Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another ski/run brick..but easier

I'm really sorry to kill you guys with the large font. However, my contacts are usually dirty and I normally can't see jack anyways so this helps me. lol.

So, today I did my last run in Vail. 5 miles at some ungodly snail's pace.  8:30 I think (including stopping) There was a lot of ice so I had to shuffle in areas. I noticed this run was easier than my first one the day after I arrived. I think I have adjusted to the altitude a little bit.  It was actually nice out. I didn't have to wear a jacket. wooohooo!
I'm not sure what this was about..

 But the slush off the trail was nasty! Actually I like dirty calves. They make me feel like I ran hard. When the mud is flicking up I get excited to see it when I'm done. That's the first thing I do when I stop. lol. And if it flicks up my back, fah-get it, I might shed a tear:


I skied maybe 2.5 hrs this morning and immediately changed into running stuff for my 5 miler. I fucking love coffee!

Well, Tuesday will undoubtedly be a long really fast run. Gotta make sure I still "have it." I have The Goldsboro Half Marathon next Saturday. 


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