Monday, February 28, 2011

Glamorous Swimming!

Ok, two things:

1. I just got these new Speedo top of the line swim goggles. They are worth every bit of the $24 I paid for them at Dick's. I tend to be aggressive (go figure) when I kick off the wall and I know if I am too psycho I'll get water in my goggles. Well, not these. The seal is more graduated than most.

2. I'm gonna rock out a swim cap! No one looks good in them. It's a pin head feeling. I hate it!! So in an attempt to model my new goggles I said once again, screw it. I'm going to let my hair down! Remember, I am a honey badger and I really don't give a shit.


Here are the SPECS from Speedo's website I bought the mens goggles because the women's are either pink or baby blue. I tend to rebel when athletic companies give females overtly girly colors. The men's fit me fine too. They come with 3 nose pieces for adjustable lengths.

 Get your asses in the pool people!!


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