Thursday, December 13, 2012

BEST Ab update EVER!!!

Ok,  I can't type fast enough!! I'm super excited that my new ab routine is making me stronger!!!! If you've been following my blog you know I've been trying everything to pop some definition. Well folks, I'm getting there!

And, I am taking my abs for a walk. haha. This is actually the best stretch ever!

To be really objective the changes from photo one and photo two are:

*6 weeks
*going from 55-75 miles per week
*continued diet of no refined sugar. (Started in Sept '12)
*running 3 additional runs per week in the form of doubles.
*An hour in the gym post run 5-6 days a week
*Lots of protein

I feel so much stronger. My running feels solid. I'm stoked the second my feet hit the ground running. Bring it on!!! 18 weeks till Boston! Woooha!



  1. Hey Laura,
    Your abs are looking great (not that they ever really looked bad)!

    Why did you drop swimming from your workouts? I've been adding it in one day a week after weight training (in place of a dreadmill run).

    Have a great week!


    1. Tom, I'm gonna go soft on you. I quit the pool because it destroyed my hair. lol. I LOVE the pool!! I wish I could swim everyday but until I fx again I'm staying out. I am leaning towards finding a salt water pool but I'm up to 80 road miles and the gym so I'm gonna stick with that for now. But you probably have shorter hair than me so do a 50m for me!! Enjoy!