Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No Candy Asses Here!

I think I've used this title before..hmm Well, I pretty diligent about keeping my workouts regardless of conditions or scheduling conflicts. But I do not exist in a vacuum. I am the company I keep. By 5am every morning my social media and phone are full of my running friends getting after it no matter what. Conditions, time, kids, work, screw it. We are a breed or cult some might think. But it's a beautiful thing! Hey, they say running is 90% mental.

Whatever gene it takes to sit my ass on the couch I do not possess. And I am equally grateful that this is the way I roll!

This last week had everything from 20 degree long runs, rain and hail that hurt and a few nice days. In pics:

Misery run! It was so cold and rainy that I couldn't push my car clicker to open the door. I was numb! I had to step on it!
10 minutes after the above picture. The show must go on! Again, this ham stretch rocks!

Go hard or go home! Clearly, I'm green.

The BEST cold weather jacket from my dear friends at Pearl Izumi. Thank YOU! It's called the track jacket.

This past week was a cut back week. I HATE cut back. But I get the rationale. So no doubles. Just 7 days of mileage:

Monday: 8 miles recovery 7:30 pace
Tuesday: 8 mile @ 7:15 pace
Wednesday: 10 miles of fartleks. keeping the fast miles around 6:30-6:40
Thursday: 8 recovery @ 7:30
Friday: 9 miles at 7:10 pace
Saturday: 10 miles at 7:05
Sunday: 12 miles with middle 6: 6:41, 6:34, 6:33, 6:31, 6:30, 6:26.  Loved this run! 
Total: 65

Overall, my training is going great. Aside from this week my weeks are right at 80. I think I may be onto something. I feel invincible. Very strong and excited to see how this training plays out.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! If you are fortunate enough to have a functioning, injury free body then take advantage and be grateful!! Get out there!!



  1. Hey Laura,

    I still think you had an awesome training week despite the reduction in mileage. I think it's important to give your body a little break once in a while, even though 65 miles is still good mileage. Keep up the good work. You're inspiring and bad-ass!


    1. Thanks Ken! I appreciate the compliment! I'm back to my doubles and slightly higher stuff this week. I swear that second run just flushes out all the crap and lactic acid of the morning. It's addicting! Happy Running!