Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Race strategy time!

 I'm trying to plan my race strategy and can't focus. This is how it goes:

Laura's race strategy

steady and comfortable the first half.
what is comfortable?
This is a "race" though.
I wonder how adrenaline is going to effect me?
If Dan's garmin is right. I'm so much faster than I think.
I want to wear racing panties!
Ugh, nooo!
Singlet or no singlet?
okay, negative after mile 15. Then drop it.
My leg is aching..wait, no it's not.
Should I tan before I go?
hair..barrett or no?
Do I look like a runner?
Mile 14 gets the hammer. I can't wait so long.

Seriously! But as Tony would say, sorry Bri.."I hate it but I love it!!"

I think I'm going to split it into 2 half's. 1 minute more on the first half and 1 minute less on the second. Hoping like hell I really kill the later miles. I know that sounds very newbie but it's also how I run. I get faster every mile. At least during the 1300 miles of preparation I've done for this race.

We will see. I'm so excited to have a long run again! My goal is to BQ. I think I will be ok with that. I think I could run a 3:10 comfortably and enjoy myself. Above that it's how well I pace and how much guts and determination I have that day. I've done this training spot on...

I've iced in the river after my runs,  just in case.

I've planked to death

Put up with a scabby torso

Painted my toes with fire

Uh, sorry girls....not quite there yet!

It's almost time!!!!



  1. smart strategy to start a little slow the first mile or two then gradually pick it up to reach the half in an even split and then if you feel it then go for it. Don;t make the mistake of trying to bank time in the early miles in the first half. Focus on the BQ. there will be other days to go for the faster goal.

    1. you are always the voice of reason. good plan!

  2. OK So much to say:

    Like the stead for the first half, always remember that if you stop at half you you should be feeling great, if not, you are running to hard...

    Only the morning can tell you what is comfortable

    NO this isn't a race, well not till 19-18miles, only then is it a race!!!

    adrenaline? I don't know...

    Mr. Garmin never lies...

    What to wear, well you make the call, just remember you have to feel comfortable in it for 3 hours... (or post pictures and we'll tell you what yu look good in!!!)

    Don't tan, sunburn not good!!!

    you don't have to look like a runner, you pust have to "Pass on the Left"...

    Now the log book also doesn't lie, so forget about a BQ, and if the training have gone really well maybe aim at... OK so your half PR is 88min... "they" say it's good for a 3h04 marathon, so hell be brave and shoot for that sub 3!!! I would (but that is me)

    Good luck

    1. awe thanks coach dion!! Good thinking!! I will keep you posted. I can't wait!

  3. I second Joey's advice. For every 30sec you're under pace in the first half... it's 30-60sec over pace in the second... that's not a hard and fast rule, but I've found it to be pretty accurate.

    Run your first marathon, get through it and learn from it... race the second!

    1. ya, no matter how much I plan etc I know when I'm running how it's going to end. lol. I always get that gut feeling when I start. When I do my long runs and I hit start on my garmin and look up I always get this weird almost psycho feeling that it's going to be fast. If I don't get that feeling I'm usually content I get to run slower. lol. I am just so damn curious, almost from a third party perspective, to see how this goes! thanks!

  4. Hey Laura. Glad to see you're on target for the marathon and feeling better. I wrote a post on my blog, which includes some marathon tips that I learned and heard from others. Check it out if you get a chance. It might help you.

    Good luck. BTW, which marathon are you doing?

    1. awe cool. I will. thanks!! I'm doing Eugene this sunday.

  5. Best of luck to you! Your going to do awesome!

  6. my advice run first 2-4 miles 10-15 seconds off pace and then bang go get after it!

    Two: smile have fun relax your face,

    Three: drink every other mile, don't over do it unless its boston f3!@64; hot

    Four: it's flat except for that small bridge on 19?

    Fifth: boston qualifier my ass

    Sixth: f the garmin take the splits yourself don't go by the garmin, you control your destiny not your watch

    Seventh: wear the panties look fast, feel fast, run fast

    Eighth: suntan? This is no pageant wtf lol you'll dehydrate , no one cares how white you are! Your time is what matters!

    Ninth: no jersey

    10: look sharp feel sharp! Run sharp

    11: good luck give that bitch "marathon" hell

  7. Btw I got tanned running boston I'm sure you will too if the sun comes out

    Get after it