Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ibuprofen 2, Laura 0

I know what you're thinking. I told you so! LaBella, you can't take so much Motrin. It's not good for you. To which I blah, blah'd you all. Leave me alone...

For history's sake I love Motrin. I have always taken 2 on an empty stomach in the morning for many years. I take some before bed and as needed any other time. It became a habit. Note: I never took more than recommended on the bottle. I took them because I figured they would X out any inflammation from running and keep me from getting injured. Not so much because I was in pain.

Well, fast forward uh many years. I started getting this burning pain at the top of my abs. I figured it was because of my new ab routine and training. Clearly, I am a beast! I took more Motrin. It happened again, and again. Day after day. WTF?

Then, it dawned on me. Those are freakin stomach ulcers! I'm burning a hole in myself. GREAT. At this point I was in staggering pain and went to CVS and bought every chewable and pill I could find. Within an hour I was better.

Now, very sad that I was going to have gross inflammation from lack of suppression I took just 1 motrin before my run. I was fine. The next day, zero. It has been a week and I haven't taken any. And you know what? I notice no difference.

So, lesson learned. It could have gotten worse. Ugh. I just wanted to pass this alone to my runner friends the the secret cult of Ibu-lovers! Don't do it anymore! Touche?!

I'll update the running stuff's going great..I'm still at the gym planking my butt off. ALL DAY ERR DAY! Get it! Out for 9 peeps. Rock on!

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