Saturday, November 10, 2012

Running gear in the cup holder only means one thing!

It's Marathon Training Time!!

Booty shorts in the cup holder (yes, clean!) Means it's Marathon training time! It's like I need to have gear ready to go at all times. Despite running religiously at 7:40am every friggen day. lol


21 weeks till Boston!!! Here's how my week has gone:

Monday: 8 miles 7:42 pace followed by 5x20 second pick ups.
enter---new hat!
Tuesday: 8 miles of hills @ 7:49 pace VERY cold, no hat. I could not move.
Wednesday: 9.5 miles. 2 w/u then 6 miles of fartleks at 6:30 pace and 10 min cool down. whole run 6:55 pace
Thursday: 6 miles at 7:15 pace
Friday: 8 miles at 7:15 pace
Saturday: 7 miles at 7:06 pace
Sunday: will be 14 with the last 4 descending.
total: 61 miles 

PS I went to the gym after 5 of these runs and strength trained for an additional hour. abs one day and upper body the next. I feel much stronger!!

Just because I'm a total dork and like to make you laugh I attempted to get a side plank photo in the mirror....FAIL!

Have a great long run if you're running long tomorrow!!

xo Laura

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