Saturday, February 19, 2011

You can't catch this!

Ok, if you can catch me I know who you are and I'm preparing!! T - 30 days until the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon. I also say this knowing registration is closed so don't get any funny ideas you fasties!

Another run down!! I did it!! Hell to the yeah!! This was my first long run with my *new* spiffy paces. Because my coach thinks I'm capable of more. HA. The paces were ok  but because I ran in yet another hurricane type wind situation I was very pleased.
Julian is a professional photo crasher!

I had 14 miles on deck for today and just didn't really feel like going back and forth on Raleigh greenway or killing myself in Umstead trying to keep sub 7 so I went to Wrightsville Beach, NC for some FLAT cruising. Also the location of my next half marathon:

I hit the streets at about 6:45 am with my room key, camera and a post it with my paces:

However, I am happy to report that I hit the paces despite being also hit by a cyclist and another runner. The cyclist wasn't looking up as he was coming towards me. I noticed it was going to be a tight squeeze with me against a gutter and fence. He looked up 5 feet ahead and said SHITTT/I'm sorry! We brushed sides pretty hard but I didn't fall. I was doing a 6:3X mile and only had GO on my mind. He coulda crashed his pack I didn't care...MUST GET SPLIT! As far as the runner. I was on a bridge with a pedestrian sidewalk and a rail. Big dude and fast chick throwin' elbows will get you some bounce. But I got the split!

 During my easy miles I was able to score some "RUNNER HARD ON PICS." I know you understand what I mean!

okay so I keep running getting the 7 middle miles around 6:35 pace. Here's the 2nd group of fast miles. Mile 2 was killed by wind. Think warrior pose. But I recovered quickly and kept going.

I'm pretty familiar with Wrightsville beach. I was able to end one set of splits here. That's entertainment for the cocky, anal retentive runner. lol

Next was utter despair! I finished my run with only 15 minutes left on the FREE BREAKFAST BUFFET. So I scrambled and made a quick decision. I went to the room and got my recovery drink and put on deodorant. Then I walked into the fancy breakfast with white linens and pretended I wasn't naked and stinky.
yup, sit up straight and pretend this is appropriate attire. Mind you I probably still had snot!

So all in all:

3 miles easy at 7:43 pace
3 miles faster at 6:32 pace
1 easy mile at 7:50 pace
4 faster at 6:38, 6:49, 6:35, 6:33
3 easy at 8:15 pace

Good day!! This ends a 42 mile week. YAY!!! Wait, actually no, I have 6 tomorrow. 48 miles!

Party on dudes


  1. awesome run as usual and definitely appropriate attire for breakfast at the beach. Hope you get a windless cool morning for the race.