I feel I'm in better shape. It's likely. But you really never know.

3. To get a freakin good race photo! Geesh, the training is fun, falling in pot holes during dark training runs is humorous, chasing others in Umstead is great but get me a quadilicious race pic PLEASE!! Let me be toeing off with the sun at my back! And no grimace..lord, no grimace.

My training this week has shortened daily mileage. Basically all 5 and 6 milers. Being that I like to be proactive in my training I'm putting my energy elsewhere:
Stalking the weather from my Bosu, iPhone and laptop constantly.

Work on my abs. That is bad positioning..don't do that.
Protein time! No need to puff up like an oom-pa-loompa this week. Feed the muscles!

So, the week is moving along. Ho hum...Good luck to everyone doing Chicago!! 

Later taters!



  1. Your funny! Thanks for entertaing me during my 9 month deployment in the Middle East. All treadmill running for me over here, yuk! Back to Raleigh in two weeks!

    Davd Wood

  2. awe thanks! But thank you!! And perfect timing on coming back to NC. It should be great running weather starting this weekend. Good job on tread milling it. It's not easy!

  3. You race this weekend, and I race next weekend, you have an easy 13 miles that should be over in 85mins!!! I'll be on the trail for over 4 hours. You are young and getting faster, I'm old and getting slower... I think you have an easy job, go out and WIN that race, kick some butt and come home with the PR and a couple of great photos.