Saturday, February 12, 2011

14 miler WITH tattoo ***update***

Today I ran 14 sweet miles in Umstead with Brian and Dan. Dan turned back early to go to work but love that he made it out!! The chicken clucking made my day! 

I hate to dwell on the tat issue but it seriously cramped my style today. I had to wear booty shorts rolled down 3x at the waist so I didn't kill the tat. It was 27 degrees!
okay not this short but you get it!
Those who saw me are hereby sworn to secrecy! My tat is still swollen and sore. Or that's my excuse for the fat ass! When I ran I could feel the right side of my ass shake. DISLIKE!

But 14 miles and 1100 feet of elevation later I am happy to report I am, okay. For those not familiar with Umstead Park. This is a good picture of a wimpy hill in the park:
This photo was taken from my friend's blog: Running Down

The Turkey Creek portion of Umstead is about a 5 mile loop of this type of elevation. It's rolling except for the 5 hills that are so steep you could lean against them. It was so cold early on I really couldn't feel my quads to dig into the hills. I guess this outfit didn't cut it.

I'll never learn! But I did see my Umstead bff Joey Anderson so I forgot about my misery for a few seconds.

Overall, a great run. Here's my garmin link. 14.11 miles in 1:41 at a 7:12 pace.

As for the tat. This is day 2. I think I'm entering the crusty stage though..not so pretty...

Well peace out dudes