Wednesday, June 1, 2011

no garmin data = no run

My stupid ass garmin 310xt has been having issues. It's not getting satellite reception. Per garmin's website I should do a hard reset to clear it up. I did, but not until after I ran 8 miles today at an unknown pace!!

Talk about stress. It was going to be my tempo day. I woke up at 4:30am to hit the pavement by 5am. This is because it's been about 100 degrees for the last 2 days and I'm not from Laredo, Texas (hehe. trust me wish I was right now! Props to Benny!) I did a warm up mile and it showed some really slow pace. I thought, "well maybe I'm just not awake yet." So, I gun it for my first tempo mile. I'm gunning and gunning and then hit the back light to see what my pace is. 8:30! Oh fuck that!!

I stopped and glared at the stupid watch and then scrolled to satellites. I had almost no connectivity. But I thought it would even out so I tried another mile. I hauled it even faster. I kept looking at my white specs in the pavement seemingly fly by faster than my normal pace. I felt great! But bam another bullshit split.

DONE!  I slowed down to what was probably 7:20 pace and chilled there for 60 minutes knowing that would get me 8 easily. I have Kenyan friends that run by time..but clearly I ain't no Kenyan!!

I need my watch! I hope the hard reset fixed it.

Later Taters. Sorry for the rant!


  1. Know how you feel, left Mr Garmin behind on the weekend and had to guess my run... not easy when I was running back for my wife all the time.

  2. ugh, I like numbers! I ran off the microwave clock. That's the last clock I can see before I head out the door. I am pretty consistent in my easy runs being 58 minutes for 8 miles. I threw in a few extra minutes just to make sure!