Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Market Square Day 10k 2011

Hey all!

I hate writing this. I hate to disappoint but sub 40 was not in the cards for me this Saturday at the Market Square Day 10k in Portsmouth, NH. I tried but failed in a few ways.

* 6:01 mile one. That is a newbie mistake. I shouldn't still be gunning it in mile 1 of a 10k. Ridiculous.

*Mental breakdown miles 3.5-5. I was happy with my 3 mile split being a 18:50.  But then I started stressing. I thought that first mile would screw things up later. I wasn't racing the hills like I should have. I had doubt. I wanted to quit. I wanted to DNF.

Things that didn't help:

*87% humidity that turned to downpour

*I hate injury excuses but my foot hurt every single footstep. It bled and was angry red. Whatever...

*long course? garmin measure 6.31 miles. Or I can't run tangents worth shit. Who knows. It was a certified series race.

I won't bore you with mile details. But I will do better next time!! Here's the main breakdown:

Time: 40:41
6th female out of 2000 runners (I was also 6th last year. errr)
3rd in the 30-39 age group. (wtf with the 10 year groups?)

Getting jacked up on TSN Nitric Oxide pre race

right after the finish mats. NOT Happy

Fast Chics. Ran alone..

Post race delirium

oh gosh!

I'm off to Active to find a redemption race.....
Later Taters!


  1. Girl, it was great to meet you before the race, get psyched up with the warm up mile and then wave goodbye to you at the starting line as you whizzed by. You rocked the race injured foot and all!

  2. Good Job! Throw it out the door and on to the next one :)

  3. you're right Benny...I am doing to do a normal week of training and maybe easy on friday. If I see anything good for a sat race I may jump on it. I need a pr to feel better. I don't care what distance! ha

  4. Nice job on your race! But sorry you missed your goal time...

    A side note here on your choice of vocabulary (please take in good spirit):

    chick: slang : girl, woman
    chic: smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner : style


  5. ugh, you are still crazy fast. Great attempt! I need a 5k PR to feel better. Oh, and a job. A job would be nice ;)

  6. thanks pseudoally and gotcha anon ; ) thanks

  7. 13 sec off a PR with a bad foot? You killed it. I can only dream to be so fast one day.