Monday, October 1, 2012

How to run slow

I'm convinced that conditions can make or break anything. Including my ego! I went down to Key West, FL for 4 days last week. I used to live there in the 90's. Cool place but kinda hot and humid for things like TEMPO!

But being the psycho, wanna be bad ass I am I trained through my trip.

The first day I did 9 miles at about 7:40 pace. Sight seeing in Old Town KW. A lot of fun. I ran at 6:30am daily.

a police officer was following me. Do I look suspicious?
Well, he offered to take my picture. Thanks 50!
Take your time here. Look at that Dew Point..REAL FEEL 95!

My first apartment when I was 18.

about 7am at mile 3

20 minutes later...
The next day I did 30 minutes of tempo at about 6:45 pace. It was the hardest tempo I've ever done. I dehydrated during warm up. Just crazy humidity making it impossible to breathe. Being that KW is a tiny island I did lots of back and forths. Saw lots of these:

Then enter snorkeling, swimming and lots of walking...
Snorkeling on the Sebago catamaran 

random Iguana by my chaise

So on day three I schlepped out 7 miles at 8:15 pace. A lifetime slowest pace ever. As long as I ran I was happy. I didn't have time to do my long run on the 4th day so I had the brilliant idea of doing it after traveling all day.


14 miles at 7:24 pace. Half sleeping, half running. I fell once going up a dirt hill in the dark. I guess I'm flexible because it was kinda fun. Bad part was I forgot to restart my garmin so I had to run extra to get the mileage. We all know, if Mr. Garmin doesn't see it, it didn't happen. haha

So, thankfully I made it to my taper week. I have a half this Sunday. I feel like absolute SHIT and can't imagine running fast but hopefully as the week passes I'll mend and be gunnin' for some speed!

Have a great week running!


  1. I need to carry a cam with me! ha! Good luck with your race!

  2. Opposite problem here - lows around 35 this weekend. It'll make for a frosty morning! Have a great week!

    1. I love 35! The first mile sucks but after that it's a chill stroll. Of course I say that now in the comfort of the living room. lol