Friday, June 3, 2011

Awe Yeah! I found gold!

You guys know I love product. Anything for an edge. I mentioned earlier that I am a sponsored athlete for Top Secret Nutrition. LOVE the job. Thanks guys. I was a little skeptical at first because I was worried that I may not like the product and I would be put in an awkward position.

That has not been an issue. I am hooked on the Nitric Oxide 370! It takes a lot to get me awake. I drink 6oz of espresso before I even brush my teeth. I like this because:

1. It taste good
2. Mixes with a small amount of water
3. No jitters. Just a constant flow of energy
4. No crash

I thought maybe it was placebo effect and I just had good coffee that day. I tried it several times. Same effect. Dude, I'm sold...

Also, there is a pill that enhances the N.O. It's called Astravar. I take that with the mix 20 minutes prior to running.

FYI don't mix it in your car with the vents blowing. Just saying ; )
Happy Running!

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