Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boston Sch-moston I have a new outfit!

I know everyone is talking about the new Boston qualifying times and rules. I love the idea personally but than again I've never run a full. However, I'm just gonna throw it all out there, put it on the line and just say it: I have a new running outfit!! YES!! Hollaaaa!!!

This took WAY too many takes!

Hell to the ya!! Word to your mutha! The weather is breaking and booty shorts are BACK with a vengeance!! 

I love this new Nike Pro Combat line. I don't care how cold it is tomorrow at 7:45am Imma wearing this!

Thank you RALEIGH RUNNING OUTFITTERS!! Jim you rock!! I'm so excited for spring running now! Wooohooo!

ok, that's all.

Party on & peace out

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