Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A non running related foot injury to a runner is CRUEL TORTURE!

Seriously! I can understand eating it on single track, a stress fracture, blisters....it's all fair game. We beat our bodies and shit happens. Deal.

But, not injury at the FISH STORE. Ugh. So here it is a week before my 10k. The 10k I've kinda trained my fucking ass off for! Ya, that one. The 60 miles a week in 90 degrees heat, 5am tempo runs. Total dedication. That little 10k. lol.

So I'm at the fish store like I am every week getting salt water for my reef tank and I'm standing there looking at the snail tanks waiting for my water and out of no where this mother fucking 3 foot long maybe 8" wide, 25lb metal piece of fish tank equipment fell down my leg and landed on my foot. I really don't know how it happened. Clearly it wasn't secure and I must have leaned into it.

Immediately my foot starts squirting blood in 2 places. I go BALLISTIC!! I am screaming every obscenity I possibly can think of because it HURT. Then I really lost it and start screaming, " I am a runner. I have a race this week. Look at my foot! How could you be so careless?! blah blah...race...runner...omg...arterial spray...blood..omg 6:20 pace...." It was pretty bad.

I calmed down *some* and decided to go home and see what I was dealing with. It was very swollen and still bleeding.  I didn't go to the doctor initially. I didn't want some jack ass telling me not to run. So 24 hours pass. My foot is still bleeding *tiger blood*. lol.. So I went to the ER. I had xrays and it wasn't broken. They cleaned under the skin flaps 2x (not fun) and then wanted to put in sutures. So here we go again:

Me: Ummm, I'm pretty sure I'll rip those sutures out in a mile. I am a runner. I have training to do and a race. I don't want sutures.
Doctor: You can't run. You get this so infected. It has to stay dry. We need to close it.

awkward silence.....

Doctor: Let me get another opinion.

15 minutes pass

Doctor: ok, we can put glue on it. That will give your skin the least amount of irritation. We don't want you to run but if you have to please do x, y and z....You are taking a risk. We will give you an antibiotics just in case.
Me: ok. Well, I have to run in the morning. Can I have some topical pain cream? This foot has to fit in a running shoe.
Doctor: Nope, any creams will break the bond of the glue.
Me: Alright. Done. If I have to change my socks mid run to keep the wounds dry I will. I will be the BEST non-compliant patient ever!
Doctor: Good luck Laura
Me: I'll keep you posted. It's all good.

So I took Monday off. My first off day in a very long time. Today I woke up ok. I wasn't limping. My toes and foot were turning a slight black from the bruising but whatever. I have Motrin for that. I did a few jumps and felt sore but ok. YAY!!!

I ran 10 miles. The first few cautiously the last few reckless (kinda) 7:12 pace with 6 x 30 second surges.
I immediately took my shoe off to inspect. It did bleed a little and the bruising is darker. Oh well. I washed and dried it right away. Appears fine. The run was a success.

This Honey Badger will run sub 40 on Saturday. Just saying ; )
ER. Thumbs down

that's not bleeding per se. Those are holes.

Not ideal right before a race!

So, I'll never bitch about heat, humidity, rain or snow. Promise! Just give me a good foot and I'm all good!
I hope this didn't gross you out. I'll get a new bikini and make it better. LOL Just kidding!!



  1. OK Im in pain just looking at that...

    Take a day off, and use the rest to recover for your race, it will do you the world of good.

    we all want you to fly around that 10...

  2. I'm not sure... but Motrin also might thin blood... which wouldn't be good for clotting...

  3. thanks coach dion! I'll think of you flying up that mountain on your effortless sub 38's!

    Meghan, I know. I switched to some prescription anti inflammatory that isn't supposed to mess me up so much. Ugh!

  4. dang! that looks bad! toughen up! haha I kid I kid!

  5. Benny, getting my foot into the Nike Free is torture because it's a sock like shoe and the gash is on top of my foot. But once it's in I'm all good. Me and my black toes will haul ass this weekend!