Friday, February 25, 2011

This Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit!

If you haven't seen this video you have to watch it. NOW! You'll cry/laugh!

Hysterical because my good running friend Dan sent it to me saying that's how I run. It's true. For example, today I was waking up and had a little extra espresso for 9oz total. Somewhere during ounces 4 and 8 I decided it would be a great idea to run 6 miles, do my ab ripper workout and then go swim for 45 minutes. As I was gimping through the last 10 minutes of my swim workout I kept thinking, "fuck it. This water is freezing but I'm a f'ing Honey badger and I don't give a shit!"

The 6 miles were slightly sub 7 pace. Only because Brian's leg was all numbed up from Biofreeze and his muscle was probably curling under.. But hey,  the dude doesn't go any slower, gotta take advantage! It was pouring and according to the wind was 22mph. I don't dispute that. It was a mud fest but actually a lot of fun. SEE FUN HERE.

So by the end I was soaked and filthy. Mud was up my back and in my hair. But whatever, (see blog title) I took my dirty ass to Gold's gym in the same soaked outfit and desecrated a clean mat with mud and sweat as I did ab ripper. Of course, it's times like these when your clean, hot friends come over to say hello. Shout out to Mark for making me feel not so dirty.

Then I went down to the locker room and changed into my suit.

My swim is always the same. 45 minutes of freestyle. No breaks and flip turns only. I wear a watch but can tell you when 44 minutes are up.  Without counting laps.

So I finished that and mixed a recovery drink and took my blackberry to the sauna. I knew I'd probably pass out so I layed down with my blackberry on my stomach. My plan was that when the blackberry got too hot and burned me I'd leave. But not before getting busted by some chic while taking an ab photo. DAMN IT!!

Good workout. Fun morning. The longest part was getting my shit together afterwards:

I can't wait until tomorrow!! Umstead!!

Later Dudes!


  1. Awesome!! See, just like the honey badger, after your workout - the equivalent of getting "stung" by a cobra - you pass out - "Look at that sleepy fuck!", then a few minutes later you get up again like nothing happened - 'cause you don't give a shit! LOL
    Funny getting busted taking a pic of yourself in the locker room, but better than getting busted taking a pic of someone else - believe me when I tell you, people get a little annoyed. haha. - Especially when they also here you say: "Yeah, I'm watching you too, but this guy's REALLY showing me something!" (That's from an episode of Seinfeld, when Kramer was watching guys shower at the gym so he could figure out how to do it more efficiently) - funny. I'll see if I can find a youtube clip.

  2. sp - that was obviously supposed to be 'hear you say' not "here". I hate when I make typos.

  3. Hilarious!! Ya, nothing worse then getting busted with your cell turned towards you at arms length. But just like a Honey Badger I resumed when she left the sauna! HA! Don't give a shit!

  4. and p.s.
    I'm the one running in slow motion and/or backwards and I definitely DO give a shit about that!! Good motivation to get back into racing shape though. Thanks for all the encouragement, patience and companionship. Keep blogging - love, love, love your posts.

  5. LOLOL!!! This is great!! Not rain, not wind, not mud...nothing stops the honey badger! You should have RRO print that on the back of your racing shirts!

  6. LOL too hilarious! I love your attitude!