Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week in review

Happy Saturday!

This week represented nothing but fun filled non-training runs. I did the 10k last week and needed a week off. So my goal was to run 70 miles. Because it sounded fun. I usually do 55-60 so not an injury provoking jump in mileage.

Monday :13 miles of hills. 1100 ft of elevation 1:33 minutes. It was needed very badly.

Tuesday: 10 miles. 8 sub 7 (barely)

Wednesday: 10 miles. 7:24 pace

Thursday: 6 miles 7:35 pace. Followed by 30 minute swim. It was this day I decided to run a 5k on saturday. I kinda figured I could sleep walk in a mid 19. 

Friday: off

Saturday 10 miles including a LONG 5k. Okay, conditions were deplorable, I woke at 4am to drive 90 minutes. Hardly had a warm up and I was gagging on my TWO 5 hr energy's for the first mile. But I just wanted a 19:30. I haven't done a 5k in over a year. It looked on target. Oh well.I was 3rd female but still...

Sunday: 15 on deck. 

That will give me 65 miles for the week. I'm happy. Next week may be similar because I really don't have a race planned other than a Ultra Relay in September. And I'm fine with that right now. Here are some race pics:
5k finish

Marty and I post race
My daughter Isabella flying to the finish. And Aunt Kara

Bella placed 2nd in her 15 and under age group. 34 mins. She's 7. Her 2nd 5k.

post race beach dip. There's your 60 miles. lol!

Later Taters!


  1. ha..I can't even wear cute tube tops or halter tops. That tan line took months of running to get that bad. Reversing it seems impossible with how much. ERRR!