Friday, June 10, 2011

Ready Freddy!

the last of my running clothes still drying, ha..

It's 4am and I'm getting ready to leave for the airport. My 10k is tomorrow morning at 9am. As well as GIRLZ WEEKEND!  I can't wait to see my girlfriends and chill after I hopefully smoke this bitch! This week has been choppy with mileage and speed.

Monday: off from foot injury
Tuesday: 10 miles at 7:12 with 6x30 surges
Wed: 6 miles @ 7:48 pace
Thurs: 5 miles at 7:11 pace. a couple 1200's thrown in at race pace. I had to have that pace fresh in my head.

My goal is clearly sub 40. I am hoping to go very even with 6:20-6:25 splits for 4 miles and then last 2 fast 2. I promise I will not kill the first mile and do a death march. That was so last year.

My foot has not healed one bit. It still bleeds every time I run. Hurts like a mother when touched but oddly enough when I run it's not too bad. I'm used to sucking it up with bone or muscle injuries so a skin tear seems a gift. Even though salty sweat in the wound doesn't feel so "gifty!" The faster I run the faster I can take that damn shoe off and hose it down. lol!

Later taters! Wish me fucking luck!!