Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Phew, I'm still fast...

but blind...and joking, a little...

As my FB friends know I just landed in Raleigh 11 hrs ago after spending a week in Vail, CO at elevations of 9000-11,500 feet. Skiing all day and running at night. Sometimes swimming a little. I am tired. I slept 6 hrs last night. But whatever, I'm tough. Or I'll just keep saying that.

So the whole blood doping thing got me excited. Let me preface by saying I haven't really read up on it and from what I'm hearing a week won't  make a difference. But hell, why not see what happens.

My goal was to put very little effort and see how fast I could cruise on a pretty hilly course. I can tell from my breathing that it was easier than the 8:30 paces I was doing in the mountains. I was so happy to run on cement (for once) and not snowy potholes.

I ran 8 miles. My avg pace was 6:46 which happens to be my half pace. I have a Half this Saturday. So it was good to see I could pull out sub 7's with a dead body, no sleep, hills, too much airport macaroni grill, but alas my friend espresso and a few extra red blood cells.

Who knows if a week helped but I have never done 8 in that area at sub 7 with half-ass effort. 

So good run I guess. Cheers to not being a jogger...Holla!

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