Friday, February 11, 2011

Run, swim, tattoo?? Sure!

I'm laying here pouting because the tattoo I got last night hurts so bad I can barely sit, forget run. And swimming is off for 2 weeks. I kinda figured this would happen so I ran a few extra miles earlier in the week.

I feel so creative that I altered these jeans!  I cut off the waist so my tat isn't disturbed.

This is a redo of an old tattoo I got when I was 18. Being that I'm not going anywhere I figured I'd blog about it...ho hum...

I am a researcher my nature. I research and perseverate. That's what I do. I enjoy it. So I found a great tattoo shop named Blue Flame Tattoo and specifically a girl named Annie to redo my sun. I waited 4 months just for the consult. I finally arrived for my appointment and Annie informs me that her parents in Germany are sick and she is leaving the country asap. Apparently, they called everyone but me. I was soooo sad. I waited forever and now I was back to square one. However, as a kick ass courtesy Blue Flame offered me another artist and an immediate appointment. Happy again! So, A super nice, talented guy named Colby fit me in 2 days later staying until 9pm. Yay Colby! I researched Colby and could probably tell you his social by the time I sat my ass down on his chair.

This is actually a completely inaccurate representation of everything! I have no idea why I look uh, happy? and also I'm not that muscular! WTF!

Anyways, the actual tattoo itself hurt like a mother. But I felt so bad that Colby stayed late that I sucked it up and said I was fine. I am not a really fat person in that area so I could feel it like he was cutting bone. When he did the part closer to my spine I could tell. I think the best way to describe it is to think of the electric knife that our parents used back in the day to carve the thanksgiving turkey. That is what it feels like!

So, now I am thinking of the next tat. It is addicting! I had the original tattoo done at Tattoo's by Lou on South Beach in Miami. Apparently, most of those artists went on to work for Miami Ink. A tattoo shop and show on TLC. So the guys at Blue Flame think they know which dude did my tat back then. A now famous artist.  Kinda cool how they can recognize each others work.

Well, I just hope the pain and swelling goes down by tomorrow so I can do my long run in Umstead. I am so happy with the redo!! Woohooo!

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  1. I love the redo! It's gorgeous! Yes they hurt so f-ng bad to get...
    But it was worth it b/c it is perfect. :)