Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The New Nike Free!!!

Yes! It's here! I got the phone call from my favorite running store and sponsor Raleigh Running Outfitters. I have been waiting in anticipation of the new shoe and dying to see what color I was going to get. It went like this:

RRO: Hey Laura, the black bird flies at midnight...
Me: OMG, they're in! I'll be right over!
RRO: Look, puuuuuurple...ahhhhh
Me: Oh hell ya!!!

Seriously, that made my day! I'm on maybe my 10th pair of Nike Free's. This is the first color change. I'm stoked! I can't wait until the morning! Clearly, the purple will give me wings. See the effect of the Green Sports Bra if you don't believe me.


Later Taters!


  1. I totally agree with you that "gear" affects performance... I've always had good workouts/races in my favorite neon orange shorts because they make me laugh! You're going to kill that 10K!

  2. thanks!. Hey I have neon orange compression because the color clearly worked for you! Always hoping it'll give me the Meghan effect! It's funny because I have black compression and stuff but it looks so "professional" I feel too fancy. I like the colors, lol!

  3. LOVE them!! I need a new pair, like yesterday, I might have to get these.