Thursday, February 6, 2014

Go Big or Go Home!

Hey Guys!!

That whole thing about exercise giving you energy must be true. I ran almost 19 miles today, on a Thursday and I'm not tired. It could be related to the double espresso I had at 4pm to knock out a pm workout though. lol.

Between that and reading every Mo Farrah quote I swear I'm pumped for every run, every day. I won't mention my Flotrack addiction.

So here we are 10 weeks out from Boston. I am in deep! There is no looking back. I have no fear. I love it. In past race build ups I have focused too much on the what ifs'. I had doubts. I refuse to toe the line knowing I didn't give everything.  It is going down!!!!

Now, I am gunning for my best. I am so focused and intent on painting the best training picture I can. I want to enjoy my marathon. And kick some ass. I take my easy runs very seriously. I have nailed some faster stuff that I've never done before. It is so exciting!

Here are some training details.

I'm in my 3rd week of 95 miles.

Here's my last week or so…

1/26 Sunday 15 miles. middle 5 at 6:20-6:30's pace.

Sunday: 20 miles. 12 at 7:15 pace and descended the last 8 to 6:32
Monday: 10 easy 7:40 pace
Tuesday: 14 in the am sub 7 descending to 6:32 again lol. 4 in the evening at 8 pace
Wednesday: 12 easy 7:25 pace
Thursday: 12 in the morning at 7:18 pace. 6.5 at night. 5X1 around 6:12 pace. Goal was 6:20. Blew that.

Here are some pics:

Snow in the south isn't fun

Say hello to my little friend: a loaf of bread. Eat one, don't be one!

This happens


love this!

Carbs on carbs

I have some funnier stuff I need to work into a post. I'll check in later on. Have a great weekend of running!!



  1. Your unbelievable! Can't wait to see your time on race day!

  2. Fantastic volume! I'm so ready to get into doubles it's getting absurd.

  3. Are you showing us the bread or your 6-pack...

  4. .... I haven't blogged about it yet but wanted to share with you that after I started adding volume (50 mile weeks) and more plant based eating I set a 10 minute PR (3:46) at the Myrtle Beach Marathon on Saturday. Totally blaming your 95 mile weeks for inspiring that.

    1. Holy shit ! You did 3:46 in Myrtle?!!! In those conditions I'd call that 2:46 effort! Insane! Every story I've heard from that race is horrible. Congratulations !!! I'm stoked you upped your mileage!!! I just fished a month at 95.
      But blowing through pr 's in training runs. Love it !!! Keep up the strong work !!! And thanks for the compliment !!