Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally my legs aren't crap.

This is my first okay feeling run post half marathon 4 days ago. Although I wasn't 100% because last night I did an OCD style swim at 9pm. I never swim at night. Or the night before any run really. But I am getting a tattoo today. I was reading the aftercare instructions last night and it said no pool for 2 weeks. After my panic dissipated my ass was in the pool an hour later pumping out freestyle like I was Michael Phelps with 2 red bulls in him. Mission accomplished. Sore arms. I'm happy.

I ran 7 miles in my usual weekday area. It's either uphill or downhill. Very little flat. I try to keep my effort level constant but it's usually dictated by what's on my ipod shuffle. I also have this addiction to showing off for stopped traffic. I don't know where it came from. But I like to ham it up and run faster and with better form when I have a captive audience. Hey, it works for me. I need entertainment when I run alone. There is something about the look in their eyes as they sip coffee or shove a mcmuffin down their throats. I like that look. Call me crazy...

Here's my garmin. I had no intentions for pace. Turned out to be 7:02 overall. Which around mile 6 started to annoy me. I should have tried to get it under 7 pace. or run 8. Oh well, gotta go get my tat.

Cheers friends.

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  1. OMG Chip you crack me up about the hamming it up for stopped traffic! I gotta say I notice a little "bounce in my step" when this happens too. Maybe it is the captive audience like you say or the look of amazement/bewilderment on their faces as they see you running like the wind on the side of the road dodging potholes and tires as you sail through the morning air and they breeze through their coffee.