Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ramblings of a runner

It's summer in NC. It's hot. There aren't any races. It's all about keeping that base mileage for me right now. Wink wink.

I finished up last week with 70 miles. I did 16 at @ 7:12 pace on Saturday and probably the toughest run ever on Sunday: 10 at 7:58 pace. I'm not good at staying slow. I fought tooth and nail to keep that near 8 pace. I just get so impatient and want to get there already. And it is physically harder to run slower. The gait is not what I'm used to. I feel like I'm on runner detention. Ugh.

So ho hum. I needed something to get this week going. I was wearing down my newest Nike's. I love the Free but for anything over 15 miles they suck. So I went over Raleigh Running Outfitters and Jim suggested these bad boys:

Heel cushion rocks! And tan legs!

Asics Gel Tarther
I am sold! They are a great shoe. I am a lightweight shoe snob. I can't deal with heavy trainers. I can hold a shoe and tell you how many ounces it is. These are 7.4ozs. (ok, I looked) I see them listed as a flat on Asics website but I think they are more of a trainer.

I wore them today for the first time. I did 14 miles @ 7:07 pace. I really think it's the shoe. Yesterday I died during a 10 miler at 7:10 pace.  Today I had fresh legs the entire run. I felt good enough to keep it at that pace for a while.

New shoes, check! Next a running bio. I read a lot of running books. Love them. I ended up getting the Chris McCormick book. Looks good. I haven't started it yet:

So the rest of the week will be LAURA V. HUMIDITY.  I'm gonna continue to try my hardest. As long as the people sitting in their cars at red lights look at me like this I know I'm doing well:

haha! Happy hot running friends!

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