Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well, I just finished the 1st annual Heart and Sole Half Marathon in Goldsboro, NC. This is my 2nd Half Marathon. My goal was to break 90. I did 1:28:05 which included an arms extended airplane finish across the mats. I'm sure I lost time there. lol but I was soooo freakin bored!! I was dying for entertainment. I ran alone most of the race. And somehow managed to swear a lot.

I was on facebook at 4am today ranting on how I'd rip my car tags off if I didn't break 90. I was ready, mentally! However, my body was kinda dead. Last week I spent a lot of time skiing and running. I never recovered fully. I was just so tired. Even yesterday morning I had to pull over to a Panera parking lot and take a nap at 8:30am!! I had a 9am hair appt so it worked.

So, I was tired. Big deal. Mind over matter. The race started at 8am. It rained off and on during the first half of the race and then torrentially down poured the last maybe 3 miles. The type of downpour that keeps a steady stream of water coming off your visor. My shoes were soaked (my biggest fear) but at least I was almost done. Although I was thinking: Fuck this distance shit! I am going back to 5k land!!

The aid stations were physically present and had great choices. I saw powerades, gu's etc BUT they weren't set up. The first aid station had an 8 pack of drinks that appeared still in the plastic rings. Not opened, not poured, not handed out. Two kids were manning it and clearly missed the memo. That stressed me out. Only one aid station I passed ever handed me a drink and it was fricken water in a styrofoam cup. Now clearly, a bad cup choice. If you've ever tried to grab a styrofoam cup at a fast speed you know it's futile. My fingers went through it. So no drinkie drink for this race. errr! 

I set my garmin to beep at the half mile. For the first 7 or so miles they were coming in at 3:19ish (6:38) pace. Then the course got pretty hilly. Long slow inclines that lasted maybe 400 meters or so. The type where you feel your lower abs working. I added time there. Then around mile 10 I started to get pissy. It was raining. I had to scream at 2 cops for directions at intersections. I think I swore at a volunteer when I asked which way and she shrugged her shoulders. They had spray painted directional signs but I had gone on the wrong side of a fat median once and didn't know where to go next. I yelled at the volunteer as I approached the unmarked median, to no avail. I was running solo so maybe they weren't on their game yet. But come on. It's your damn job!

The last 3 miles were shit. Barely sub 6:55. But mama didn't raise no fool. I knew I banked time early on and could get away with that. I truly only wanted a 1:29:59. 

The course itself was in Walnut Creek. A huge neighborhood. I used to live there 4 years ago. So I saw all my old friends. That had to have been the best part. I LOVE giving shout outs and high 5's. But I forced myself to shut up after way too many wooo-hooo's. I think I yelled some expletive to my friend John around mile 5 so clearly I was losing it. I had to buckle down. Also, Joey Anderson was out despite a nasty cold and took his age group. John, took his age group and had an, ummm 6 minute pr from our last Half a few weeks ago. Someone better check his blood, hehe. Just kidding. LOL! My walnut creek BFF Laura Nichols also placed in her age group. It was great to see everyone!!! This is why I love racing.

Ok so pics and results. Check out the overall female and male names. HA. I was beat by a Megan Butthead with a 1:25. NICE! The dude did a 1:11. I can't gloat without saying that this course was not certified. I asked around afterwards to garmin-ites and got anywhere from 13 to 13.1. My garmin showed 12.97. I don't have enough half experience to know if this is a tangent issue or just poor measuring. The RD swore she measured 10x and got 13.1 every time she checked it again this morning 13.3. Who knows. 
 ps. elevation is clearly BS!!!

John, Greg and me right after the race
Winner winner chicken dinna!!

The Laura's!!

Ya baby. I tried to keep the obnoxiousness to a minimum
That's what I'm talking about!! Go Joey!!

Holla!! John is a great example of training hard and reaping the benefits.

Although he looks way too fresh post half!

The lunch my mom made me when I got home!! Thanks Ma!

My next race is the Wrightsville Beach Half. Countdown is on!!


  1. AWESOME race... and I love that the aid stations were "help yourself"! At least you chose the right way when the volunteer shrugged (Dave, Sean, and I all might have run different courses in one race due to volunteer shrugging... poor Dave ran the longest)!

  2. Great race for you Laura. Gotta Love that go for it attitude of yours. I think you are a natural at the long stuff and when you decide to do a marathon (and you will) you will excel.

    Several issues with the race though that I think would keep me from returning again. Feel bad for the volunteers though. It was a miserable morning for them to be out but most had obviously not been given proper preparation.

    And you will get a certified sub 1:30 pr at Wrightsville

  3. A huge high 5 my friend for hauling ass despite being sore, having soggy sneaks and dealing with some soggy volunteers. It's almost scary how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to something. I love your toughness and your spirit girl!!